Mount & Blade II Bannerlord How to setup workshops?

setup workshops?

There are 11 workshops, 11 uncooked supplies, and 10 completed items. Villages ‘primarily produce’ a hard and fast uncooked materials and villagers transport it to the closest city their faction controls. The city’s workshops use the uncooked supplies to provide a completed product.

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Go to a city, not a citadel or village, and go stroll round it. maintain alt and discover the workshops. i believe cities have 3, may very well be any one in all these.

  • Clay > Pottery Workshop > Pottery
  • Cotton > Velvet Weavery > Velvet
  • Flax > Linen Weavery > Linen
  • Grain > Brewery > Beer
  • Grapes > Wine Press > Wine
  • Hardwood > Wooden Workshop > Bows, Arrows, & Shields
  • Hides > Tannery > Leather-based & Mild Armor
  • Iron Ore > Smithy > Weapons & Armor
  • Iron Ore & Hardwood > Smithy > Instruments
  • Olives > Olive Press > Oil
  • Silver Ore > Silversmith > Jewellery
  • Wool > Wool Weavery > Clothes

The workshops are within the center. Left is what they required, proper is what they produce. they get the required materials from the city so far as I do know. Price 14000-15000 to get began.

Greatest Workshop Location

Go to the town referred to as ”Pen Cannoc” situated within the Kingdom of Battania, take a stroll by the city and go to the Pottery Store and discuss to the Store Employee and purchase the Pottery Workshop there.

The three villages certain to Pen Cannoc are all Clay producers and Clay makes Pottery which suggests you’ll make a ton of money early sport and it’s safer than beginning with a Caravan.

Battania > Pen Cannoc > Pottery Workshop > Income

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