Nioh 2 Corpses and Ice Kodama Locations

Corpses and Ice Kodama Areas

  1. From the start line, go to the courtyard the place you’ll encounter some troopers. Go up the incline and go left. Head down the primary set of stairs and examine the fitting facet nook the place you’ll see some wood containers. The Kodama is hiding behind it.
  2. The second Kodama will be discovered exterior the white home that’s inside the primary darkish realm close to the start line. Test and break the wheelbarrow that’s on the left facet to seek out the Kodama.
  3. From the second shrine, go up the steps and climb the ladder exterior the constructing that’s on the left. On the high, comply with the balcony and also you’ll discover some wood containers on the finish. The Kodama is hiding behind it.
  4. From the second shrine, head inside the middle constructing the place you encounter Magara Takamoto. Go contained in the room that’s on the left and examine the cupboard shelf subsequent to some small crates which are underneath the steps, you’ll discover the Kodama on the nook of it.
  5. From the situation of the fourth Kodama, go up the steps and head exterior in the direction of the related constructing. There’s an unaware soldier there that you may grapple from behind. After killing him, examine the right-hand facet of the constructing and also you’ll discover the Kodama on the nook of the small set of stairs.
  6. The sixth Kodama will be discovered inside the home that’s on the left facet of the third shrine. It’s hiding behind some crates which are on the left nook.
  7. For the seventh Kodama, cross the bridge from the third shrine and head up the steps the place you’ll discover the third darkish realm. Work your method across the space the place you’ll discover a path that leads up the rooftops. You’ll discover the Kodama on the rooftop beside the wood fences in your left.
  8. After coping with the third darkish realm, go down the incline the place you’ll encounter three troopers guarding the trail forward. In the identical space the place the troopers had been, there’s a Nurikabe wall close by. Kill it or pacify it with a gesture to be able to enter the room behind it the place you’ll discover the recent spring. Enter the room and go up the trail close to the recent spring, you’ll discover a ladder on the finish. Climb all the way down to the underside and go across the space, you’ll discover the Kodama on the finish of it.

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