Noita Perk List + Ratings

A information on all of the Perks I might discover, so you understand which to select up and which to ignore. Plus, it lets me give some suggestions to the devs within the recreation’s Early Entry state.

Intro + Tiers Defined

Once I checklist a perk, I’ll accomplish that on this format:

Perk Identify


Description. Any further notes that stray from the Perk’s precise description shall be written out of daring right here, like explaining precisely what a obscure impact is or any hidden results folks uncover.

My evaluation.

The “Scores” are a shorthand I’m utilizing to basically make a Perk tier checklist, so those that don’t need to take into consideration the sport a lot can simply seize no matter’s good. The tiers imply:

Offers superb bonuses, maybe too sturdy. You’ll basically all the time need to choose these up until different S-tier or A-tier perks are current.

Not fairly as overpowered as S however nonetheless very sturdy. Most gamers will need to take these upon seeing them, however a person A-tier perk may not make or break a run.

A reasonably good perk, however there are an inexpensive variety of conditions the place you may not need to take it. B perks may be situational, have huge upsides and large downsides, be a matter of choice, or just be strong perks, however aren’t as spectacular as A or S perks.

An okay perk and positively higher than nothing, however you are able to do lots higher. Possibly the consequences of the perk can simply be replicated by a Wand/Merchandise or gotten round by good gamers, however these are nonetheless okay to have.

Largely dangerous perks you must keep away from taking compared to different perks. Whereas these are optimistic results, (or optimistic for some playstyles, and never others) most gamers is not going to get a lot use out of those.

An unique class that I’d moderately not use, F tier perks embrace something that I’d truly argue is both total detrimental to a run, or simply plain ineffective.

Offensive Perks

Any Perk that instantly will increase your injury or makes it simpler so that you can deal injury.

Homing Pictures


All projectiles house in the direction of enemies very barely. Generally exhausting to note on some wands like the fundamental beginning blaster, however very simply noticeable on bouncing projectiles.

A reasonably strong perk, however I’d say it largely will depend on your wand/spell loadout as to in the event you ought to take this or not. In case your essential injury output wand entails a number of bouncy/rolly/gradual/piercing projectiles, the perk’s very a lot value it, in any other case nonetheless the perk doesn’t actually present any advantages that good intention wouldn’t get you.

Essential Hit +


Elevated essential hit probability. Whereas I’m not sure precisely what % of crit this provides, I assume it’s the identical because the wand model, +15%.

Primarily a everlasting injury enhance. Not very flashy and I’d want a number of perks over it, however extra injury isn’t a foul factor particularly with how a lot well being some later-game enemies have. Nevertheless, I’d like to notice {that a} good Wand will all the time outdo any bonus crit probability when it comes to injury output.

Getting extra well being so you’ll be able to discover extra to get extra gold, or perks to extend your gold good points, all within the identify of getting an OP wand, is mostly going to assist your run much more than this.

Electrical energy


You’re resistant to electrical injury however steel and liquids round you electrify consistently. Look out!

Look out for what, killing your enemies too quick? Electrical energy not solely makes you resistant to electrical injury, which whereas uncommon is sweet to have, but in addition makes it so basically any enemy sharing a liquid with you goes to die very, in a short time. In the event you can soak the zone with water, all the things dies.

Nicely, to be truthful, this DOES include some further hazards like probably unintentionally triggering traps, blowing up close by barrels or lighting oil fires, however so long as you’re conscious of the dangers, that is probably very highly effective.

Glass Cannon


Your spells deal x5 injury and have bigger blast ranges, however your most well being is capped to 50. Additionally will increase the terrain deformation potential of spells dramatically, spells that usually can hardly deform terrain like Spark Bolt can now be used to dig with ease. The max well being cap overrides all the things, even different perks like Further HP. It doesn’t matter what different modifiers you’ve got, your most well being is all the time precisely 50.

Okay, that fifty max well being restrict is fairly devastating, however the results are additionally value it. So long as you’re keen to bombard enemies from a distance and take a extra fingers off, safer method, the payoff is superb. x5 injury signifies that basically all the things you do offers what they’d usually do with a crit, and precise crits are just about instakills, and the improved terrain deformation is just stunning. The rationale why it is a B although, is THAT DOWNSIDE! Attempt to finish fights as shortly as attainable earlier than your fantastic run will get shattered, okay?

Additionally, I’d prefer to humbly advocate the Glass Cannon + Vitality Orb (spell) synergy. Each single Vitality Orb turns into a mini nuke that tears by way of virtually all terrain in a radius bigger than the default bomb, and might’t even injury you as pleasant fireplace.

Defensive Perks

Any Perk that’s instantly targeted round making demise a rarer exercise for you.

Everlasting Defend


You acquire a small, everlasting protect. Shields do all types of nifty issues like deflecting bullets, transmuting dangerous substances to innocent ones like fireplace to water, and so forth.

Whereas the protect is weak, it’s a free everlasting protect that doesn’t require any Wand funding or something. It’s going to commonly prevent HP, which each lowers your possibilities of dying and not directly will increase the amount of money you can also make every ground, making it fairly strong.

Stainless Armour


You’re taking 50% much less injury so long as you haven’t any energetic stain impact. As in, no liquid on you.

Not excellent. A 50% discount is superior, however the requirement of being stainless is a really expensive and impractical one to take care of particularly contemplating the way in which you negate most fluids is with different fluids. This additionally means you should select between your 50% injury resistance and all these useful buffs fluids may give you, like elevated crit injury from blood and so forth.

Stainless Armour could also be value utilizing along side Perks like Repelling Cape nonetheless, and that is the place the usefulness could be very a lot legitimate.



You’re invisible. Stains, casting spells, kicking and taking injury take away the impact quickly. “Briefly” means for roughly 5 seconds.

Passive invisibility is a reasonably great point, because it means that you can simply “ghost” by way of components of areas in the event you’re discovering them too troublesome, so long as you keep away from liquids or hazards. You may even collide with enemies with out them noticing.

The draw back is that Stains are a serious nuisance. Nevertheless, so long as you’ll be able to keep away from liquids, this one perk can carry you thru the entire recreation.

Saving Grace


In the event you would die and have greater than 1 HP, your HP is about to 1 as an alternative.

There’s a really excessive probability that no matter killed you, like fireplace, a horde of enemies, or so on might simply hit you once more and render this perk moot. Nonetheless, this perk MIGHT simply save your life, and its re-usable. In the event you can combo it with a supply of therapeutic exterior of the Holy Mountain, it additionally will get lots stronger. Nevertheless, I’d advise getting Perks to forestall getting in this sort of scenario within the first place versus prepping for failure.



You’re taking 20% much less injury. Each time you’re taking injury, you teleport away.

Teleporting involuntarily is annoying, however getting out of dangerous conditions can truly be fairly nice. In the event you want to keep away from fight moderately than interact in it, it is a phenomenal perk, however in the event you’d want to truly battle enemies or can’t react shortly to teleportation, not a lot. Simply, uh… Strive to not get any DoTs on you.

Poisonous Sludge Immunity


You’re taking no injury from poisonous sludge. Technically, that is flawed, this impact solely signifies that Poisonous Sludge will not Stain you. Poisonous Fuel and Poisonous Ice, regardless of being completely different states of Poisonous Sludge, nonetheless injury you.

You may do worse, particularly contemplating Poisonous Sludge is fairly annoying. The rationale it is a C Perk is as a result of you may as well negate Poisonous Sludge with any water supply, as water converts Poisonous Sludge into extra water, so emptying out considered one of your potion flasks, going right into a water supply to fill your flask with water, then spraying mentioned water right into a Poisonous Sludge pool will eliminate mentioned sludge very successfully.

Fireplace Immunity


Take no injury from fireplace.

Fireplace is a really harmful and customary hazard, so being resistant to it’s nice and presents all types of unimaginable choices. Set the world ablaze with out consequence! Go loopy with oil-creating spells!

Explosion Immunity


You’re taking no direct injury from explosions.

You REALLY shouldn’t be getting exploded within the first place. Nonetheless although, this Perk will probably prevent a number of HP or your life in a foul scenario, and means that you can be far, way more reckless with wand customisation than regular.

Electrical energy Immunity


Take no injury from electrical energy.

Electrical injury is so uncommon that you just’re unlikely to get a lot use out of this. IF you’ve got an merchandise like a Thunderstone, this perk will get a LOT higher, however Thunderstones are uncommon sufficient that I nonetheless assume this Perk deserves a D tier. Admittedly, electrical injury IS devastating when it comes up because of that prolonged hitstun, however I don’t assume that is definitely worth the perk funding.

Melee Immunity


You’re taking no injury from close-range enemy assaults.

Okay, making some enemies basically completely unable to break you is fairly cool and the one cause this isn’t a D. Nevertheless, this perk isn’t significantly sensible contemplating that almost all critical threats on this recreation are both physics-induced DoTs, or highly effective ranged assaults, not melee.

Further HP


50% further most well being.

A good perk that simply doubles your max well being. Preferable to Further Max Well being From Hearts, seeing as this multiplier simply applies to your entire well being pool. Nevertheless, usually talking Perks that assist you to extra simply keep away from injury are higher than Perks that allow you to soak up extra injury.

Further Life


Upon demise you respawn with 100 well being.

Whereas it’s not reusable like Saving Grace is, the beneficiant 100 well being you’ve got after you cheat demise means that you can escape way more conditions. Whereas not dangerous, there are a number of higher selections, although.



You received’t drown when submerged.

Opens up way more risk with liquid play by completely eradicating your oxygen restrict. The proper talent for a liquid-centric construct, however by itself not very helpful. Additionally, technically means that you can breathe in gases like Smoke or Steam, however with the present state of gases within the recreation that is largely a non-feature, although this would possibly change in future.



You regain well being by consuming blood, however you lose one third of your most well being. For many who don’t know, you drink by holding S.

Dropping max well being would possibly suck, however having well being regen exterior of the Holy Mountain is VERY, VERY good, particularly reusable regen from consuming blood. Combo this with Extra Blood and also you’re golden, combo this with Extra Blood and a brutalising need impact like Chainsaw and also you’ll have tons of well being to work with. Generally nonetheless, getting use out of it may be frustratingly troublesome, and dropping max well being remains to be a troublesome capsule to swallow.

Additionally, combining this with spells that may generate Blood is… Yeah. Whereas direct Blood technology spells do even have utilization limits, there are spells like Lava to Blood which are infinite and might circumvent this.

Be aware you can additionally empty out potion flasks, then fill them up with Blood to basically carry synthetic medkits for future areas once you would possibly want therapeutic.

Greed Perks

Any Perk that’s not targeted across the profit it offers you within the second and extra about permitting you to build up extra stuff in the long term.

Perk Lottery


If you choose a perk, there’s a 50% probability the others received’t disappear.

Yeah, that is insane. Even simply once you choose it up, you’ve got a 50/50 probability of it paying for itself instantly. Positive, you’re leaving the general energy of your run to RNG, however a 50% probability is basically, actually good odds.

Actually, I believe this perk is crazily overpowered and will most likely use a complete rework, corresponding to with the ability to reroll the Perks in a Shrine at the price of having 1 much less Perk to select from each time or one thing, or supplying you with two utterly random perks instantly upon taking it. Till that occurs, a perk that will get you extra perks is a complete no-brainer, and each time you’ll be able to choose up all 3 perks in a Shrine is extremely satisfying and ridiculous.

Trick Greed


4x as an alternative of 2x gold when demise is an accident. For these unaware, killing enemies “unintentionally” by way of use of the atmosphere, like by burning them alive or blowing them up, offers twice the money, now it offers 4 instances the money.

Doubling your gold revenue sounds fairly alluring, however accident kills are fairly impractical and exhausting to arrange. Even in the event you do hit the jackpot and kill an enormous loot enemy/a horde with an accident kill, it must be a scenario the place you’ll be able to truly seize the loot, and on high of that, makes use of for gold are considerably restricted. Can be lots higher if it had one thing like therapeutic with accident kills, perhaps?

Further Perk


Any further, you’ll find an additional Perk in each Holy Mountain.

Extra selections, and a better probability of you getting a Perk you need, are each good. The one draw back is the “wasted” Perk slot, so solely take this if the opposite Perks within the shrine aren’t trying interesting.

Further Most HP From Hearts


Hearts bestow double the utmost HP. Is just not retroactive, so your HP will stay precisely the identical earlier than and after you choose up this perk. Solely applies to future hearts collected.

That is strong, particularly in the event you take pleasure in exploring as a lot of each ground as attainable. Nevertheless, having to search out the hearts within the first place is a bit cumbersome and can put you in additional hazard, and most HP can solely actually accomplish that a lot. Nonetheless, exhausting to say no to this one particularly on a run that’s already going effectively, the place you understand you’ll have the ability to get all of the Hearts on a given ground.



You acquire 2x gold per nugget.

Aha, this phase’s namesake. Greed is straightforward and rewarding, will simply flat out double your gold revenue permitting you to higher optimise your wand choice between flooring. You are able to do lots worse, and whereas generally a strong Perk may be higher, Greed remains to be excellent for making certain you get your dream superwand in the event you’re struggling in that division.

Utility Perks

Any Perk that doesn’t instantly increase your fight capabilities or something like that, however supplies some form of utility.

Edit Wands In every single place


Divine blessing means that you can edit wands in all places.

Fairly unimaginable. You may strip wands of their helpful spells proper as you seize them as an alternative of being pressured to depart wands behind, you’ll be able to go away area of interest spells like say digging-focused spells in your stock and take them out once you want them… Yeah, this has a number of potential. The one criticism is that if you have already got a set of 4 wands that you just really feel are already good for many conditions, this actually received’t do something for you.

Repelling Cape


Stains drop at a quick charge (when shifting). Very quick, shifting for just a few seconds will take away all stain results.

Very helpful for eliminating stuff like Oil or Poisonous Sludge, and synergises enormously with another Perks. Nevertheless, additionally removes virtually all potential for issues like invisibility, utilizing Beserk potions to amplify your injury, utilizing Water stains as a buffer in opposition to fireplace, and so forth. In the event you’d moderately play with out coping with Stains this selection exists, however for my part, excluding Perk synergies, a great participant can get extra upsides out of the Stains system than downsides.

Low Gravity


Your motion is floatier and also you soar greater.

Moon gravity would possibly sound enjoyable, however this actually is not going to enable you. Positive, you’ll be able to ascend vertically simpler, however there may be virtually by no means a scenario within the recreation the place the vertical peak you’ll be able to already attain isn’t sufficient. Plus, it makes touchdown take lots longer, which is a large dealbreaker in fight when getting hit within the air carries some nasty stuns. There may be virtually no upside to this perk and the drawbacks are unlucky.

Bombs Materialised


Bomb-like spells may be positioned within the ITEMS area in your stock and thrown with no wand. Be aware: Apart from the starter Bomb spell, I do not know which different spells at present within the recreation could fall underneath “Bomb-like”. If any are found, please remark under and I’ll add them.

Contemplating you begin with a Bomb wand, this protects you a Wand slot, which is fairly neat to have. It is a very good utility particularly if yow will discover a bunch of bombs, however nowhere close to pretty much as good as another Perks.

Robust Levitiation


You may fly 100% longer.

Levitation is an especially versatile software for traversing the atmosphere, avoiding injury and so forth, so with the ability to do this for twice as lengthy is a good bonus.

Chaos Perks

Any Perk that instantly interacts with the world round you to do loopy stuff, or simply introduces a component of CHAOS to the sport.

Extra Blood


Blood blood blood. Enemy bleeding is magnified. This is applicable to their corpses as effectively, and applies to any substance the enemy bleeds as a blood equal, corresponding to Poisonous Sludge or Slime. Be aware that enemies nonetheless want their our bodies to be significantly broken to bleed in any respect.

Apart from easy enjoyable issue, this Perk is extraordinarily useful for protecting ranges in blood, letting you crit increasingly simply suppress fires. Mix with a chainsaw/drill you should use to maul corpses and you’ll generate precise lakes of blood. The one draw back is enemies with hazardous bloodtypes like Lava or Poisonous Sludge, so in the event you’re not good at coping with mentioned enemies, chances are you’ll need to keep away from this perk.

Extra Hatred


Creatures on the planet are extra aggressive in the direction of one another.

Enemies being extra more likely to kill one another isn’t unusable, however actually not one thing you have to be counting on.

Slime Blood


You bleed slime.

Hey, you understand what’d be nice once you took injury? In the event you bought coated in a substance that slowed you down everytime you take injury so eradicating your self from that scenario is tougher!

To be truthful, there are conditions the place the slime would possibly assist, and it does imply getting hit within the air received’t trigger you to fall to the bottom (basically negating hitstun), which is the one cause why this isn’t an F perk, however more often than not, it received’t assist and in the event you don’t have a dependable approach to take away the stain debuff, you’re SOL. Solely contemplate this in the event you’ve bought Repelling Cape or just don’t care about being gradual and simply need to deal with hitstun

Dissolve Powders


Sand and different smooth, powdery supplies dissolve shortly in your presence. So shortly, that you just can’t even stand on powders, you’ll simply straight up fall by way of them with this perk.

Really lots higher than you’d assume. Positive, you’ll be able to’t stand on powders anymore and this will generally backfire, however the capability to chop by way of these types of terrain can truly be very useful for skipping fights and navigating the map, particularly in areas of snow. Plus, simply enjoyable to make use of.

Revenge Explosion


Typically once you take injury, you launch a magical explosion that hurts enemies. Stated explosion doesn’t set off on DoTs, and can destroy very weak substances like powders, however not exhausting partitions.

Whereas retaliation injury is nice and all, ideally you must by no means be shut sufficient to an enemy for this to be very efficient, seeing because the vary is sort of dangerous.

Extra Love


Creatures on the planet are extra pleasant in the direction of one another.

…Why? I suppose much less creature-on-creature killings imply you’ll be able to loot simpler and makes for a extra secure atmosphere? However, even then, the profit appears minimal, usually talking enemies killing one another from distant is preferable to all of them teaming up in opposition to you. I’d ask Nolla to buff this, if I wasn’t satisfied this was most likely a joke perk.

Freeze Subject


Freezes liquids round you.

A really blended perk. For one, it makes getting caught on fireplace very unbelievable, as fireplace on this recreation is technically a liquid. Nevertheless, Poisonous Sludge stays dangerous even in ice type, it renders it unimaginable to coat your self in blood, within the occasion you DO get lit on fireplace good luck placing your self out, and it renders it extraordinarily straightforward to entice your self in numerous types of ice.

Exploding Corpses


Enemies explode upon demise.

In case you’re frightened about pleasant fireplace, relax- In my testing, it doesn’t seem that these explosions can hurt you. Stated explosions are pretty brief vary, however have just a few potential benefits, like immediately blasting enemies into chunks of probably-flaming giblets upon demise, and enemies that explode by default on demise truly appear to all the time drop the accident gold bonus with this perk. (as the way in which it really works, enemies linger for a break up second earlier than exploding, which seems to be lengthy sufficient for the “demise explosion” to set off and technically be what killed the enemy earlier than it died!)

Actually, this perk is lots much less harmful than it sounds, which is each a reduction and a gentle disappointment. It received’t smash your run in the event you seize it, although!

Essence of Gentle


Causes fixed mild projectiles to emit from the participant that explode, destroy terrain, and might injury you.

Please notice I haven’t truly discovered this one but because it’s a secret Perk that spawns in a really particular location. Essence of Gentle isn’t actually a lot of a perk as it’s a difficult modifier, and it’s fairly seemingly it’s both associated to a secret that’s already within the recreation/shall be carried out, or that it’s an impractical reward from the devs for exploring. Essence of Gentle will kill a number of stuff round you, however the fixed injury means you’ll should rush by way of zones simply to remain alive.

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