Octopath Traveler How to Beat Ghisarma (Boss Fight)

Octopath Traveler The right way to Beat Ghisarma

Objects Acquired
Therapeutic Grape Bunch

Notice that the protect factors are so excessive right here as a result of BK is enjoying with Alfyn and Therion in his social gathering. In case you are combating Ghisarma alone with H’aanit, you’ll solely have 5 SP to cope with (which might be higher, as I’ll level out in a bit).

Ghisarma was pushed from his residence and is terrorizing the forest, so he must be put down.

It is a pretty enjoyable struggle, whether or not you could have social gathering members or not. One of many issues that makes this struggle a bit simpler is one in every of H’aanit’s strikes. “Rain of Arrows” could be very efficient towards Ghisarma as you possibly can simply soften by way of his Protect as every shot counts in the direction of a Break. That is very dependable in case you are by yourself, however when you’ve got different individuals think about using accuracy gadgets or H’aanit’s “Goal” skill when you’ve got it.

Specifically, because the struggle wears on you wish to attempt to break Ghisarma while you see him “Making ready to Pounce” (you wish to both break him or defend), because of the injury he can do. The opposite massive ideas we’ve got is the truth that Ghisarma may be poisoned and blinded all through the struggle (use your Forest Fox beast summon to attempt blinding him, which is sort of good).

The opposite tip we’ve got for you is that at occasions (primarily close to the center to finish of the struggle), Ghisarma will “Seem prepared to reply to any assault”. It is a good time to heal or buff should you can. Now let’s go over his strikes!

  • Assault: Ghisarma’s fundamental bodily assault. He’ll claw you for round 30+ injury should you aren’t guarding.
  • Scratch: Ghisarma’s enhanced assault. This may deal round 60 injury should you aren’t guarding (maybe rather less… nonetheless, you’d fairly see a traditional assault for certain).
  • “Seems prepared to reply to any assault”: Ghisarma is able to counter something you throw at him. Like we talked about up above, this can be a good time to heal, particularly your SP in case you should use your Rain of Arrows assault some extra (that transfer is so good!).
  • Rampage: This assault may be lethal when you’ve got a celebration. The Ghisarma will assault three-four occasions (randomly when you’ve got a celebration). In case you are by yourself, be certain that your HP is above half. In case you have a celebration and one newer member (like H’aanit), you may get unfortunate and the Ghisarma could hit you all thrice, doing 150+ injury with every hit. Often although, you’re protected when you’ve got at the very least half your HP (except you might be simply actually unfortunate).
  • “The Ghisarma is getting ready to pounce”: This transfer often solely exhibits up close to the top of battle. The Ghisarma glows purple when it makes use of this transfer. For those who can, break him as quickly as doable to keep away from any trouble, however should you can’t (and it’s best to be capable of with Rain of Arrows), simply defend as Ghisarma goes to make use of “Dying From Above” which does main injury (100+ even whereas guarding). Ouch!

General, with the technique up above this can be a fairly straightforward struggle, as Ghisarma is weak towards arrows. Even with social gathering members, should you hold your HP up this isn’t too dangerous (you’ll must give attention to therapeutic H’aanit in fact, however she’s nonetheless simply the MVP of this struggle, social gathering or no. Hold these arrows raining and hold H’aanit’s SP up.

Whenever you do break him, a boosted “True Strike” is the perfect damage-dealing choice for H’aanit, though if you wish to save on SP you should use a boosted Linde summon to essentially lay into Ghisarma. Use these methods and also you’ll come out on high!

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