Octopath Traveler How to Beat Hrodvitnir (Boss Fight)

Octopath Traveler How you can Beat Hrodvitnir

Objects Acquired
Therapeutic Grape Bunch

I’ll be trustworthy right here: Hrodvitnir might be the simplest “Chapter 2 Boss” but. Not solely do we’ve got Ophilia, who is certainly one of the best healer however Hrodvitnir additionally doesn’t have any back-up in comparison with the opposite Chapter 2 bosses we’ve confronted thus far (though he does get to assault twice per spherical consequently!). I’m certain the truth that that is the fourth “Chapter 2” boss we’ve confronted helps. Nonetheless, you don’t wish to go too straightforward on him as he has methods he can improve his defend factors in addition to strikes that may hit the complete celebration. Most of his assaults don’t damage that a lot (particularly with a devoted healer), however it’s best to be careful for his “Sharpen Claws” transfer as Hrodvitnir can improve his assault (which makes a few of these hit-all strikes that rather more lethal).

All in all, having a devoted healer and other people that may use sword/spear assaults will see you thru right here. Thief skills like “Shackle Foe” to counter-act the beast’s ATK UP transfer and Corrode Armor are each improbable as effectively. Break Hrodvitnir’s guard and pour on the injury. Boosted dual-Lightning (or Ice) magic and Olberic’s “Model’s Thunder” assault will devastate him from there.

Like at all times, let’s go over his strikes!

  • Assault: Hrodvitnir’s primary assault. He’ll swing his claw at you and do round 200-250 injury to a single character.
  • Bestial Claw: That is maybe the Direwolf’s most harmful transfer, particularly if it has its assault up. Bestial Claw will assault everybody within the celebration for 300-400 injury unbuffed. Get Ophilia to heal afterwards!
  • Sharpen Claws: It is a status-buff transfer for Hrodvitnir. When he makes use of it, he’ll give himself the ATK UP standing. This lasts 4 turns. When you have the thief skills with you, utilizing Shackle on Hrodvitnir afterwards will certainly assist.
  • The Dreadwolf eyes you warily: As you begin to injury Hrodvitnir, he’ll begin to use this transfer, which is able to add +2 to his defend factors completely. He’ll doubtless apply it to you twice at the very least (stopping at about 9 Protect Factors).
  • Hrodvitnir Howls with Rage!: That is an attention-grabbing transfer that, truthfully, provides on to why Hrodvitnir is a bit simpler. He’ll roar, utilizing up his flip however giving himself one other flip within the subsequent spherical. This after all means you possibly can concentrate on breaking him to… negate this transfer (which is what it’s best to attempt to do). In any other case, be sure you are healed up as we don’t want him utilizing ATK UP and Bestial assaults twice in a row afterwards.
  • Bestial Fang: This transfer might be harmful, however so long as you retain your HP up it’ll be OK. Hrodvitnir will chunk a single character for reasonable injury (normally round 400+ or so) however can even give them the “Protection Down” standing for a number of turns.
  • Evening Howl: Hrodvitnir will let loose an un-nerving howl, attempting to inflict your whole celebration with the cursed standing and protection down (do not forget that cursed stops you from boosting). Hopefully everybody dodges, however you could have a motive to make use of objects or Alfyn’s Rehabilitate transfer afterwards.

Total, not that arduous of a battle. The defend improve could be a ache, however I’d nonetheless advocate saving your enhance factors for when he’s damaged. Additionally, not that you would be able to poison him and blind him all through the battle to make issues a lot simpler (BK had Alfyn poisoning him and had Ophilia utilizing her summon to do first rate injury and blinding him with “Blinding Arrow”). Additionally notice that you would be able to double your prize from him when you have somebody use steal in the course of the battle and succeed.

Hold somebody on devoted therapeutic responsibility and comply with the methods up above to get by means of this battle and also you’ll come out on prime.

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