Oxygen Not Included Cheats & Console Commands

Oxygen Not Included is a space-colony simulation sport. Deep inside an alien house rock your industrious crew might want to grasp science, overcome unusual new lifeforms, and harness unimaginable house tech to outlive, and presumably, thrive.

Oxygen Not Included Cheats & Console Instructions

You’ll be able to drive the sport to make all of the instructions accessible. This may simply be executed by simply making a easy (empty) text-file contained in the ”OxygenNotIncluded_Data“-folder which is situated on the root of the game-folder. The text-file must be named: debug_enable.txt

Notice: The “.txt” is the extension! The filename needs to be “debug_enable”.

This lets you use Debug-commands (A restart of the sport is critical). That is very helpful for screen-shot functions as you may disable all hud by urgent ALT + F1 in-game or unlock the digital camera so you may zoom additional out. The Management-submenu is filled with the instructions, however please be aware that SOME of those instructions will crash the sport or simply not work.

Begin after including “debug_enable.txt” file, then press backspace to open the debug choices.

Checklist of Cheat Codes

  • Instantaneous Construct Mode – CTRL + F4
  • Invincible / God Mode – ALT + F7
  • Uncover All Parts – CTRL + F9
  • DebugToggle – Backspace
  • ToggleProfiler – Backquote/Tilde
  • DebugVisualTest – SHIFT + F1
  • DebugGameplayTest – SHIFT + F2
  • DebugElementTest – SHIFT + F3
  • DebugRiverTest – SHIFT + F4
  • DebugTileTest – SHIFT + F5
  • DebugSelectMalerlia! – CTRL + 5
  • DebugToggleMusic – CTRL + M
  • DebugFocus – CTRL + T
  • DebugUltraTestMode – CTRL + U
  • DebugSpawnMinion – CTRL + F2
  • DebugPlace – CTRL + F3
  • DebugInstantBuildMode – CTRL + F4
  • DebugShowTestMode – CTRL + F5
  • DebugDig – CTRL + F6
  • DebugExplosion – CTRL + F8
  • DebugDiscoverAllElements – CTRL + F9
  • DebugTriggerException – CTRL + F12
  • DebugRefreshNavDell – ALT + N
  • DebugTeleport – ALT + O
  • DebugGotoTarget – ALT + O
  • DebugToggleSelectInEditor – ALT + T
  • DebugPathFinding – ALT + P
  • DebugReloadMods – ALT + M
  • DebugReloadLevel – ALT + L
  • DebugSuperSpeed – ALT + Z
  • DebugNotification – ALT + X
  • DebugNotificationMessage – ALT + C
  • DebugToggleUI – ALT + F1
  • DebugCollectGarbage – ALT + F3
  • DebugInvincible – ALT + F7
  • DebugApplyHighAudioReverb – ALT + F8
  • DebugApplyLowAudioReverb – ALT + F9
  • DebugForceLightEverywhere – ALT + F10
  • DebugCellInfo – ALT + F11

The assorted issues you are able to do with debugging.

Major debugging mode (Backspace)
The first debugging mode is turned on and off with Backspace (the primary time it’s turned on after loading a sport it’d take a number of seconds to seem, relying upon the pace of your pc). This mode does the next:

  • Turns off fog-of-war.
  • Enables you to zoom out so far as you need.
  • Means that you can “paint” solids and gasses.
  • Enables you to copy/paste areas of a world, together with buildings with their settings/contents and critters, however not together with dupes.
  • Enables you to save areas of a world as a template file, then later load and paste the template.

DebugInstantBuildMode (Ctrl+F4)
Toggling this mode on has a number of results:

  • Whenever you place an order for one thing to be constructed it’s going to seem immediately with out utilizing up any present sources.
  • All constructing and development varieties grow to be accessible, even when they haven’t been researched but.
  • Any new dig orders will dig out the blocks immediately, although if the sport is paused you’ll must unpause for it to take impact.
  • For any buildings the place you may queue up orders for gadgets to be produced (Microbe Musher, Apothecary, and many others), queuing up and order with “+1” will trigger the request merchandise to be immediately produced, even when the constructing is receiving no energy.
  • Duplicants might be assigned any Job, even when they don’t meet the necessities for the job, and can retain that job after DebugInstantBuildMode is toggled off.
  • If you choose a Analysis topic that hasn’t but been absolutely researched it’s going to grow to be absolutely researched, together with any prerequisite analysis topic. These analysis topics will keep absolutely researched after DebugInstantBuildMode is toggled off.

DebugTeleport (Alt+Q)
Teleports the chosen dupe, critter, plant or constructing to the placement of the mouse cursor.

DebugSpawnDuplicant (Ctrl+F2)
Spawns a brand new randomly generated dupe on the location of the mouse cursor.

DebugUltraTestMode (Ctrl+U)
Toggling this mode on makes the sport run as quick as your pc’s CPU can deal with.

DebugInvincible (ALT+F7)
Toggling this mode on will make your dupes invincible.

Gameplay Suggestions

The recommendation remains to be legitimate via the Oil Replace.

Written by Mixairian

Meals Administration – For those who set your Rations Field to Precedence 6, once you dig up meals whereas exploring, your Dupes will mechanically carry it to the field. This additionally applies to meals that has been harvested, and cooked.

CO2 is Sterile – Meals doesn’t rot in a sterile atmosphere. For those who place your Rations Field absolutely submerged in CO2, the meals within it won’t rot.

CO2 is heavier than O2 – Assuming you have got O2 era in your base, CO2 will sink downward. Create pits towards the underside of your base for meals/CO2 storage.

Meals/Merchandise Transfers – For those who set your new Rations Field/Storage Container to Precedence 6, and a distinct one has a decrease Precedence, your Dupes will mechanically switch the gadgets in them.

Don’t kill Hatch’s – Significantly, don’t kill them. This one was embarrassing as hell. I had no clue that they make coal. Coal is used for energy era a number of cycles in by way of Coal Generator. For those who construct a storage compartment close to them, and fill it with filth; you may feed them to maintain making you coal. If in case you have all tile beneath them, the Hatch’s by no means fall asleep.

Simply flip off fight. It’s not wanted proper now until you run into Morbs.

Base Design – Base design is necessary. You want sufficient house in every room for gadgets, and decor, whereas sufficient house between rooms to permit for airflow (thus needing much less O2 producing gadgets.) Making a 3 block house between rooms. Room 1 ends, empty tile, ladder, empty tile, room 2. Dupes can bounce one house, land on the ladder, and go to the following room. Having a 3 open block house between rooms offers higher air stream for Oxygen. – Confer with the Picture part beneath.

Replace: With the Oil Replace, large open house designs are nonetheless legitimate, however are decrease in reputation as a result of bonus’ inherent in room designations.

Room Designations – If you choose the brand new overlay, there are directions on how huge to create sure rooms, and what facilties are required. By assembly these necessities, your duplicants obtain a bonus, or discount to emphasize whereas occupying these rooms for his or her meant use.

Algae is Restricted Early Recreation Early Recreation – Algae is proscribed. Transfer on to Electrolyzers for O2 till you may SAFETLY enter the Slime biome.

Meals Priorities – So my Dupes would all the time eat Meallice, and I might by no means make bars. I had no clue that you may set your Dupes to not eat sure meals. Shade me silly.

Inhabitants Management – You’ll be able to reject taking up new Duplicants. It is best to NOT take greater than 6-8 till your colony is absolutely stablized.

Constructing Rotation – Sure buildings might be rotated utilizing the O key.

Akin to airlocks! – Airlocks might be rotated to be up-down moderately than left-right!

Airlock Management – You’ll be able to forestall sure Dupes from utilizing an airlock by clicking it, and selecting entry permission.

Abyssalite – Abyssalite Is nice for maintaining a chilly space chilly, or heat space heat, BUT if you happen to take Abyssalite from a heat space, and attempt to tile a chilly space, that Abyssalite will preserve the warmth from the realm you harvested it.

Slime Biome – Don’t rush into the Slime Biome. Slimelung can significantly mess you up if you happen to’re not cautious. Be sure to’ve a number of airlocks, wash basins, and ore scrubber setup earlier than coming into one. Restrict what number of of your Dupes enter at a time.

Who do I begin with? – 1 dupe with Studying, 1 dupe with Cooking, 1 dupe with Creativity. You’ll be able to’t guarentee what you’re going to get, however the three I’ve listed are your important priorities. You’ll need to max out your analysis ASAP, and also you’ll need somebody who could make high quality artwork ASAP. The cooking is a bonus.

Precedence 9 – If every little thing is Precedence 9, then nothing is a Precedence. Use the Precedence system appropriately. Set the numbers within the order of significance. These priorities counts for supply of products for cooking, science, and O2 manufacturing as nicely.

New Dupes – For those who save earlier than deciding on the portal when new Dupes arrive, you may merely reload if you happen to’re sad with the choice supplied.

Pipes/Wires – I all the time knew this one, nevertheless it surprises me what number of of us by no means understand whereas enjoying. You’ll be able to disguise wires/pipes behind tiles, and won’t take a decor penalty for doing so.

Courtesy of Baelorack – Energy Consumption – Be carefuly how a lot energy consumption you placed on wires – 1000w max consumption (F2 to verify). That is the way you keep away from wire harm.

Courtesy of Baelorack – Energy Transformers – Be sure to join your energy producers to the massive aspect and receivers to the small aspect of a transformer.

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