Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Hodag Lair Walkthrough

Hodag Lair Walkthrough

It is best to have found this space throughout your chat with Dalton, a service provider whom you encountered shortly after coping with the “Troll Invasion” occasion card. The Hodag is one other trophy monster Amiri needs to hunt as a part of the continued quest Show Your Price, so for those who’ve acquired time to spare, it’s actually price your whereas to exit of your means and hunt this critter.

To begin out, make your strategy to the Deserted Maintain space, which it is best to have lengthy since explored by now. The instructions to the Hodag Lair will begin from there.

  • East (alongside the Murque River)
  • South (cross the Murque River)
  • South
  • Northwest
  • Northwest

Once you arrive, head northeast till Amiri speaks to you. As with Tuskgutter, she needs to face this Hodag alone, and in contrast to Tuskgutter, she in all probability has a shot at taking the factor on alone. Not that her solitary inclinations are enforced even the slightest, thoughts you. At this level within the walkthrough (for those who’re following chronologically you need to be at or very close to degree eight) the Hodag is a push-over, sporting a hefty quantity of HP comparatively unsupported by an Armor Class price mentioning. Its Assault bonus might be not excessive sufficient to fret your tanks a lot, though Amiri will nearly actually fare worse. In opposition to a full get together, there’s little the Hodag can do however roll over and die.

After it does so (and Amiri is finished celebrating) proceed northeast to search out [Perception 7] some foliage you may seek for a Shard of Knight’s Bracers. Extra loot could be discovered to the east on a corpse (two Potions of Defend of Religion and 172 GP, amongst different goodies) and two crates (considered one of which incorporates 4 Potions of Treatment Mild Wounds and a Potion of Heroism whereas the opposite simply homes some meals).

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