Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Overgrown Pool Walkthrough

Overgrown Pool Walkthrough

From the “A Ford Throughout the Skunk River” space simply head west alongside the river to observe it because it winds. The subsequent node ought to be the “Overgrown Pool” space, and hopefully you’ll have found the “Bandit Camp” and “Ruined Watchtower” areas southeast of the Skunk River, too. All in good time. For now, enter the “Overgrown Pool” space.

You’ll end up alongside the northern finish of the map, from which head south a brief distance to search out Lumberjacks led by a person named Corax dealing with off in opposition to a Nixie named Melianse. The Nixie, whereas outnumbered, does have a trump card within the type of two bewitched Lumberjacks, whose lives she threatens in response to Corax’s aggression. Getting drawn into this stalemate begins the search “Riverbed Nightmare”.

In case you decide the [Neutral] possibility you’ll simply watch as either side butcher one another, and Jaethal will present she’s a poor gambler, because the Nixie doesn’t, actually, have a greater likelihood of profitable. After Corax and his Lumberjacks defeat their fellows, the Big Frogs Melianse summons, and the Nixie herself, you’ll be able to speak to him once more and determine to complete what the Nixie began [Chaotic Evil] by attacking the grieving Lumberjacks. Melianse herself has little of curiosity to loot and Corax has a Greataxe +1.

Alternatively you’ll be able to decide the dialogue possibility [Solve the problem with force] “You already know what? To hells with it…” after which you’ll get the choice to assault Melianse, the lumberjacks, or either side. The primary two actions are [Neutral Evil] whereas the final is [Chaotic Evil]. Resorting to violence unexpectedly on this case is an evil act irrespective of the way you slice it, and contemplating the rewards, there’s not a lot incentive to take action, you already know, save for the enjoyment of killing, expertise, and Corax’s Greataxe +1.

If carnage and violence doesn’t enchantment to you, take a extra diplomatic strategy by selecting the dialogue possibility “What’s happening right here?”, to search out out that the battle has arisen predictably sufficient. A fey creature’s house is being ravaged by some hard-working males with axes, and either side clearly view one another as an over-bred menace.

Don’t trouble attempting to enchantment to the Nixie, she received’t even think about disarming by surrendering her captives. As a substitute decide the dialogue possibility [Try to reason with the loggers] “Hearken to me, guys…” to get a wide range of checks the place you’ll be able to try and resolve the state of affairs peacefully. These embrace a [Knowledge (World) 22] verify, a [Diplomacy 22] verify or an [Intimidate 22] verify, the final of which is a [Lawful Neutral] motion and a good assertion of your property rights. Happily for those who fail at certainly one of these checks, you’ll be able to try one other, so until you’re dead-set on a selected final result you need to be succesful sufficient of passing a minimum of certainly one of these checks.

After the lumberjacks have been satisfied, you’ll have to barter with Melianse, who complicates issues by making extra calls for. It appears the lumberjacks leaving isn’t all of the Nixie desires, she desires the restoration of the bushes they felled. Decide the dialogue possibility “How are we supposed to revive a tree that’s already been reduce down?” and she or he’ll inform you to assemble some feather tokens, that are made by “you individuals’s mages” or by her cousin – a Dryad named Tiressia, who received’t be encountered for fairly a while. To wrap this quest up with out making it extra of an ordeal you’ll must move an [Intimidate 25] verify to counsel that Melianse could also be pushing her luck too far, or by succeeding at a [Diplomacy 25] verify to persuade the lumberjacks to do as she says.

In case you persuade Melianse to drop the final demand, speak to Corax afterwards for a reward, whereas for those who satisfied the lumberjacks to get the feather tokens speak to Melianse and decide the [Chaotic Good] possibility. Both means, the reward is similar.

  • Reward: For resolving the lumberjack-nixie dispute peacefully
    60 XP / 600 GP

In case you finish the dialog with out resolving the dispute first (almost certainly by selecting the dialogue possibility [Leave] “Wait right here. I’ll carry the feathers.”), you’ll lose your likelihood to make the final two checks ([Intimidate 25] and [Diplomacy 25]). In case you speak to Corax once more you’ll get the chance to assault Melianse [Neutral Evil] or the lumberjacks [Chaotic Evil]. The identical choices pop up for those who speak to Melianse, save they’re each [Neutral Evil] choices. You’ll even have an alternative choice, offered you’ve gotten a personality able to casting Dispel Magic (each Tristian and Harrim ought to qualify by now). Merely speak to both Corax or Melianse and decide the dialogue possibility [Use Dispel Magic to free the hostages] “I’ve lifted the enchantment! You’re free!” and you’ll certainly free the Bewitched Lumberjacks. This provokes a struggle, and there’s no reward forthcoming from Corax for doing this, so it’s exhausting to advocate it.

Whew. That was an ordeal. In hindsight, possibly the entire carnage and mayhem strategy isn’t such a foul thought in spite of everything… Anyway, to complete up this space search some foliage to the south of the lumberjacks to discover a Token of the Dryad. Extra treasure awaits to the southwest, however you’ll must kill a Dire Wolf and a Ferocious Wolf, first. As soon as completed, move a [Perception 16] verify to search out some hidden treasure – a Potion of Barkskin, some baubles and 286 GP – in a tree trunk. With that, it’s time to maneuver on.

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