Pathfinder: Kingmaker – The Court Alchemist Walkthrough

The Courtroom Alchemist Walkthrough

It begins routinely after you may have accomplished the primary act and have become the ruler of the dominion. You must go to Oleg’s Buying and selling Put up to speak to Bokken. You possibly can persuade him to turn into an alchemist within the kingdom (each extra quests associated to the search of the fangs and lunar radish for Bokken ought to be accomplished).

After this, return to the capital and create a settlement on the Outskirts (the area the place Oleg’s Buying and selling Put up is positioned). For this, click on on any small icon on the Outskirts and select a spot the place the settlement shall be positioned.

After that, begin constructing a workshop for Bokken (that’s how it will likely be known as). A number of days shall move. As soon as it’s constructed, the hunt shall be accomplished.

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