Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Vordakai’s Tomb, Level 1 Walkthrough

Vordakai’s Tomb, Stage 1 Walkthrough

Alas, the realm transition doesn’t lead on to your vacation spot – a little bit of a stroll over the map is required. It’s a brief distance because the crow flies, however you’re no crow and the terrain is lower than ideally suited. Don’t be shocked if it is advisable relaxation to keep at bay fatigue earlier than you attain your vacation spot. Talking of which, observe these instructions:

  • Southwest
  • Southeast (the southern of the 2 choices)

Escape the Cloudkill Chamber

Relaxation up, then enter the Vordakai’s Tomb space. From the place you arrive, head northeast down a passage to succeed in a chamber, the place you’ll be able to examine (through numerous [Perception] checks) various grates and corpses. As you poke in regards to the room, the raven that’s been pestering you – now named Horagnamon – will once more make an look. Reply as you’ll, then enterprise close to the northeastern door.

Approaching the northeastern door will immediate it to open, and the southwestern door to shut. In case that’s not sufficient encouragement, the vents within the chamber will expel lethal gasses – the equal of a number of Cloudkill spells. If that’s nonetheless not dangerous sufficient, a number of zombie cyclopes will seem, and whereas they’re not bothered by the fuel, you’re. Given this unequal taking part in subject, you will have just one smart choice; flee by the door to the northeast… probably as meant. Don’t stray too far, as a lure might be discovered within the hallway past the northeastern door. There ought to, nevertheless, be sufficient room so that you can type up and switch to face the cyclopes.

Toxic Hydra Den

After defeating your foes and escaping the Cloudkill room, disarm the lure behind you and proceed northeast and switch down one other tunnel to the southeast. Disarm two traps as you go, and while you attain one other bend, be cautious of a trio of zombie cyclopes that may probably be marching in direction of you.

Defeat them, then proceed southwest till you attain some pure stone chambers, at which level flip south to succeed in a chamber occupied by three Toxic Hydras. These beasts, after all, are all too eager to spit toxic gasses on you, and given the confines and their numbers, there’s no actual technique to keep away from their breath. You’ll simply must hope your warriors have a Fortitude Save excessive sufficient to climate the Energy-sapping poison they spit… and maybe have a couple of Restoration spells prepared, simply in case.

Carve the hydras up, then proceed to the southern finish of their den to seek out some underwater stairs. Go an [Athletics 29] test to proceed deeper into the dungeon, surfacing… someplace to the southeast?

Horagnamon’s First Identify

If you floor, enterprise northeast to succeed in a chamber crammed with urns. Loot two containers and press a button alongside the southeastern wall (simply southwest of the door, simply obscured by the foreground) to open a close-by door.

Proceed by the door, down some stairs, and right into a chamber to the southeast, the place Horagnamon once more awaits you. Endure the hen’s prattle till it asks you to call considered one of your companions, aiming to attain this by numerous contrivances. Be cautious, as this hen is all too wanting to be taught names, and you might remorse revealing one. Luckily, you’ll be able to at all times refuse to reply… however it will simply make a random character communicate up and blurt out their title. Oops.

When the hen is sated, it’ll fly away, leaving you to take care of the room’s inhabitants – 4 cyclopes, together with a cleric. Their numbers could also be barely greater than common, however when you can defeat the teams within the Sepulchre of Forgotten Heroes, you’ll be able to defeat these cyclopes. As soon as they’re useless – once more – proceed northeast and search the room for traps, as there are a number of scattered about. Once they’re disarmed, loot some containers to the northwest, then press a button to open the door to the northeast.

Be aware: For causes that’ll turn out to be clear quickly sufficient, you’ll wish to point out the names of your warriors when the hen makes an attempt to goad you.

The Hatch-Roof Chamber

Proceed down some extra stairs and passages past the door you simply opened till you attain a big chamber with ominous hatches on the ceiling. These hatches most likely don’t serve any good objective. Examine a mural alongside the northwestern wall [Knowledge (Arcana)], then loot a container to the northeast. Alongside the japanese nook of the room you’ll discover one other swap you’ll be able to activate to open a close-by door… or so it appears, in any case.

Earlier than you activate the swap, sequester your social gathering within the japanese nook of the room so your squishy characters are behind your warriors. As soon as executed, spell buff, then activate the swap with one your trusty tanks. If you work together with the swap, you’ll be handled to an Illustrated E-book Episode:

[Trickery 30] …open the door. or [Perception 26] …discover the mechanism to disarm the lure.
Selecting the [Strength] choice is just marginally higher than failing one of many different checks. The truth is, it results in the identical dialogue final result, you simply get some expertise. Should you succeed on the [Trickery] or [Perception] test (you ought to be able to simply assembly each of those checks by now), you’ll be executed with the guide occasion in a single go. Should you fail, or decide the [Strength] choice, one other test have to be made: move an [Intimidate] or [Stealth] test to keep away from taking vital injury.

Should you move one of many checks and thus full the Illustrated E-book Episode with out hassle, you’ll seem in a chamber to the north. If not, you’ll be caught within the massive chamber with hatches on the ceiling, together with new pals: 5 zombie cyclopes. Within the former case, head northwest, disarm a lure, then loot two containers. As soon as executed, return again southwest and use an space transition to return to the big hatch-roofed room.

In both case, a struggle with zombie cyclopes is unavoidable – you simply get much more expertise, keep away from injury, and get a shot at some treasure when you move the Illustrated E-book Episode’s checks. Talking of the cyclopes, this group of big, one-eyed deaders consists of 4 warriors and a cleric. Should you failed the Illustrated E-book Episode checks, you ought to be cosy in your nook, which isn’t ideally suited, however… it may very well be worse. Should you succeeded, you’ll now end up close to the mural alongside the northwestern finish of the room. Not a great place to struggle. You may, nevertheless, run by the doorway to the southwest, which is a positive spot to struggle. Both method, defeat the cyclopes – 4 warriors and a cleric – then proceed to the door alongside the japanese finish of the hatched chamber.

Horagnamon’s Second Identify

Nicely, that’s one ordeal survived. Nonetheless a lot left forward of you, nevertheless. Go by the door on the japanese finish of the hatched chamber, go up some stairs, then flip northeast to succeed in a chamber the place one other a number of cyclopes lurk. This time you’ll be combating towards three warriors and two clerics, giving them loads of spell energy with which to harass you, and speeding the casters may not be a possible technique right here. As a lot of a trouble as it’s, type a defensive wall close to the doorway of the chamber, minimize down the soldiers, then take care of the clerics.

Crush your opponents, then head into the room they guarded. To the northwest you’ll spot that rattling hen once more. Let it flap round by itself for a second, nevertheless, and search to the southeast to discover a hidden door. Open it, then descend some stairs and observe a tunnel past to the northeast, the place you’ll discover a small, loot-filled chamber. Plunder three containers to seek out, amongst different goodies, a Tower Protect +2 and the Forsaken Edge, an Estoc +2 that has the “Unholy” property.

Return to the chamber the place you fought the final 5 cyclopes and proceed down some stairs to the northwest. You’ll, after all, be pestered by the raven as soon as once more, who will fish for an additional title. Should you don’t provide a reputation, considered one of your dullard companions will, guaranteeing the forces at work get the intel they want.

The Astradaemon

Within the depressed chamber past the steps you’ll discover a door to the northeast guarded by two statues. On the ground reverse the door is a swap, which you must ignore for now. As a substitute, proceed northwest to seek out one other swap close to a door to the west. Loot a container, hit the swap, then undergo the western door to discover a certain Astradaemon.

Speak to the Astradaemon and earlier than you go being righteous or flippant, know that this beast is sort of harmful. Excessive Armor Class and Injury Discount are current, as common, which is able to hinder the offense of all however essentially the most potent of characters. Except you will have weapon that’s each silver and holy, you’ll be doing ten much less injury per hit, though to be truthful the divine spell Bless Weapon will deal with a kind of situations. It additionally has the power to robotically confirming vital hits, which is able to probably be your solely technique of dealing vital injury. Should you have been pondering of offensive spells like Dismissal, bear in mind that the fiend’s Spell Resistance is excessive sufficient to make such a tactic unlikely to succeed.

It’s protection is dangerous sufficient, however what about its offense? Apart from spells like Vitality Drain, Finger of Demise and Vampiric Contact, its melee assaults are additionally fairly spectacular. It assaults pretty quick and has a excessive sufficient Assault Bonus to hit your tanks. Granted, not with nice regularity, however its assaults additionally inflict Detrimental Vitality Ranges, which means even the hardest warrior can solely take a couple of hits earlier than dying. The answer to most of its offense? Demise Ward.

Whereas a troublesome struggle, when you buff to the max – together with Better Invisibility, Haste, Stoneskin, Prayer and Demise Ward – and you’ve got a technique to deal injury, you simply would possibly win. Granted, there’s likelihood you received’t have a greater method of inflicting injury than by utilizing Bless Weapon and hoping for vital hits, however it might simply be enough.

Failing any of that, you’ll be able to at all times simply say “Vordakai summoned me. I’m right here at his request.” for now for a beneficiant expertise reward… the identical quantity you’d get for defeating the Astradaemon, actually. You’ll not acquire expertise for killing the Astradaemon when you get the expertise from this dialogue choice, nevertheless, so hold that in thoughts.

Be aware: Given how far more highly effective the Astradaemon might be than your social gathering, there’s actually no disgrace in simply ignoring it.

Free the Captive Barbarians

Nevertheless you resolve to take care of the Astradaemon, make your well beyond it to the west, loot two containers, then head down some stairs to the southwest. On the backside of the steps you’ll discover a room stuffed with captive barbarians, who will inform you their tales of woe and horror when you indulge them.

Should you’ve killed the Astradaemon, you’ll be able to decide a [Chaotic Good] choice to inform them they’re free to flee. If not, be cautious what you say, as you might commit your self to a struggle with the Astradaemon. Should you say “Maintain on, I’ve to deal with one thing else first.” you received’t provoke the Astradaemon, however selecting the [Lawful Good] or [Chaotic Neutral] choices will. Releasing the barbarians will simply get you some expertise, however you’ll be able to loot a hidden container on the wall whether or not you free them or not.

Kill the Better Cyclops

Return to the bigger chamber to the north and switch your consideration to the ground swap within the middle of the room. Should you would have activated this swap first, the one which opened the door to the Astradaemon wouldn’t have labored, therefore why you handled the Astradaemon first. Now that you simply’ve given the Astradaemon a strive, flip the swap you ignored earlier to open the door to the northeast. Don’t tarry, nevertheless, because the statues flanking the door will expel detrimental power blasts, dealing injury to residing creatures (you, largely) making an attempt to move by.

Proceed down a hallway to the northeast to discover a decrease room beneath you to the northwest, which requires a [Mobility] test to navigate. Climb down, disarm a number of traps… or extra like a dozen. When the traps are handled, loot a container, then proceed northwest to seek out two passages, one to the northwest (which ends up in a door) and one to the southwest. Head southwest first, loot a container and examine a pillar, then return to the trap-littered room.

Activate a swap within the northern nook of the chamber to open the door to the northwest, past which you’ll discover a better zombie cyclops. A warrior such as you’re used to, this one hits more durable, strikes more true and has extra Hit Factors than its smaller kin, and it’s not alone. Since speeding in is a nasty thought, you would possibly as nicely lure them to you, particularly because you’re already in a positive place to bottleneck your foes on the doorway. Shoot on the huge cyclops, ensure you’re Hasted, then interact. When it falls and its allies (together with extra warriors and a minimum of two clerics) present up, retreat to lure them southeast and bottleneck them on the door, too. Don’t rush within the room till no extra cyclopes interact you, so that you don’t find yourself combating on two fronts.

A Darkish Chamber

Clear the room of cyclops, then proceed north, looting the odd container as you go. Avoid the door to the northwest, nevertheless, as there’s extra you are able to do earlier than you each with the encounter that awaits you there. Make your technique to the southeastern finish of the chamber to discover a doorway resulting in a smaller side-chamber. Undergo the doorway and disarm 4 traps on the ground main to a different door.

Earlier than bothering with the door, flip northwest to seek out two containers you’ll be able to loot and a mural you’ll be able to study. One of many containers will yield the Hand of Damnation, a Scythe +2 with the “Eager” and “Demise Reservoir” properties. The previous will increase the weapon’s Vital Hit Risk Vary, which is fantastic, however the latter is considerably of a legal responsibility, because it offers 4d6 detrimental power injury to all close by creatures when the wielder lands a vital hit.

Search one other mural to the southeast, then undergo the door to the southwest to succeed in a big, round room. If Tristian is with you, he’ll categorical discomfort, providing you with the possibility to make an ethical selection in response. Search the bass aid within the middle of the room for some expertise, then go away.

Smite the Soul Eaters

Return to the room the place you defeated the better cyclops and eventually method the northwestern fringe of the chamber. Right here you’ll be ambushed by some Ferocious Soul Eaters, who communicate the names of their targets. For this reason the raven was looking for out names – it was discovering targets for these Soul Eaters. With a bit of luck these targets are all warriors, as whomever has their title referred to as might be locked in single fight with one of many Soul Eaters. Different characters can’t intervene within the struggle immediately, however the combatants might be aided by different character’s spells.

Whereas not an excessive amount of hassle for a reliable warrior, for a non-warrior they may very well be troublesome. These Soul Eaters have satisfactory Hit Factors, a excessive Assault Bonus and reasonable Armor Class. Whereas their injury isn’t too spectacular, they will inflict Knowledge injury once they hit, and until the warrior they’re combating is a Paladin, this is perhaps one thing to control.

In the course of the struggle with the Ferocious Soul Eaters, safe your archers and casters within the northern nook of the room, as after the Ferocious Soul Eaters are defeated, a gaggle of Historical Soul Eaters will spawn and assault. These have considerably greater stats than the ferocious variants, however on the plus aspect you’re not locked into single fight with them. In case your squishy characters are protected within the nook, you must have the ability to win a straight melee with out an excessive amount of hassle – though Haste will, as common, assist seal the deal.

With that, you’ve conquered this space. Undergo the door guarded by the Soul Eaters, then flip southwest and proceed till you discover an space transition resulting in the second stage of Vordakai’s Tomb.

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