Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Wolf Lair Walkthrough

Wolf Lair Walkthrough

From the Secluded Lodge, comply with these instructions:

  • East (path veers northeast)
  • Northeast (path veers east alongside Shrike River)
  • Northeast (cross Shrike River)
  • Northeast (Wolf Lair ought to seem northwest of the trail)
  • Northwest

This can get you to the Wolf’s Lair space. No factors for guessing what foes dwell right here. You’ll arrive alongside the southeastern nook of the map, on the elbow of a path that runs each uphill to the north and downhill to the west.

The whole space is actually an enormous loop, however you would possibly as effectively deal with the better half first. To that finish, head downhill to the west, stopping lengthy sufficient to crush three Wolves within the southwestern nook of the map. These mutts are horribly outclassed by now and may current no problem. As soon as they’d lifeless, go a [Perception 12] examine to identify a rock you possibly can loot for a wide range of treasure, together with a Scroll of Haste.

Flip north and comply with a path operating alongside the western fringe of the map till you attain the northwestern nook of the realm. An space transition lies on this nook, however you continue to want to look the hill that dominates the middle and northeastern finish of the realm. Observe the trail uphill to the southeast to discover a quartet of Wolves feasting upon a corpse.

Don’t rush in blindly, as though these Wolves are simple sufficient to slay, they’re additionally crafty. Throughout the combat, extra Wolves will seem from behind you (to the northwest) so preserve a warrior behind to guard your casters and archers whereas the remainder of your warriors cope with the Wolves close to the corpse. Extra Wolves will later come out of the caves to the northeast, and whereas they don’t bear a flowery identify, they’re far stronger than regular Wolves, having a a lot increased Assault bonus, Armor Class and HP. Whereas most likely not too threatening to your warriors, they’re not full push-overs like their lesser kin had been, so be cautious.

After vanquishing all of the Wolves, seek for a stone to the west of the corpse to discover a Melted Shard of a Ring, one other artifact the antiquarian might be occupied with. Lastly, loot the corpse the wolves had been snacking on to collect a Potion of Treatment Average Wounds, 74 GP and the Wolf Sufferer’s Guide, the latter of which discusses wolves, worgs, goblins and barghests.

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