Phasmophobia Ghost Danger Tier List (with Explanations)

A fast look information at how harmful the ghosts you’re coping with are and why, and my private suggestions for coping with them, particularly the extra harmful ones.

Phasmophobia Ghost Hazard Tier Record

This information in its entirety is supposed to serve one final objective: To let you know which ghosts you may scream their title and make mad, and which ghosts you need to go away to relaxation as quickly as you may. Sure ghosts pose far more of a risk than others on this recreation, particularly on Skilled problem. Every ghost can be getting a score of 1-10 based mostly on their Hazard Degree, and is sorted in that order. These statements assume you might be on Skilled problem, nevertheless sure feedback will account for particular maps and difficulties. (Within the occasion of a tie, I sorted the ghosts based mostly on my expertise/frequency with them, and subsequently think about one to be ever so barely extra harmful.)

If any of my data in my information is inaccurate, please let me know and I’ll repair it! I do ask that you’ve got sources to again up your data, not together with the Phasmophobia wiki as that’s outdated. Moreover, my expertise comes from the BETA BRANCH of Phasmophobia and could also be barely completely different than what others have skilled.

DISCLAIMER: All ghosts are harmful ultimately, and might typically be extra aggressive for no actual cause. I’ve had Spirits on Beginner that hunt shockingly early, and Revenants that by no means hunt your entire time even with somebody at zero sanity. Simply because these behaviors are what they usually do doesn’t imply there gained’t be exceptions. Welcome to the world of ghosts, they’re unpredictable and terrifying.

The True Hunters

Essentially the most harmful class of ghosts, true hunter ghosts assault fairly often and are usually the more than likely to kill you when encountered. They do all have weaknesses, however some are far more pronounced than others. Be ready when discovering out it’s considered one of these, as by the point you may have your sanity is prone to be inside kill proportion (in the event that they even respect that).

The Revenant – 9/10
When you’ve obtained a Revenant, there’s excellent news and dangerous information. The excellent news is that in case you can run sooner than your folks, it’s going to seemingly kill them first. The dangerous information is that somebody is nearly all the time going to die when a Revenant hunts, particularly in case you’re in an open space. Revenants are extremely quick when looking and, relying on different elements corresponding to map and room, it could be close to unimaginable to cover from it in time. When you see the Revenant throughout a hunt previous the primary few seconds, don’t hassle operating; it gained’t prevent, particularly on Skilled.

Moreover, some sources declare {that a} Revenant can assault no matter sanity ranges, which means that from the second you enter the home, to the second you allow, you might be in peril if the ghost is a Revenant. Making issues worse, figuring out a Revenant will typically come right down to Spirit vs Revenant, which is troublesome till it begins looking as Spirit Field might be unreliable with shy Spirits. EMF Degree 5 can also be unreliable and because the two ghosts share the opposite proof varieties, I’ve been on this state of affairs greater than I’d like to consider. (Mine have been principally Revenants, go determine.)

The ONLY approach to counter a looking Revenant is to cover and pray it doesn’t enter the place you might be. Hiding slows the Revenant, however solely if you’re really obscured. As a result of their AI appears to want their favourite spots even when looking, this implies you want to get distant from its spawn and conceal someplace it’s going to hopefully by no means see you. If it sees you, it’s going to enhance its velocity dramatically, and at that time, hiding gained’t prevent as a result of it’s already bee-lining on your location. Revenants are the quickest hunters within the recreation after they see you, so the one choice to take care of a Revenant is to verify it by no means sees you. The Revenant, for my part, earns the title of most harmful ghost within the recreation, as a result of as soon as it sees you, you’re already useless.

The Demon – 9/10
Demons are extremely aggressive and hunt at comparatively excessive sanity ranges. At decrease sanity ranges, Demons will hunt extremely typically and wish to manifest themselves for fake-outs always as effectively, preserving you in your toes. Demons are some of the energetic ghosts in all departments, however the truth stays that the Demon is right here to kill you, to not mess with you. The Demon believes within the “amount over high quality” method in terms of hunts, which can lead to a complete group wipe on giant maps for the unfortunate group. (Observe that this information is about Skilled problem; a Demon is significantly stronger when different elements can already drain your sanity, and on Beginner Demons are literally reasonably nonviolent for a very long time.)

We will’t speak about a Demon with out speaking about its listed weak spot: the Ouija Board. A Demon won’t drain your sanity in case you ask it a query on the Ouija Board and get a profitable response. That stated, in case you already know it’s a Demon, it’s my skilled opinion that one ought to by no means use an Ouija Board in case you already know it’s a Demon. At that time, you have already got the solutions you want, and a Demon can nonetheless drain your sanity if it chooses to cancel your query; if it does so, it’s going to seemingly drop your sanity sufficient that it will probably hunt. And belief me, if a Demon can hunt, it’s going to.

So then, a Demon’s true weak spot is ability and preparation. Sanity Tablets are sometimes a should for coping with a Demon, because the Demon has no passive approach to drain your sanity (at the very least, in-game). Combining drugs with preserving the lights on wherever you go (whereas nonetheless managing energy correctly) will hopefully preserve your sanity above the Demon’s threshold. If the Demon begins to hunt and you’ve got Sanity Tablets nonetheless accessible, it’s a should to depart the constructing and take them earlier than returning. With a Demon, the danger just isn’t definitely worth the reward.

The Banshee – 8/10
Banshees are some of the attention-grabbing and hard-to-beat ghost varieties within the recreation, whereas nonetheless having clear and concise weaknesses that work to nice impact. A Banshee can theoretically hunt twenty seconds after the entrance door is unlocked, even when everyone seems to be within the gentle always. Moreover, Banshees can discover their goal in a short time and can typically spawn close to their goal, even when they’re on the opposite aspect of the constructing. On giant maps, a Banshee could make discovering the Ghost Room a lot more durable than really gathering the proof.

The precise means a Banshee works is straightforward: It has a capability that it will probably randomly use at any time, besides whereas it’s looking. As soon as it makes use of that potential, it’s going to navigate to its chosen participant. Nothing stops this; it ignores line of sight and primarily simply goes straight to them. Round 20 seconds after utilizing this potential, it’s going to start a hunt. This potential is canceled if their chosen participant just isn’t within the constructing. It’s unknown if this participant is chosen randomly, or whether it is based mostly on Sanity, ghost anger, or different elements. My very own experiences inform me it’s random, because it appears to focus on me regardless of me not angering it, however I’ve no true proof to again up this declare.

In a 4 participant foyer, a Banshee means you may have a one-in-four likelihood of the Banshee fully ignoring you, which is the one cause it’s an 8 and never a ten. For the participant the Banshee has chosen: All you are able to do is pray it doesn’t discover you; within the case of a big map just like the Excessive College, run from it at dash velocity down a straight hallway so it will probably’t bend to catch you. If the gamers work out who the Banshee is looking, it may be trivialized by having that participant transfer to the truck, because the Banshee can’t change targets after it has picked somebody. So far as I do know, this prevents it from looking fully.

The Wraith – 8/10
Wraiths are straightforward to mistake and straightforward to underestimate, however don’t be fooled; a Wraith is a significant issue for the participant. Wraiths ignore partitions and doorways, they virtually by no means go away footprints (although they’ll nonetheless make footstep sounds), and so they can teleport onto gamers randomly and emit an EMF sign which may mislead the gamers. Throughout hunts, they don’t see doorways (together with locker doorways), which means in homes with numerous small rooms, discovering a hiding place might be tough. Additionally they have poisonous reactions to Salt, which is able to finish their hunt however completely enhance their exercise.

As a result of they’ll teleport onto gamers and might journey by partitions, they’ll typically mislead you into pondering the room is someplace it isn’t by leaving indicators within the mistaken space, particularly their Temperature. Moreover, discovering Fingerprints of a Wraith is commonly very troublesome, as they often ignore doorways and don’t work together with them. You’re often extra prone to discover Wraith fingerprints on gentle switches and home windows. You may even get Spirit Field within the mistaken room if the Ghost isn’t close to you, and might theoretically get all of their proof outdoors of their room if you’re fortunate sufficient.

Including every part collectively: a Wraith ignores partitions and might begin a hunt from wherever, together with after teleporting to gamers; a Wraith can’t see doorways (together with closet and locker doorways) when looking and can seemingly discover the participant shortly; they unintentionally make their room more durable to search out, thus making it troublesome to assemble all three items of proof however all the time straightforward to search out one; and Salt may prevent, however it’s going to make your lives tougher total. Wraiths all the time make me wrestle with the entire course of, and so they’re extremely harmful due to it.

The Sanity Drainers

Nonetheless ugly threats, the sanity drainers all drain your sanity in a technique or one other and thus are extra harmful to take care of on increased difficulties. These ghosts will typically be an enormous risk regardless of the problem, and these ones could even be probably the most harmful on Beginner as they’ll get your sanity down into deadly ranges (nevertheless Revenants and Banshees are nonetheless big issues).

The Yurei – 7/10
Easy and clear of the group, the Yurei has nobody particular means of draining Sanity, which makes it finally very harmful, because it merely drains sanity by being close to the participant. It doesn’t essentially have to manifest, or do something; a Yurei will merely drain your sanity at a sooner price by current. Mix this with sanity drain at the hours of darkness, and you’ve got a ghost that may in a short time get your sanity right down to deadly ranges, even in teams.

A number of occasions, I’ve gone again to the truck and realized that I’m very low on sanity for no actual cause. Each time this has occurred, the ghost has been a Yurei or a Jinn. Normally, nevertheless, a Yurei can have a bigger impact on the group, whereas Jinns can have drained particular individuals (although a Jinn’s energy doesn’t essentially solely have an effect on one; extra on that later). When you discover constant, lower-than-usual Sanity ranges throughout the group, a Yurei could also be responsible.

There are two counters to a Yurei, which rely upon the stage of the sport. If you’re nonetheless early, preserve your sanity as much as the very best of your potential and keep within the gentle; this may reduce a Yurei’s results. Nonetheless, within the occasion {that a} Yurei is looking, one of the simplest ways to take care of it’s the Smudge Sticks, as they’ll trigger it to cease following the participant for a very long time. Smudge Sticks are simpler on the Yurei than another ghost, so preserve them readily available in case your sanity is low.

The Jinn – 7/10
The ultimate ghost of the highest half of the hazard board, Jinns will mess you up in case you aren’t ready to take care of them. Along with the proof, you may determine a Jinn by the truth that it won’t lower the ability and fixed flickering of lights (word that the circuit can nonetheless be overloaded so far as I do know). A Jinn has the ability to flicker each gentle in a big radius (doubtlessly the entire home; want extra testing). When it does so, it will probably trigger huge sanity drains (I’ve personally seen round 15% from a single occasion).

A Jinn’s supposed weak spot is to show off the ability field in the home, which is able to make it hunt slowly. An influence field, although, retains your sanity up by providing you with gentle. Besides a Jinn drains your sanity by messing with the sunshine. It’s a difficult state of affairs with the Jinn, as there is no such thing as a actual approach to fully cease it from killing your sanity. The Jinn presents the participant with a dilemma: When you preserve the ability on, the Jinn will drain your sanity and be sooner when it chooses to hunt. When you preserve the ability off, the shortage of sunshine will drain your sanity, however at the very least it’s going to hunt slowly.

With a Jinn, I like to recommend candles so it will probably’t have an effect on their gentle, and preserving the ability off. Nonetheless it would be best to control your sanity, as candle gentle doesn’t fully cease the darkness from sapping you. Finally your Sanity can be as much as you to maintain watch of. (Or maybe your teammate who hides within the truck!) A Jinn will ultimately get your sanity to deadly ranges, so if it comes right down to a guess between two or three prospects, I like to recommend guessing Jinn, particularly if the proof you might be lacking is EMF Degree 5. With how random the EMF Reader is, it’s harmful to maintain attempting to push a Jinn out of the nest.

The Poltergeist – 6/10
Poltergeists are spooky. However in case you can peel off the outside ghost that likes to throw issues and mess with doorways, then a Poltergeist can really be one of many best ghosts to take care of… If you’ll find it shortly. When you can hear it, however can’t see it, an object thrown by a Poltergeist will drain your sanity. That is particularly harmful on bigger maps corresponding to Asylum. Whereas often not laborious to search out, a Poltergeist that’s left untended can drain your sanity in a short time because it throws issues round.

Discovering a Poltergeist is straightforward. Ringing telephones, opening and shutting doorways, strolling right into a room that has stuff already thrown round; these are all indicators of a Poltergeist. Moreover, if somebody notices your sanity dropping if you are listening to issues, a Poltergeist is a possible suspect. If a Poltergeist inhabits a room that’s almost empty, it’s going to typically be very laborious to search out. The shortage of Freezing Temperatures will make this much more troublesome, and personally, I believe the simplest approach to discover a Poltergeist is with the UV Flashlight.

The excellent news is, as soon as the Poltergeist is discovered, you may have trivialized the matter. Like most traditional ghosts, a discovered Poltergeist has zero energy with no objects to throw (take them out of the room!) and can’t drain your sanity any additional. At this level, it turns into a really normal ghost hunt with a Poltergeist, and the one cause the Poltergeist will get such a excessive rating is as a result of attending to the Poltergeist within the first place might be tough in case you’re not fast.

The Phantom – 5/10
A Phantom is an odd ghost, however is nonetheless straightforward to take care of. Phantoms drain sanity by showing; that is each a superb factor and a nasty factor, as they like to look. Are you able to say photograph alternative? Phantoms are additionally straightforward to get proof out of. Freezing Temperatures give away a Phantom’s location in a short time, and Ghost Orbs are often fairly dependable when you’ve discovered the room. EMF Degree 5 is what you’ll find yourself sitting round for when attempting to get a Phantom, but when it drains your sanity after an look, what it’s for sure.

As evidenced here, a Phantom can apparently take the type of a teammate as an influence. If that is nonetheless within the recreation, which I’ve by no means skilled, that is in all probability the Phantom’s most attention-grabbing potential, as it will probably drain your sanity whereas pretending to be your folks.

If this isn’t within the recreation, the Phantom’s most attention-grabbing quirk is that taking an image of it’s going to make it disappear. This doesn’t work if it’s already looking, however it makes Phantoms easy; you need images of the ghost, so take images when it seems and it’ll go away. When you don’t need it to look, staying away from it’s going to repair that, so you should use good setup and video footage to attempt to get the entire proof remotely. Phantoms aren’t laborious to take care of, they only require good play and never letting it eat your sanity when it seems.

All Spooks, No Hazard

This last class goes to ghosts that, so far as I do know, don’t have any particular talents to hurt the participant, and as an alternative depend on scares or different methods to hurt the gamers. They don’t have an effect on the participant’s sanity aside from by regular ghost actions, at the very least not their in-game sanity; however their exercise or lack there-of might be often jaunting and, within the mistaken state of affairs or with lack of care, can nonetheless be harmful similar to another ghost.

The Oni – 3/10
There’s one single cause the Oni is on the high of this part, and that’s as a result of the Oni is the one ghost to make me scream. And it has finished it twice. Regardless of this, I’ve by no means been killed by an Oni, as Oni don’t have any sanity affecting talents and, regardless of their exercise, don’t hunt extra typically than different ghosts. Moreover, Oni are very seemingly to offer proof in a short time, and I often know throughout the first 5 minutes whether it is an Oni.

The wiki states that Oni usually tend to hunt when gamers are in teams, nevertheless I’ve by no means had this be the case. Nonetheless, Oni ARE extra energetic in teams, and in my expertise, like to focus on gamers to scare. An Oni will repeatedly seem and are available after one participant in an try to scare them out. Oni get an honorable point out about potential sanity drain right here, as their fixed focusing on of 1 participant could cause that participant’s sanity to drop after witnessing repeated occasions.

That stated, Oni are usually not total extra harmful than anyone particular ghost, and Revenants, Demons and Wraiths are all extremely energetic, however have extra risks they face the participant with, corresponding to excessive looking frequency or extra looking talents. Whereas an Oni can theoretically be harmful, it ranks low on this listing as a result of it merely doesn’t current MORE hazard than different ghosts.

The Shade – 3/10
The Shade is the alternative of the Oni in each means; it’s low exercise, even decrease exercise in teams, and total a quiet ghost that shouldn’t pose an excessive amount of of a risk. Nonetheless, to get your proof and your targets finished, you’ll seemingly should be alone. That is the place each the power and the weak spot of the Shade lies.

Shades being shy implies that they’ll seemingly not present a lot exercise if gamers are collectively, and the one approach to get round this with out splitting up is to get it to hunt. That stated, a Shade just isn’t sooner than the gamers, and on bigger maps, getting it to hunt for an image after which leaving is a sound technique in case you’d reasonably use hunts than the inconsistency of Shades themselves. For different targets, you completely should be alone.

Shades are solely harmful as a result of their shyness will trigger you to take longer to finish your targets, giving it time to drop your sanity slowly; good sanity administration and good participant baiting will power the Shade out and make the encounter reasonably trivial.

The Spirit – 2/10
There’s not a lot you may say in regards to the Spirit. The journal wraps up Spirits very properly; they’re lavatory normal ghosts that can typically outline their very own persona. Because the clean slate ghost, it’s as much as you to search out the proof, because the proof would be the solely defining trait you need to put a reputation to this ghost.

That stated, Spirit Field and Ghost Writing are often fairly straightforward to get if it really is a Spirit; Fingerprints will often, however not all the time, be the toughest one to search out. Typically Spirits are shy on the Spirit Field, or you might not have the best location; be very cautious, nevertheless, as in case your Spirit is being shy on the field and has the opposite two items, it’s seemingly a Revenant as an alternative.

Spirits get some extent for being so broadly assorted, however on the finish of the day I by no means really feel anxious when the ghost is a Spirit. They don’t pose any extra threats, so when I’ve to take care of a Spirit, I really feel far more relaxed than I’d towards most different ghosts on this recreation.

The Mare – 1/10
On most maps, the Mare is the simplest ghost to take care of as soon as recognized, as staying within the gentle will actually preserve you alive. A Mare cannot provoke a hunt within the gentle until the gamers are at an extremely low quantity of sanity, by which case you need to not be in the home anyhow. Moreover, they’ve defining traits corresponding to by no means turning lights again on, making them straightforward to select in case you’re unable to see these Ghost Orbs (I get it, I do).

Watch out to not mistake a Mare for a Demon; Demons will often give all three items of proof in a short time, whereas a Mare is a bit more shy. That stated, an energetic Mare won’t hesitate to look typically, and it’ll flip the lights off each time it does so. Mares can troll the participant by being hyperactive, however so long as they’re diligent in regards to the lights, they’ll by no means be in peril. When you’re uncertain, go away the lights off for a bit; in the event that they don’t come again on, the Mare is there.

Whereas a Mare is initially extra harmful on a map corresponding to Asylum, Mares don’t drain sanity faster than different ghosts, which means good gentle administration and remembering the place your fuse bins are will as soon as once more trivialize the Mare. (In multiplayer, having a participant camp the fuse field is mostly a good suggestion.) Candles do work towards the Mare as effectively, so it’s a good suggestion to deliver them to hotspots. Lastly, on bigger maps, a Mare can merely be outrun if it finds you, as long as you aren’t cornered. Play protected and keep within the gentle, and a Mare is solely not a risk; if you would like exercise, give it 5 minutes within the darkness. It is going to present itself.


Information too lengthy? Nonetheless obtained six ghosts that you just’re deciding between? No drawback! Right here’s the brief and candy model, with just one sentence for every ghost:

The Revenant – 9/10
Quick and livid, your solely possibility is to cover when it hunts.

The Demon – 9/10
Most aggressive ghost within the recreation, hunts greater than another.

The Banshee – 8/10
Will all the time goal one particular participant, so pray you aren’t that participant.

The Wraith – 8/10
It could possibly stroll by partitions, disappear, and fly.

The Yurei – 7/10
Fixed sanity drain is a big difficulty, control that sanity.

The Jinn – 7/10
Counter it by turning the ability off and utilizing candles.

The Poltergeist – 6/10
Noisy and subsequently straightforward to search out, however the stuff it throws hurts your sanity.

The Phantom – 5/10
Take an image of it and your issues will go away.

The Oni – 3/10
Hyperactive and tremendous scary, however not really that harmful.

The Shade – 3/10
Inactive and kinda spooky, put together for an extended recreation.

The Spirit – 2/10
The clean slate of ghosts, they’re often fairly straightforward.

The Mare – 1/10
Actually simply act such as you’re afraid of the darkish.

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