Phasmophobia Maps (with Room Names, Locations)

I’m creating some maps to your second display screen and folks that use the Steam overlay.

What I’m attempting to do is to get all of the room names which might be proven once you place down a sound sensor in a room.

In some maps the proven room names are bugged (like on Excessive College) or 3 rooms have the identical title. I attempted to repair these names by altering them to make extra sense or including an outline in brackets.

I need to maintain the maps as clear and as darkish as doable with out shedding an excessive amount of info.

Phasmophobia Maps

I needed to create some maps for Phasmophobia as a result of I used to be lacking the characteristic to have an in recreation map as a participant who shouldn’t be within the truck.

Now I need to share them with you.

Extra information:
I obtained the room names with the sound sensor. In the event you place one down you may see the title of the room within the truck. The names are additionally the one which the Quija Board offers you as a response once you ask for the ghosts location.

For some rooms I added an extra room title in brackets.


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Brownstone Excessive College

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I rotated the map by 180°.

Bugs in recreation which I mounted on my map:

  • Some school rooms (CR) have the identical quantity because the CR under them.
  • 2nd Flooring known as 1st Flooring.
  • There’s a second CR 8, which I renamed to CR 18 as a result of 18 was lacking.
  • On the second flooring the in recreation map reveals the 2 large halls as separate rooms which is fake.


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Ridgeview Highway Home

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Grafton Farmhouse

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Bleasdale Farmhouse

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Edgefield Avenue Home

Coming quickly.

It’s finish. I hope “Phasmophobia Maps” helps you. Be at liberty to contribute the subject. In case you have additionally feedback or options, remark us.

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