Phoenix Point Technician Skills Guide

Abilities in Phoenix Level are particular skills that present distinctive Energetic or Passive skills. Every Class has 7 mounted abilities (one for every degree) and three random abilities. Abilities may be unlocked by spending Talent Factors. At degree 4 items will be capable of entry a second class.

How Abilities Work

Abilities may be Passive or Energetic skills that items can use in battle. Energetic skills often require Will Factors to be carried out whereas Passive skills are triggered routinely.

Buying Abilities

Abilities are restricted by unit degree and Abilities Factors are required to unlock them. Every class has 7 base Abilities and three random abilities that they will unlock.

At degree 4 Models will be capable of choose a second class unlocking their weapon proficiency and accessing all the bottom abilities for that Class. Talent Factors will nonetheless be required to unlock these Abilities.

Technician Primary Abilities

Every unit will obtain 3 Random Abilities of any degree, and they’ll be capable of unlock them by utilizing Talent Factors. Under you will discover a listing of all Random Abilities in Phoenix Level.

Lvl 1
Technician Coaching
Proficiency with PDWs, robotic arms, and turret deployment.

Lvl 2
Quick Use
The Motion Level value of Medkits, Stimpacks and Robotic Arm skills is decreased by 1.

Lvl 3
Handbook Management
Take guide management of a turret or automobile weapon and shoot at a goal.

Lvl 4
New Class
Select a secondary class to coach in.

Lvl 5
Area Medic
Restore 10 level and 10 Armor to all physique elements of the chosen goal. Disabled physique elements are restored.

Lvl 6
Distant Deployment
Turrets may be thrown and deployed for 1 Motion Level.

Lvl 7
Electrical Reinforcement
All allies acquire 20 short-term Armor for 1 flip.

Random Abilities

Random Abilities in Phoenix Level are skills which might be shared amongst all items. Every unit have 3 Random Abilities assigned from the pool. These abilities are randomly assigned to any degree from 1 to 7 and items will nonetheless have to spend Talent Factors to unlock them.

Achieve Mounted Weapon proficiency with +20% vary and injury.

Achieve Heavy Weapon proficiency with +30% bonus injury and -10 Notion.

25% Bonus stealth and -2 Pace.

Grenade Proficiency
Proficiency whit Grenades at +10% vary

Self Protection Specialist
Achieve PDW and Handgun proficiency with +20 injury dealt and +10 listening to vary.

Achieve Sniper Rifle proficiency with +25% injury and -4 Willpower.

Achieve Assault Rifle proficiency with +20% Harm and accuracy.

Further +2 to Willpower

All assaults that injury a goal additionally inflict 1 viral injury (per bullet)

20% bonus accuracy and -10 injury dealt.

Further +2 to Willpower and 10 Notion vary

30% bonus injury dealt and -20% accuracy.

+25% bonus carry weight and +2 Strengh.

+50% bonus Grenade rang and +2 Pace.

Shut Quarters Specialist
Achieve Shotgunand Melee Weapon proficiency with +20% injury.

+50% bonus therapeutic and +2 willpower.

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