Prismatic Trials with the Engineer

Are you able to get Busted speeds with RANDOM, RANKED SEEDS? Learn this scorching rubbish, and beat your pals!

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Fundamentals: The Engineer

For starters, you’ll must unlock the engineer. Not tremendous arduous, you should full 30 ranges total. This may be performed on drizzle, however it’s in all probability higher to do it on rainstorm simply to get follow with the issue kind, as all prismatic trials to date have been on rainstorm, and should presumably be on monsoon afterward.

Nothing else must be unlocked, nonetheless. All gadgets throughout the merchandise pool are spawned without having to unlock them first, so a normal familiarity with gadgets is all you’ll want previous this level.

The Gadgets: What you want

Now, to date, all prismatic trials contain 2 steps: Destroying 3 Time Crystals after which activating the teleporter. In contrast to the bottom recreation, killing the boss earlier than the teleporter expenses will robotically end the teleporter cost. This implies you need gadgets that increase your DAMAGE, or hold you alive lengthy sufficient that each one you should do is FOCUS on injury.

Wait, you simply mentioned you want gadgets that deal injury. Properly, that is BY FAR one the BEST therapeutic gadgets within the recreation, particularly for the engineer. See, your turrets (Activated on R) act as copies of your gadgets with a medium velocity gun turret. Which means that as they can’t transfer, they’ll ALWAYS type a therapeutic subject round themselves, and might function therapeutic stations for your self, as WELL AS permitting them to heal EACHOTHER. This implies they’ll ALWAYS BE UP, and ALWAYS DEALING DAMAGE. This does imply, nonetheless, that your turrets ought to ALWAYS be positioned as near the boss as attainable, because the boss spawn will all the time be in the identical static place.

These items SHREAD bosses, even within the base recreation. It’s a free additional % of injury going to the one place the place your injury must go, proper to the boss. It additionally impacts your turrets as properly, however your turrets get simply distracted by fliers and minions, so don’t all the time anticipate them to be doing a lot except they’re RIGHT on high of the boss.

Not practically nearly as good as different gadgets, however the bleed likelihood in your turret hits will permit so that you can sustain extra consistant injury in your targets as a lot as attainable. If the trial is lengthy sufficient to permit you to get 7 in a single run, each hit will apply a full stack of bleed, that means your primary assault will begin dealing SIGNIFICANTLY extra injury over time, particularly when charging a volley. Having greater than 7 doesn’t make the impact more practical on most characters, together with the engineer.

Depends upon the map, however if you happen to’re on a bigger map, this could make all of the distinction as to if it’s price getting sure additional gadgets to your construct. Identical factor applies to Paul’s Goat Hoof, however the dash bonus is extra helpful total because you’re not going to have many occasions if you’re sitting down and combating, particularly contemplating how a lot cash time crystals grant you.

Gasoline Cell
Dangerous however probably run-making merchandise proper right here. You probably have a dangerous energetic merchandise, or an energetic with a low cooldown, this could completely SHRED sure bosses. Nonetheless, it’s certainly not crucial, and getting each the cell and the energetic are each time-investments in every run.

Purple Whip
OH YEAH WHENEVER YOU CAN. Contemplating that you just’re going to be out of fight as a lot as attainable, this lets you get in any other case dangerous gadgets based mostly on the time funding price it. Not efficient through the boss fights, however in any other case a runmaking merchandise, particularly if the teleporter is much off. Keep in mind, the Engineer is SLOW. Something that may be a SIGNIFICANT motion velocity bonus is all the time a plus.

Wax Quail
See above. Makes extra vertical maps MUCH simpler to traverse, and is often quicker than double leaping if out there. If it’s on the best way, seize it if you happen to can.

Actually, most all of this stuff improve injury, or permit you to heal far more successfully. Take these if in any respect attainable, however take into account that some (Dio’s Greatest Good friend, 57 Leaf Clover, Brainstalks) are considerably higher for the long term, not your velocity run.

Viable Actives
Your decisions right here, so as from finest to worst are: Preon Accumulator, Occular HUD, The Backup, Disposable Missile Launcher, and Glowing Meteorite. These will both shread your boss, or persistently permit you to deal far more injury to the boss and close by minions. Specifically, Preon Accumulator can oftentimes simply one-hit the boss on earlier waves.

The Abillities: What to make use of and when

M1: Grenade Launcher. Good injury, particularly when held down. I actually haven’t performed the maths and recorded the info, however most of the time maintain up and cost all of your pictures simply to ensure you can hit the boss or any bigger enemies in your manner. Additionally good for taking out the previous couple of hits of a Time Crystal’s Well being, however do NOT use it for the entire thing if you happen to will help it. It’s simply too gradual more often than not.

M2: Landmines. You’ll be able to at base maintain 10 mines, and on the primary map it takes 5 mines to interrupt one Time Crystal if you happen to toss the mine RIGHT onto the crystal. You can even typically get away with 4 miens and a single M1, if you happen to’re fortunate. Not solely must you use these on crystals for quicker clearing, however use these on the boss’s preliminary spawn level to begin him off as little as attainable.

Shift: Forcefield Bubble. Your first temption if you begin the boss struggle is to drop the defend, however maintain off on it till you KNOW the boss is concentrating on you. This may permit you to block the Titan’s Laser beam, the queen’s acid volleys, the Clay pot’s bomb volley, Imp Overlord’s needles, and many others. and many others. Attempt to use it solely in response to precise threats, due to how lengthy the cooldown on it’s. Additionally, do not forget that your defend is LOBBED the place you purpose! Tossing your defend off into the space can value you the run if you happen to’re not pondering.

R: Turrets. The BREAD and BUTTER. These are your farmers, tanks, and therapeutic dispensers multi functional, dependent in your construct. Attempt to hold them alive if attainable, however don’t be afraid to spawn one nearer to the boss as a sacrificial lamb if the boss’s injury is getting too aggressive. Drop them by the perimeters of your forcefields if you happen to can. Use typically and use agressively.

Different Particulars

On each prismatic trial, run it with a extra cellular character like huntress, MUL-T first simply to determine the place sure spawns are because the Engineer’s gadgets in Prismatic Trials are very VERY area of interest to do properly.

That being mentioned, check runs ought to be low and gradual to as finest as attainable map out merchandise spawns, in addition to attainable timed chests/altars/achievements.

You’ll be able to TOTALLY use prismatic trials to cheese out achievements, since you already know the boss forward of time and might retry with the identical gadgets if you happen to want.

Lunar gadgets are dangerous to make use of on Prismatic trial, as typically occasions the profit is barely good within the long-term or the price will likely be manner too excessive. Then once more, Formed Glass could be a full run saver, simply just remember to’ve acquired a great inventory of Lunar Cash.

Don’t be afraid to get a number of gadgets greater than you assume you’ll want till you’re confortable beating the boss with out them. Whittle down your builds with every go till you discover gadgets you assume you may stay with out, and hold going with totally different mixtures to see which nets you a greater time.

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