Receiver 2 Defeating the Stalker Entity (Killdrone)

The Stalker Entity is a particular Killdrone that was minimize from the unique launch of Receiver 2 and has been revived within the shock 2.0.10 replace for Halloween in 2020. This light-weight information will present some further intel on this murderous metallic menace.

What’s the Stalker Entity?

The Stalker Entity is a novel Killdrone that assaults and kills Receivers at shut vary. Its chassis resembles the physique of a wasp. It stands and balances on the very pointed tip of its stomach and 4 pointed legs linked to its thorax through highly effective actuators that may fatally jab the legs by a human physique. Its cylindrical, slim head has a flat, overhanging rectangular part on the very prime and has a number of glowing, irregularly-sized eyes scattered throughout its face in an uneven sample. Receivers who are suffering from trypophobia and enetophobia should observe resilience and braveness to be able to have a combating probability to defeat this murderous metallic menace.

How does it assault?

In contrast to Shock Drones which fly and chase Receivers in plain sight, the Stalker Entity pursues Receivers in a furtive method. In comparison with turrets, drones, and cameras, the Stalker Entity manifests extra slowly, flickering into existence because it follows its goal from a distance. Whereas it isn’t totally shaped, it’s unable to assault however it’s untouchable and impervious to counter assaults. When the Stalker Entity is shut to totally manifesting, it should ensnare its goal with an unknown power and put together to strike its goal, then shut in at blinding pace earlier than delivering 4 deadly stabs with its pointed legs.

How can I defeat it?

When you’re being focused and pursued by the Stalker Entity, chances are you’ll discover that lights within the post-Mindkill atmosphere will start to flicker and dim barely because it begins to manifest and chances are you’ll hear a short cacophony from its metallic elements because it positions itself at a protected distance.

At this level, discover a peaceable, wide-open house with few hiding locations or obstructions. This lets you scan your environment and positively determine the Stalker Entity extra simply and shortly. While you see the Stalker Entity, it is going to be going through immediately at you. In case you shine a flashlight on the Stalker Entity, the beam of sunshine from the flashlight will flicker.

If its eyes are yellow, it’s nonetheless partially manifested, making it impervious to gunfire or hacking however unable to hurt you. In case you try tp shoot on the Stalker Entity at this stage, it should briefly retreat, providing you with time to maneuver to a safer location or clear an space of different Killdrones earlier than coping with the Stalker Entity.

Each three seconds or so, the Stalker Entity will flicker out of existence and reappear in a unique close by location because it continues to manifest. Re-acquire the goal and face the Stalker Entity immediately. In case you now not hear the Stalker Entity transferring after roughly ten seconds, chances are you’ll must shift your place to bait it out.

When the Stalker Entity is shut to totally manifesting, it should pose for an assault whereas its eyes change from yellow to crimson. At this level, don’t look away; it should teleport immediately in entrance of you. When it’s inside hanging distance, you’ll solely have a split-second alternative to shoot it or hack it earlier than it skewers you to demise, and additionally, you will not have the ability to flee or dodge its assault by leaping or crouching.

Regardless of its tall, menacing dimension and look, the Stalker Entity is definitely very fragile, maybe unstable. A single shot wherever to the chassis will cut back the Stalker Entity to shrapnel in a spectacular electric-blue blast. Hacking the Stalker Entity will interrupt its assault sequence and efficiently finishing the hack will shut it down utterly, rewarding you with a formidable robotic trophy.

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