Record of Agarest War Mariage

That is the Information for the True Ending, quick and easy. The sport has a traditional and a True Ending. Not like different Agarest Video games, selections wont alter affection or Story.

Gen 1.
1. Go to all 3 of Yiris’ shrines.
2. As soon as Lifre joins your celebration, attempt to go to the Den as typically as you progress the story. (After each occasion)
3. The final scene in Lifre’s home is when Rain comforts Pelche.

Increase affection of all characters to Most(Achieve this by both objects dropped by Monsters or utilizing hyperlink assaults) My Advise, use Hyperlink assaults as a lot as potential if you play the sport.

When selecting your bride, you get to make honeymoon collectively, you might be offered a number of selections. Additionally, you will be capable to straight inherit expertise from Mom and Father in addition to selecting the gender of your child.

As for the three blocked paths resulting in the trasure chests: Ingore them, you’ll acess them within the 2nd era.

Progress the Story as regular till you might be executed with the Fools Tower, after which the sixth shrine will seem.

Be aware: This should be executed earlier than selecting your bride.

1. Go to the Den (Lifre’s home) and the celebration will discover there’s no one inside.
2. Go to extra of Yiris’ shrines in addition to the earlier 3 you visited in 1st gen.
3. When you go to all 6 shrines, the seventh shrine will seem on this planet map. Go there.
4. Go to Star level.
5. You’ll see a flashback
6. Go to the Verde Cave and go to space 2 to the purpose proper earlier than the Chest close to the western entrance. This may open the third space.
7. Comply with the trail. You’ll discover Lifre there in addition to a boss struggle.
8. You’ll get the seventh Orb.
9. In an effort to acquire the Mirage Mirror to succeed in the Fell Sanctum that you must max out least one of many Maidens, for the True ending that you must max out everybody together with Larc/Ciela
10. If you find yourself executed, return to Phekda. Choose your bride on the Inn. If the 4th possibility disappears, you’ll be assured to get the true ending.
11. Go to the Hero’s path,the purpose east of the Fell Sanctum to set off a Cutscene and obtain 2 Blessed Wind’s.
12. If you happen to’re following the true ending, you’ll get yet one more boss struggle after defeating the ultimate boss

Titanias Sidequest can also be required for the true ending.

-After you attain 1st era continent, go to the very first city for a scene and take the brand new quest 21 within the Guild
-Go to Star level
-Go to the Guild to finish the hunt
-Within the 2nd space of the Gelucire Woodland, go to a sure spot close to Panacea to set off the scene
-in Benetnasch, you will get a scene with Titania on the INN.

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