Red Dead Redemption 2 – A Rage Unleashed Walkthrough

A Rage Unleashed

A Rage Unleashed is among the principal missions obtainable in Purple Useless Redemption 2. Eagle Flies and his gang determine to rob a army ship that carries horses stolen from the reservation.

Ensure that to convey Weapons to silently kill on this mission.

How one can get a gold medal in A Rage Unleashed?

  • Knock out 2 troopers on the boat – A easy activity – the enemies shall be turned with their backs towards you.
  • Spherical up the horses and attain shore inside 1 minute and 30 seconds – As soon as within the water, it’s a must to shortly mount one of many horses and lead the remainder to shore.

To begin this RDR2 mission, discuss to Reverend Swanson at camp. He says these are difficult occasions for everybody. As he’s opening as much as Arthur, Dutch interrupts him.

Dutch tells Arthur they’re going to go north to New York. In the midst of this dialog, Arthur is once more interrupted, this time by Charles and Eagle Flies.

Eagle Flies says a colonel has taken their horses, and with out them, they may starve. Charles informed them there’s no manner they’re risking their lives over horses, however Dutch agrees to assist.

Charles and Arthur go away with the crew to verify “issues don’t get out of hand.” Dutch mentioned he must create “noise” to assist with their plan. A battle between the military and the “indians.”

Finally, you’ll make it to some water, and meet up with one in every of Eagle Flies’ mates. You wait til dusk, then go away in a canoe on the water.

Observe Eagle Flies’ boat, then paddle alongside the bigger boat so you possibly can all slip aboard.

They are saying to not kill anybody.

Gold Medal Guidelines:

  • You should knock out 2 troopers on the boat – these two are your best.

So equip your fists, sneak up behind the primary guard, and press circle/b to carry out a stealth knockout.

Now go up the steps, and stealth knockout the man on the proper.

Now return the way in which you got here on the left facet of the boat, then stealthily knock out one of many males taking part in poker on the entrance of the boat. Your mates will care for the remainder of them… with bullets.

Now it’s a must to pull up an anchor, however because you don’t know tips on how to work an anchor, blow it up with dynamite as an alternative.

As quickly as you do, Dutch looses management, and drives the boat into some rocks. The boat takes on water, however everybody is ready to launch the horses earlier than it’s too late.

Gold Medal Guidelines:

  • Spherical up the horses and attain shore inside 1 minute 30 seconds

Now, swim towards the horses and cause them to shore. Sadly the blokes you’re with tonight are jerks, and whereas all of them work collectively to spherical up 4 horses to shore, they go away you by yourself with three.

Mount one, and the opposite two ought to comply with you. Head to the yellow mark in your map, a bit south west of you on the shore.

Dutch will get a bit rambunctious once you get to shore and rides off, desirous to see the military’s fort.

Charles tries to persuade Eagle Flies that this isn’t the way in which, and when he rides off, asks Arthur to talk with Rains Fall. Accepting the mission lets you do the primary mission Archeology For Inexperienced persons.

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