Red Dead Redemption 2 – Destroy The Artillery Walkthrough

Destroy The Artillery

  • As soon as the cutscene has ended, comply with the gang as much as the tower.
  • Sneak as much as the 2 guards and eradicate them.
  • Plant the explosives with Micah and also you’ll make your means again to the gang.
  • Make your means via the compound, eliminating enemies as you go by.
  • Go up the tower and discover the 2nd set of artillery weapons.
  • Cowl Micah whereas he rigs the artillery with explosives.
  • Eradicate all of Fussar’s males till Micah is finished with the explosives.
  • As soon as executed with the cannons, head all the way down to the cabins.
  • Shoot down Fussar’s males guarding the cabin with the ship captain in it.

Get Rid Of Enemies On Roofs First

When making your means via the compound, eradicate enemies on the roof first. Having the next vantage level, their pictures will join extra and so they can spot you simply.

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