Red Dead Redemption 2 – Fatherhood and Motherhood Walkthrough

Fatherhood, for Idiots

Gold Medal Guidelines:

  • Kill all 3 enemies in Lifeless Eye.
  • After the confrontation, return to Pronghorn Ranch inside 1 minute 30 seconds.

Begin this RDR2 mission by approaching Abigail on the ranch. Whenever you get inside, John will complain about how he isn’t an excellent ranch hand.

Abigail says Jack learn to her about some land close to Blackwater. John has a brief outburst about how he has a value on his head, they usually can’t take loans due to it.

Whereas conversing, Mr. Dickens knocks on the door, and asks John to ship some issues to the put up workplace in Strawberry. John agrees, and takes Jack with him. Abigail asks him to choose some parcels up in her title whereas he’s there.

John tries to show Jack the right way to drive the wagon, and he does a reasonably good job at it. A cinematic performs of them making their approach to Strawberry. Whenever you get to city, park the wagon in entrance of the put up workplace. It’s marked yellow in your map.

Head inside when you park the wagon. You’ll discuss to the clerk, however should ask for parcels by your actual title, and by Abigail’s actual title. A person will suspiciously have a look at you as you achieve this… the clerk isn’t so discreet.

The clerk will make it easier to pack up. Then, get within the wagon with Jack. You’re heading again to the ranch. Jack protests just a little, however finally relents after John tells him to thoughts his father.

After driving a bit, you’ll see a suspicious man in your left. Inform Jack to hurry up. He’ll suppose you’re going too quick, however, you have got your causes. That man might be following you.

After crossing two bridges, you will notice extra males, they usually’ll begin following you. Driving an extended whereas, John will inform Jack that after you get to a fallen tree, to cease the wagon and conceal. He does as you say.

Now, confront the lads who’re following you.

Gold Medal Requirement:

  • It doesn’t matter what you do, they’ll finally assault. Kill all 3 enemies in Lifeless Eye by instantly coming into the mode once you assault.

After caring for the lads, return to Jack and get on the wagon.

Gold Medal Requirement:

  • Jack will complain, however you come to Pronghorn Ranch inside 1 minute 30 seconds to get a Gold Medal.

John will calm Jack down – or attempt to, anyway, by speaking to him concerning the ranch by Blackwater.

Whenever you arrive, Abigail will, as soon as once more, be upset. She’ll additionally let you know what she ordered wasn’t a gown in any case. It’s a present for John.


Gold Medal Guidelines:

  • Full inside 1 minute 30 seconds.

This mission begins instantly after finishing Fatherhood, for Idiots.

A while will move, and a telegram will arrive for you. It’s from Sadie Adler. She desires you to fulfill her on the saloon in Valentine, and says the pay is nice.

After studying the letter, head again to your home to talk with Abigail. Nevertheless, she isn’t there. There’s one other letter, although. From Abigail. She’s gone.

John opens the present she bought for him after studying the letter. Mr. Dickens is available in after too lengthy, and says there’s work to be executed.

Do as he says. Return to work! There are three yellow marks in your map. Go to whichever. After beginning one activity, a cutscene will play of John doing his work over a time period.

He construct fences, milks cows, shovels manure, and brushes horses. Ultimately, just a few months have handed.

Tom Dickens compliments John on changing into a effective employee. Now go to Mr. Geddes’ home. You’re out to ask for recommendation.

Duncan opens the door and will get Mr. Geddes for you. John asks him to place in an excellent phrase on the financial institution for him so he can get a mortgage, to get the place in Beecher’s Hope. He agrees, and tells john to talk to Ansel Atherton, and he’ll get what he wants.

Earlier than you go get that mortgage, we’re going to fulfill up with Sadie Adler in Valentine to start out Gainful Employment.

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