Red Dead Redemption 2 – Fishing Tips, Baits and Lures

Fishing is without doubt one of the aspect actions obtainable in Purple Lifeless Redemption 2. Arthur receives his fishing rod in chapter 2, throughout A Fisher of Males mission. Fishing isn’t featured in most of the missions. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to take part on this exercise to get some cash, collect meals for the camp, catch legendary fish or to take a break from robbing and killing. Fishing is each time-consuming and difficult.

The place can I get bait and lures?

Go to a retailer earlier than you go fishing. You may go to the Bait Store positioned in Lagras. Right here, you could find all of the baits obtainable in Purple Lifeless Redemption 2. You can too go to any Normal Retailer and purchase worms or slices of cheese.

Fishing Ideas

Clear the realm – some fishing spots are harmful. Kill all enemies within the space earlier than you begin fishing. Alligators are the primary supply of risk – these animals can interrupt your fishing at any time.

Don’t get your self drained – fishing might be tiring and time-consuming. It additionally makes your palms drained. Your efficiency can begin dropping if you fish for a number of hours straight. Attempt to take breaks by specializing in different actions obtainable within the sport.

Take note of climate – don’t go fishing when there may be storm, sturdy wind or when it rains. Wind makes fishing extra problematic. Additionally, fish could have higher probabilities of escaping from you.

Have a look at the water – solid your bait solely in locations the place you’ll be able to see fish. Casting a bait in locations with out fish implies that you’ll have to wait some time for them to react.

Don’t take note of the time of the day – in Purple Lifeless Redemption 2 it doesn’t matter what time is it, not less than in terms of fishing. You may fish within the morning or in the course of the night time.

Launch the fish free in the event you aren’t fishing for cash or sources – this will provide you with further honor factors.

In case you catch a giant fish – both prepare dinner it instantly or take to the camp. Your horse can carry just one massive fish. There isn’t a level in catching a number of bigger specimens after which pile them up.

Swim in a ship after which solid your bait – this reduces the chance of getting interrupted. You additionally get an opportunity to catch extra fascinating species.

Don’t reel when a fish is yanking the road – in the event you do this, fish will rip the road and swim away.

Maintain the left set off as usually as you’ll be able to – because of that it will likely be simpler so that you can take out a fish. Holding this button will help you appeal to a fish.

Fishing Controls

L1 – Select bait and lure

L2 – Put together to solid the bait / Brace the reel

R2 – Forged the bait / Begin reeling

Triangle – Connect one other bait after catching fish

Circle – Minimize the road off – this lets you solid your bait once more / Forged the bait once more

L – Transfer the rod to steer a fish

R – Reeling

Sorts of baits and lures


Bread – smaller fish – pickerel, bass.

Corn – smaller fish, i.e. bullhead catfish

Cheese – medium fish, i.e. bass

Crickets – medium fish, i.e. trout.


River lure – small and medium fish present in rivers.

Lake lure – medium and huge fish present in lakes.

Swamp lure – giant fish dwelling in swamps.

Particular River lure – giant and legendary fish present in rivers.

Particular Lake lure – giant and legendary fish present in lakes.

Particular Swamp lure – giant and legendary fish dwelling in swamps.

Keep in mind, it’s worthwhile to use each a bobber and a lure.

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