Red Dead Redemption 2 – Go to Blackwater With Abigail Walkthrough

Go to Blackwater With Abigail Walkthrough

  1. Go inside your own home in Beecher’s Hope and converse with Abigail to begin this mission.
  2. Whenever you regain management, head in the direction of your wagon, get on it and drive in the direction of Blackwater.
  3. When you’re on the town, head to the picture studio to provoke a cutscene.
  4. After the cutscene, go contained in the studio to witness one other cutscene.
  5. Whenever you regain management, select between 4 backdrops to your picture.
  6. After selecting a backdrop, that you must select between a number of poses to your picture.
  7. When you’re accomplished with the picture, head to the Imperial Theatre.
  8. Go contained in the constructing and converse to the ticket clerk to buy 2 tickets.
  9. Step into the cinema to look at the transferring photos with Abigail.
  10. After the film is finished, you’ll stroll to the lake & get on a ship with Abigail.
  11. Row the boat additional into the lake to begin the cutscene & end the mission.

5. Select Between Completely different Backdrops

You may select whichever backdrop you need to have for John & Abigail’s picture. This alternative received’t change or have an effect on the story.

6. Select The Pose For Your Photograph

You’ll additionally must resolve what pose John & Abigail will do for his or her picture. Select whichever you want because it received’t have any impact on the story or gameplay.

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