Red Dead Redemption 2 – Look For John Marston Walkthrough

Look For John Marston

  1. Management the new air balloon by ascending to the skies.
  2. Get the balloon above the clouds to catch a wind.
  3. Transfer in direction of Sisika Island.
  4. Descend the balloon to get a greater look of the realm.
  5. Use your binoculars to search for John on the island.
  6. As soon as the guards discover, carry the balloon again as much as a excessive altitude to flee the island.

1~3. Maintain An Eye On Your Altitude

To have the ability to get the very best motion out of the new air balloon, keep watch over the meter on the underside proper of the display screen. Maintain the meter crammed within the right altitude to catch the very best wind!

5. Discover John In The Subject Close to The Barn

You’ll find John via your binoculars within the area to your proper close to the barn.

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