Red Dead Redemption 2 – Steal And Loot A Stagecoach Walkthrough

Steal And Loot A Stagecoach

  • Observe Micah out of his camp.
  • Journey with Micah to a hill overlooking a path.
  • Assault the guards and steal the Stagecoach.
  • Transfer in direction of the river after stealing the Stagecoach.
  • Defend the Stagecoach from robbers concentrating on you.
  • Shoot the padlock off the lockbox to loot the Stagecoach.

Don’t Let The Stagecoach Fall Off The Cliff

There will probably be a sequence whereby the Stagecoach will fall off a cliff if you happen to take too lengthy robbing it. The Stagecoach falling of the cliff will fail the mission, so get to it as quick as you possibly can!

Make the most of Cowl When Defending The Stagecoach

There will probably be a variety of enemies after they attempt to steal your Stagecoach. Use the massive rocks within the river to protect your self from their gunfire. Don’t overlook to maneuver round usually to keep away from getting pinned down!

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