Red Dead Redemption 2 – Steal The Ledger From Bronte’s Desk Walkthrough

Steal The Ledger From Bronte’s Desk

  • Observe the servant away from the get together with out getting seen.
  • Cover from the servant when he stops strolling to converse.
  • Tail the servant as much as the second ground of Bronte’s home.
  • Anticipate the servant to unlock the primary room on the correct, and depart the ledger on the desk.
  • Examine the ledger from the desk as soon as the servant is out of sight.
  • Return to Dutch by the courtyard.
  • Depart the get together.

Use Cowl To Keep Hidden From The Servant

Consistently maintain your self behind cowl whereas tailing the servant. It will reduce your possibilities of being seen by the servant when he stops to converse with different folks.

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