Red Dead Redemption 2 – Teach Jack how to fish by the lake Walkthrough

Educate Jack the best way to fish by the lake

  • Mount your Horse, and watch for Jack to carry him up onto the Horse.
  • Journey to the lake close by camp.
  • Unmount your Horse on the spot marked in your minimap.
  • Educate Jack the best way to fish by the lake.
  • Let Jack choose some flowers whilst you fish by yourself.

Bear in mind to equip bait

Bait will assist entice fish to your rod while you fish. Be certain that to all the time equip some bait earlier than casting your line!

Lead the fish when it fights & reel it in when it’s drained

Be certain that to do the appropriate controls when you’ve a fish on the road. Reeling it in whereas it’s preventing, may cause the road to interrupt. So make sure that to guide it when it’s preventing, and solely reel it in when it’s resting.

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