Remnant From the Ashes Voice of the Tempest Location

Notice – since Remnant maps are procedurally generated, some gamers gained’t discover the merchandise on the set location, although the identical precept of tips on how to get the merchandise applies and also you’ll simply have to scout a bit extra. The key objects will spawn inside a set “zone”.

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Additionally price mentioning is that some secrets and techniques don’t spawn for everybody as every world is totally different. A simple trick to getting secret objects quick is to affix a co-op session of somebody who has a sure secret that you just want and you will get it that manner.

Remnant From the Ashes Voice of the Tempest

Voice of The Tempest

A pointy crystalline spear imbued with Lightning that’s good for staying at a distance, has glorious vary, and nice restoration. Meant extra for one on one fights, it makes up for its lack of crowd management with its pace.
Harm Worth 31
Melee Weapon Sort Sword/Hammer/Spear

The best way of getting Voice of the Tempest is much like Eye of the Storm. Head over to the Totem Father boss space and work together with the totem on the left aspect. Shoot it till it turns to the crimson aspect. Doing so, and killing Totem Father will grant you Tempest Heartstring. With this materials you possibly can then craft Voice of the Tempest within the Ward 13 space.

Voice of The Tempest could be crafted with:
Tempest Heartstring 1x
Lumenite Crystal 7x

This melee weapon has a bonus impact referred to as: (Lightning Shock)
Has a 55% to use the OVERLOADED impact which lasts for 20 seconds. Cost assaults have a 100% probability to use the OVERLOADED impact.

Different Secret Objects Areas

Remnant From the Ashes
Remnant From the Ashes

Magnum Revolver (secret handgun) Location
To get the highly effective Magnum Revolver you’ll have to discover a Unusual Coin and produce it to Ace (in Ward 13), you’ll even be rewarded with 300 Scrap.

The Unusual Coin could be discovered close to the tip of the primary dungeon dropped subsequent to a corpse. Alternate coin location – dungeon between Westside and Artery.

Pocket Watch (secret amulet) Location
The Pocket Watch is presently the rarest merchandise within the sport as it’s extremely highly effective as a result of Stamina regeneration and Stamina value discount. To get the Pocket Watch it’s important to discover the NPC Mud Tooth within the crashed helicopter, speak to him till you exhaust his dialogue choices.

The NPC Mud Tooth all the time spawns in a crashed helicopter, which is reported to spawn within the zone instantly after you’ve accomplished the primary dungeon. In case you didn’t get the helicopter spawn, you possibly can re-roll the world and check out once more.

Twisted Idol (secret amulet) Location
To obtain the Twisted Idol you’ll need to kill the Wailing Tree. Doing so is straightforward as a pistol is sufficient. However watch out, when the tree will get broken it can spawn enemies. The Wailing Tree will begin speaking in an alien language when you get close to it. Should you put on the Twisted Masks to speak to the Tree it can award you with the Bark Pores and skin Trait (see beneath). Notice that after you’ve killed the tree there will likely be no manner of getting Bark Pores and skin, so get it beforehand.

Wailing Tree is positioned within the Wailing Wooden zone (you should use the checkpoint to journey there).

Bark Pores and skin Trait Location
To get the Bark Pores and skin Trait you’ll want to talk to the Wailing Tree. To take action, you’ll need to put on the Twisted Masks, after speaking to it you’ll get the Bark Pores and skin perk.

The Wailing tree could be discovered within the Wailing Wooden zone.

Twisted Masks (secret helmet) Location
Twisted Masks is a secret quest reward that you just get for beating the Mad Service provider. To start out a struggle versus the Mad Service provider you’ll need to rigorously choose dialogue choices: “Are you okay”, “Are you a scavenger”, “What’s with the masks”, “That masks is doing one thing to you”, “Let me see the masks now”.

The Mad Service provider could be positioned within the Junk City on Earth.

Sniper Rifle Location
Getting the Sniper Rifle may be very fast and easy. All it’s important to do is go contained in the Church. As soon as there, find the basement. Within the basement you’ll discover wood pellets and behind them a purple glow. Break the wood pellets and also you’ll discover the Sniper Rifle there.

The Sniper Rifle could be looted within the basement of the Church within the Church zone.

Drifter’s Armor Location
The Drifter’s Armor set could be present in a hidden room contained in the Founder’s Hideout. Discover the room that has a monster corpse chained to the wall. You’ll discover a cupboard to the correct, break it and it’ll open a passage to a hidden ground. The Drifter’s gear could be discovered on that hidden ground.

Drifter’s Armor is discovered within the Founder’s Hideout zone.

Submachine Gun (SMG) Location
To seek out the Submachine gun you’ll have to do a few issues. Head to Ward 13 B2 space and discover the locked doorways that require a Ward 13 Keycard to open. As soon as these are opened, head down the hallway to a room on the left and loot the Fuse. Return to the place you got here from and go all the way down to B3 space. Place the Fuse into the facility change on the wall to activate electrical energy which can mean you can open doorways to a different space.

When you swipe the keycard to open the doorways, flip the facility again off, head by way of the large Vent and discover the hidden room to the correct aspect. Inside you’ll get the Ward 13 Grasp Key. Head again to the B2 space which you unlocked beforehand (the place you discovered the Fuse) and comply with the rooms/hallway with the crimson lights. You’ll find yourself on the Ward 13 Grasp room which has the key SMG.

The key SMG could be discovered within the Ward 13 Grasp room.

Elder Data (trait) Location
To get the Elder Data secret trait go to Ward 13 B2 space and open the locked doorways with the Ward 13 Keycard. The trait could be discovered on the work desk within the 2nd room to the left.

The Elder Data perk is positioned within the Ward 13 B2 reactor space.

Ezlan’s Band (ring) Location
To seek out the Ezlan’s Band you’ll have to scavenge the Monolith Space in Rhom. One of many homes accommodates a corpse with the Ezlan’s Band subsequent to it.

Ezlan’s Band could be present in Rhom → Monolith space close to a corpse.

Ring of Evasion Location
Ring of Evasion could be discovered on Earth close to the tip of the zone (flats) or Subway.

Void Armor Location
The Void Armor is present in a secret space close to the Monolith checkpoint. You’ll have to resolve a riddle in an effort to open the hidden passage which leads you to a room with a shrine that permits you to craft the armor.

Watch the video beneath for an instance on tips on how to clear up the Void Armor set puzzle (for some the answer is totally different).

Osseous Armor Location
To get the Osseous Armor you’ll want to go over to the Wasteland Service provider space and discover the NPC with the “Eye” material on his face. Speak to the NPC and select this set of dialogue choices to have the ability to buy the Osseous Armor items: “I’d love to do enterprise with you”, “What sort of secrets and techniques are you aware”, “Inform me a secret”. Pay him for secrets and techniques till he means that you can choose to do enterprise with him after which click on “Let me see your wares”. It will mean you can purchase the Osseous Armor objects.

The Osseous Armor is positioned in Rhom → Wasteland Service provider space.

Spitfire Gun Location
To get the Spitfire Dragon flame gun it’s important to defeat Singe with out destroying his tail. It will reward you with the Blazing Coronary heart, a useful resource that’s required for the crafting of the Spitfire gun. Afterwards, head again to Ward 13 and craft the Spitfire gun.

Smolder Sword Location
To craft the Smolder Sword you’ll additionally have to defeat Singe, however this time by destroying his tail first. This provides you with the Dragon Hyperlinks useful resource which is required to craft the Smolder Sword. Return to Ward 13 and craft the Smolder Sword there.

Wastelander Flail Location
To get the Wastelander Flail you’ll want to finish a dungeon (some say in Rhom). As soon as you end up within the dungeon, it can apply a curse to you which of them consistently drains your life. To get life again, you’ll have to kill enemies within the dungeon. Upon completion of the dungeon the curse will likely be eliminated and also you’ll enter a room which accommodates the Wastelander Flail, together with a checkpoint to teleport out.

The Wastelander Flail could be present in a dungeon in Rhom.

Bandit Armor Set Location
Should you’ve acquired a Pocket Watch you possibly can speak to a Bandit boss Brabus in an Earth dungeon. You gained’t need to struggle him as he’s the son of the NPC Mudtooth that palms you the Pocket Watch. Should you give the Bandit the Pocket Watch he’ll reward you with the Bandit Armor set.

The Bandit Armor set is positioned in a bandit dungeon on Earth.

Akari Armor Location
By doing numerous dungeons in Rhom you’ll obtain a glowing rod. When you discover a dungeon that accommodates a vault that has chambers. Every chamber could be unlocked with a Glowing Key and it’ll reward you with one piece of the Akari armour.

To seek out the Akari Armor you’ll want to finish Rhom dungeons and get the Glowing Key.

Scavenger Trait Location
You will discover a “Tarnished Ring” inside an Earth dungeon, in the event you return to Reggie (merchandise vendor) in Ward 13 and ask him about his story, he’ll point out shedding a hoop. This offers you a prompts to present him the tarnished ring, and he provides you with a number of hundred scrap and the Scavenger trait.

To get the Scavenger trait you’ll have to do Earth dungeons.

Root Circlet Location
To get the Root Circlet ring you’ll need to do a dungeon on Earth. Discover the NPC within the sewers and speak to him, as a reward he’ll provide the Root Circlet.

Braided Thorns Location
Getting the Braided Thorns and Root Circlet could be carried out on the similar time. When you’ve gotten the Root Circlet from the pleasant NPC Root Worshipper on Earth in Marrow Cross, go forward and destroy the three hearts in that dungeon. Doing so will make this NPC hostile, killing him will reward you the Braided Thorns ring.

Hunter’s Pistol Location
To get the Hunter’s Pistol you’ll have to do Earth dungeons till you discover a dying human NPC. Speaking to her will grant you the Hunter’s Hideout Key which can be utilized on the finish of the dungeon to unlock doorways which comprise the Hunter Pistol.

Twisted Armor Set Location
To get the Twisted Armor set traverse Earth till you discover a large crate being taken over by root. By ending the “survive the metamorphosis” occasion you’ll be capable to buy the Twisted Set which grants life regeneration.

Elder Armor Set Location
To get the Elder Armor you’ll have to survive an occasion much like the Twisted Armor one. This occasion is positioned in Yaesha.

Radiant Armor Set Location
You’ll have to discover a NPC in Yaesha after killing The Warden. This NPC has a “pay scrap for a secret” dialogue choice. Exhaust the choice and also you’ll be capable to purchase the Radiant Armor items from him.

Petrified Maul Location
Some say getting the Petrified Maul is difficult as a result of it’s important to break Ent’s legs. Ent is a boss on Earth and when you encounter him use a Shotgun to shoot off his legs. Lastly, killing him will grant you the Petrified Maul.

Sporebloom Location
To get the Sporebloom shotgun you’ll have to kill Ent on Earth with out breaking his legs. Doing so will reward you with the Sporebloom. Should you’ve already killed him by breaking the legs, you possibly can be part of one other participant in multiplayer who hasn’t and get it that manner.

Leto’s Amulet Location
Getting the Leto’s Amulet is comparatively easy. While you’re within the first dungeon be looking out for a wall that claims “solely the penitent males could cross”, squat and stroll to the wall. Doing so will mean you can cross and loot the Leto’s Amulet.

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