Resident Evil 2 – Obtain The Electronic Parts Walkthrough

Receive The Digital Components #1

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1. After exiting the Elevator, transfer ahead to seek out Chief Irons’ workplace.
2. Head to the precise facet of the room. The trail will lead you to the Personal Assortment Room.
3. Receive the Reduction and look at it to get the Coronary heart Key.
4. Head again to the Chief’s Workplace, and unlock the door with the Coronary heart brand.
5. Use the steps to go to the third ground and get the Massive Gear from the East Storage Room.
6. Go to the room south of the East Storage Room to get the Digital Half.

3. Reduction

Reduction Location

The Reduction might be discovered on the finish of the Personal Assortment room. Inspecting it should reveal the Coronary heart Key in the back of the Reduction.

5. Massive Gear

Massive Gear Location

The Massive Gear is situated within the East Storage Room. simply above the Chief’s Workplace.

Digital Half Location

The Digital Half is discovered within the room south of the East Storage Room. You’ll need to unlock a door with a coronary heart brand to entry it.

Receive The Digital Components #2

1. Head to the roof through the door subsequent to the steps.
2. Climb down the ladder, and down the steps.
3. Shift the lever on the left facet of the barricaded door from R to L.
4. Head again up the steps, and pull the lever close to the hearth to extinguish the burning Helicopter.
5. Head contained in the door to the left to come across the Tyrant.
6. Make your method again to the Foremost Corridor by following the trail and coming into the Ready Room.
7. Go to the Information Room by unlocking the door with a Coronary heart brand, South of the Operations Room.
8. Take the Instrument, and head for the Library.
9. Use the instrument on the damaged Jack to maneuver the cabinets within the Library.
10. Create a makeshift Bridge to get to the inaccessible door.
11. Progress by means of the door and take the primary door in your proper.
12. Put the Massive Gear on the machine to your proper to decrease the Stairs.
13. Head up the Stairs and get the Small Gear from the machine behind the Bell.
14. Use the Small Gear on the machine by the underside of the Stairs.
15. Take the Massive Gear from the primary machine, and climb again up the Stairs.
16. Put the Massive Gear within the machine the place you discovered the Small Gear to make the Bell ring.
17. The Boxed Digital Half will fall onto the ground for you.

5. Encounter The Tyrant

The Tyrant Will Observe You All through RPD
You won’t be able to kill the Tyrant because it follows you round. Your solely choice is to outrun the Tyrant, and use open areas to get out of the Tyrant’s attain!

8. Take the Instrument

Instrument Location
The instrument will probably be situated on the Information Room, South of the Operations Room on the West Facet of the RPD.

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