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Levelling zones in Shadowlands have gone again to how they was, in that there’s linear development, based mostly off of your stage and story line completion. Revendreth has a stage vary of 58-60 and is the final zone accessible to those that are questing by way of Shadowlands. On this zone you may be launched to the Venthyr Covenant, and an assortment of different Shadowlands associated lore associated to nature and rebirth.

This information’s goal is to offer a run down of vital quest strains and places, in addition to different notable lore and secrets and techniques discovered inside Revendreth. We’ll additionally give as a lot data on the Venthyr as attainable, so to make an knowledgeable choice on whether or not you want to be a part of their Covenant.

Should you’d choose to look over the Shadowlands growth as an entire, please take a look at our Shadowlands overview.

Map of Revendreth

Venthyr Covenant

Revendreth Zone Overview 3

The Venthyr Covenant resides in Revendreth. All through the principle questline of Revendreth you’ll be taught extra about these sin-erasing vampires, who take care of souls who want to atone for his or her sins, by accepting horrific punishments.

Becoming a member of the Venthyr will unlock particular class talents and beauty unlocks. To be taught extra about this Covenant, please take a look at our Venthyr Covenant information.

report this advertGathering Supplies

Mining: Laestrite, Sinvyr

Herbalism: Death Blossom, Widowbloom, Nightshade

Skinning: Unknown

Fishing: Unknown


Revendreth has a fundamental questline which is required to finish the meta zone achievement. Under we’ll summarise the story for every questline, which has been obtained from the in-game quest abstract.


Revendreth holds house to 2 dungeons and one raid. Halls of Atonement (78.3, 49.1), Sanguine Depths (50.9, 29.9), and Fort Nathria (46.2, 41.2)

For extra data on the precise cases, please take a look at the corresponding dungeon and raid guides.

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