REX Guide (Basics and Items)

The traditional multiplayer roguelike, Danger of Rain, returns with an additional dimension and more difficult motion. Play solo, or staff up with as much as three buddies to combat your method via hordes of monsters, unlock new loot, and discover a approach to escape the planet.

Danger of Rain 2 REX Information

REX: It ain’t precisely a dinosaur, but it surely’s type of like a Metallic Gear, simply actually, actually tiny. This information provides you with the fundamentals on REX and let you know what objects are good selections to construct with them. Quickly you’ll be capable to REX the competitors!


NOTE: I haven’t performed REX that a lot but. I solely unlocked them a pair days in the past, which I suppose isn’t far more than anybody else at this level. Don’t take this information because the be-all-end-all of technique for this character; that is simply what works for me and will hopefully give some perception into the character on the whole. Should you construct your personal play model off of this, then arguably I’ve performed my job even higher than simply telling you all this.

Additionally NOTE: plural pronouns and verbs are used for REX all through the information as a result of the lore signifies that REX is each the plant and the robotic. Don’t get on my case for this.

How one can Unlock

A fast information to unlocking REX the brand new June Replace Character Survivor.

Gasoline Array

Step one is to take the Gasoline Array situated behind the drop pod that you simply land within. It’s acquired a highlighted sq. which you can work together with displaying the Gasoline Array. The Gasoline Array takes the place of your gear slot. It additionally causes you to blow up should you take to excessive a injury share or get to low on well being.

WARNING: Don’t use the Sacrificing Shrine you’ll find yourself as minced meat.

Discovering Rex

You’ll be able to discover REX on the higher ranges of the Abyssal Depths (Zone 4).
You’ll have to take the bounce pads to the higher degree after which one can find a robotic coated in overgrowth. In case you have the Gasoline Array you’ll be able to work together with him. It will unlock the achievement and make him a playable Survivor.

The Fundamentals of REX

REX carry a novel standing impact with them referred to as “Weaken,” which reduces enemy’s motion pace, protection and injury for a bit of bit. You’ll be able to unfold this in a few other ways (via your main and your utility abilities), and doing it is a big boon to your staff. Who doesn’t prefer to take much less injury and deal extra in flip? Precisely. This offers REX the texture of a assist character, however REX can carry by themselves because of this and their most distinguished characteristic, the flexibility to heal themselves with a number of of their assaults. This additionally helps to offset the HP price of two of their talents, as nicely.

REX’s main expertise as fighters is in coping with tightly packed enemies attributable to their secondary and supreme abilities each affecting an AoE (the ult is fairly large; your secondary, much less so). If somebody will get a bunch of enemies into a gaggle for you (or, say, the whole lot goes after an Engineer’s turret — much less frequent in RoR2 than the unique, I’ve discovered, however nonetheless a chance), you’ll be able to arrange for some big injury potential. Alternately, you need to use your abilities to set this up for you as a result of they might help transfer enemies round, then spam your secondary for plenty of DPS.

General, REX type a powerful, versatile character that may match into nearly any staff construct, with completely different wants from a whole lot of different characters (thus making them simpler to suit them into groups). The problem to unlock these little guys? Effectively price it.


Main (M1): DIRECTIVE: Inject – “Fires 3 syringes for 3×80% injury. The final syirnge Weakens and heals for 30% of injury dealt.” This really won’t be your bread and butter relying on the way you construct, not in contrast to the Artificer, who usually has to juggle all her abilities early on attributable to working out of fireside blasts. Nevertheless, your main is fairly good, however the refire price is abysmal. I assumed you couldn’t maintain the mouse button to get a refire price at first, it’s that unhealthy.

Be aware that the three syringe pictures fan out barely in a horizontal line, so the second syringe goes proper down the center of your goal, whereas the primary is barely to the left and the second is barely to the suitable. If all you need to do is land the debuff, maintain this in thoughts.

Secondary (M2): Seed Barrage – “Prices 15% of your present well being. Launch a mortar into the sky for 450% injury.” Effectively, “mortar” is deceptive. You goal an space and a factor drops out of the sky and explodes on that. This ignores ceilings and stuff, in any other case it could in all probability be ineffective on stage 4. Importantly, Seed Barrage does a ton of injury, and its low cooldown (a second or much less!) makes it extremely spammable. So it’s type of an precise barrage.

15% of your present HP sounds intimidating, but it surely’s not horrible with some restoration objects — this self-damage procs on-damage results for objects like Medkit and Brittle Crown — and with the results of your therapeutic abilities. REX have a stunning quantity of maintain regardless of hurting themselves always.

Seed Barrage has a ridiculous vary, by the best way, so it’s not a nasty thought to get right into a place and play sniper. Not… not like RoR1 Sniper, your injury ain’t fairly that top, however you understand what I imply.

Utility (Shift): DIRECTIVE: Disperse – “Hearth a sonic increase that pushes and Weakens all enemies hit. Pushes you backwards in case you are airborne.” I don’t use this a complete lot, but it surely’s superb for rising the space between you and enemies or, higher but, pushing all of them collectively so you’ll be able to hit all of them with one large assault.

Final (R, “ult”): Tangling Progress: Prices 25% of your present well being. Fires a flower that roots for 200% injury. Heals for each goal hit. Once more, “root” is type of a deceptive time period — it’s extra of a tether. Enemies can nonetheless transfer round a bit of, however solely within the sphere of affect of the flower. Utilizing the shockwave to push enemies into this should you can is a good suggestion.

Be aware that you’ll proceed to leech from useless enemies within the space of your ult. Unsure why that is, however each little bit helps, as a result of 25% of your present HP is a fairly intimidating price even with a whole lot of therapeutic.

Your ult does a ton of injury over time (it lasts for 8 seconds or so) over a decently-sized space. Because of this early sport Trials of the Mountain are very straightforward, more often than not, since you’ll be able to often simply snare a number of bosses. Should you see one on the primary degree, take it, as a result of it’s mainly free actual property.

With an 11-second cooldown ant an 8-second length, this skill has an incredible uptime. It’s a sensible choice any time there’s a big group of enemies clustered close by, and you’ll often get away with having it down for a second or two. Even so, although, don’t waste it too freely; you must attempt to use it nearly solely when you’ll be able to catch 4+ enemies without delay.

Objects: Preamble

Objects are sorted by rarity, then by precedence. “Precedence” refers largely to how excessive precedence they’re so that you can get vs. the remainder of your staff in multiplayer; buying precedence is often mentioned within the merchandise notes.

REX have some flexibility by way of construct, and some distinctive properties that throw the priorities of some objects out of whack. Identical to how the Engineer’s stationary turrets make the Bustling Fungus a high-value merchandise, REX’s HP-cost abilities proc Medkits and make them much more interesting of a pick-up. Moreover, the low cooldown on their right-click signifies that, in contrast to some characters, they’re noticeably much less grasping for Backup Magazines. Your staff’s Artificer might be blissful about this, anyway, however you may need to take into account grabbing one or two for some builds.

Like anyone else, REX can construct for gear use. It is best to solely do that should you picked up a very good piece of apparatus, just like the Royal Capacitor. Sufficient cooldown discount makes the Lunar gear Spinel Tonic extraordinarily viable by mainly making it so that you don’t should ever fear about coping with the potential debuff.

Objects: Widespread

Excessive Or Zero-Precedence Widespread

Backup Journal: I’ve a sense that is going to be the technique that turns into meta for REX, however I’m not an enormous fan myself. Backup magazines make it simpler to spam your M2 with impunity attributable to its 1s cooldown. One to 2 must be all of your want, however I’d have to check extra. Watch out with this. I extremely suggest stacking medkits should you to this.

Prime Precedence Commons

Medkit: I’ve defined this one already, however you’re mainly assured to get essentially the most out of it, and making your abilities “cheaper” is rarely a nasty factor.

Harder Instances: It is best to take at the least one among these early on should you can. Although it can’t block self-damage (so far as I do know…), it provides you with a bit of extra survivability — and together with your working on low HP usually, you want as a lot as you will get.

Excessive Precedence Commons

Paul’s Goat Hoof: You might be sluggish. Repair that. (Don’t hog ’em, although.)

Power Drink: You might be nonetheless sluggish. Repair that extra.

Soldier’s Syringe: So, that description to your M1 sounds actually good, proper? Effectively, unhealthy information: its refire price is trash. Seize one or two of those to make it extra helpful.

Lens-Maker’s Glasses: I imply, did you see how a lot injury your M2 does? Grabbing a few these is a good suggestion. Anyone else with excessive injury single hits, just like the Artificer, ought to commerce off with you over these for a bit of bit.

Common Precedence Commons

Monster Tooth: Look, don’t purchase these if there are higher choices, however everybody in your get together ought to seize some as you go.

Warbanner: As mentioned, your M1’s refire price sucks eggs. Getting one among these arrange is beneficial in an space the place it’s worthwhile to make a stand, similar to across the teleporter. Nevertheless, anybody can pretty carry this, and also you by no means want multiple. (It additionally doesn’t give bonus regen prefer it did within the first sport, which I nonetheless assume is a load of crap.)

Tri-Tip Dagger: Share these evenly with the remainder of your staff, as a result of mainly everybody makes use of multi-hit assaults in RoR2.

Gasoline: Okay, hear me out, although: AoE injury results are tremendous good together with your ult. You actually solely want one among these, so I’m not placing them at a better precedence bracket, however bump it up early on.

Private Protect Generator: Good merchandise. Provides sturdiness with out including “actual” HP.

Outdated Guillotine: This helps you kill elites extra simply, so you must positively seize it; it’s right here as a result of everybody desires them mainly equally.

Armor-Piercing Rounds: Extra total bonus injury to bosses than the Crowbar, so I put this at a better tier. These are a really robust merchandise that offer you good consistency.

Bundle of Fireworks: In case you have a 3D printer on a degree with these, you’ve your self essentially the most hilarious degree within the sport. In any other case, that is largely only a good sweetener that makes doing regular stuff within the sport have a bit of further reward. Who’s gonna argue with that salvo in the beginning of a teleporter occasion? Not me.

Topaz Brooch: That is extra-nice for REX as a result of they have an inclination to kill giant teams of enemies suddenly. One well-placed ult offers you mainly a second well being bar for a number of seconds. Exhausting to argue with that, isn’t it? (NOTE: You should utilize defend to pay for abilities, at the least with this — however I have a tendency to not discover attributable to fight conditions getting hectic fairly quick on the upper difficulties.)

Low Precedence Commons

Cautious Slug: In my expertise, this isn’t energetic usually sufficient to warrant selecting over different objects within the store if out there.

Bustling Fungus: Really fairly good on you, since REX can entrench someplace and M2 till the cows come house from afar — however finally, you’ll have to begin kiting, and when that point comes, the Fungus turns into nugatory, and having used that strat earlier might have put you in some hazard relying on how onerous you’ve stacked these.

Stun Grenade: I’ve been instructed that is slept-on and higher than the RoR1 variant. I don’t see it. This additionally doesn’t activate usually sufficient for me to love it, so it’s important to stack a whole lot of them.

Sticky Bomb: Sturdy, however a 5% likelihood of activating makes this not an incredible alternative, even when stacking raises the chances.

Rusted Key: Choose them up should you see them, however shopping for them is pointless. It doesn’t matter who holds them, the possibilities on objects you get out of the packing containers rely what number of keys the entire get together has.

Objects: Unusual

Excessive Precedence Uncommons

Harvester’s Scythe: That is nice should you’ve been stacking Lens-Maker’s Glasses…es. Even when not, it’s a sustaining impact, in order that’s good.

Leeching Seed: Decrease-risk however lower-reward model of the above with out the 5% crit likelihood. Very helpful.

Bandolier: Anyone can use this and you’ll profit. It may be finest to let all of them stack on one character. These are nice for refreshing your ult on a dime, letting you maintain your self higher in a combat. Afterward, the flexibility to throw out a number of ults is a big assist.

Will-o’-the-wisp: Helpful for a similar motive as Gasoline, however noticeably stronger.

Common Precedence Uncommons

AtG Missile Mk. 1, Ukulele, Kjaro’s Band, Runald’s Band: On-hit objects. You don’t do essentially the most assaults, so these aren’t crucial for you, however they’re nonetheless good and price grabbing.

Gasoline Cell: In case you have good gear and are hoping to construct an equipment-oriented construct (Gesture, and so on.), it is a good selection to get as many as you’ll be able to.

Berzerker’s Pauldron: Getting this to proc could be onerous, but it surely’s a pleasant buff if you land it. The explosive results (Gasoline, Wisp) assist rather a lot with this.

Infusion: I used to be tempted to place this within the low precedence bracket, however you must in all probability nonetheless seize them — they’re simply not your main concern. You need a decently-contained well being pool and would slightly have protection than these.

Hopoo Feather, Wax Quail: Eh, why not. In case you have no different choices, go for it.

Pink Whip: Being a pace merchandise, this may sound like an enormous deal, but it surely’s type of… not, since you gained’t spend a whole lot of trip of fight.

Predatory Instincts: The buff is small except you stack a whole lot of crits, and a whole lot of these as nicely.

Outdated Conflict Stealthkit: Everyone might use one among these, however you in all probability need to select different objects first.

Low Precedence Uncommons

Chronobauble: In case you have no different choices or it’s a boss drop, certain, go for it; in any other case, this doesn’t present sufficient of a profit to actually be price something besides as commerce bait on the Bazaar.

Rose Buckler: Okay, so I mentioned earlier that stacking protection can be higher for you than well being. So why is that this, an merchandise that gives armor, so low on the listing? Easy: it’s solely energetic whilst you’re sprinting, which means that in more often than not if you’d need it, it gained’t do something for you.

Objects: Uncommon


N’Kuhana’s Opinion: Oh come on, you knew this might be up right here. You heal on a regular basis! That is in all probability your finest merchandise if you will get it.

Excessive Precedence Rares

Rejuvenation Rack: If you will get this and N’Kuhana’s Opinion, you’re fairly set. If not, that is nonetheless an incredible merchandise to spice up your maintain by rather a lot.

Sensible Behemoth: See Gasoline and Will o’ the Wisp. It’s simply that this procs on the whole lot. Helps you kill teams a lot simpler.

Brainstalks: As the sport goes on, you’ll face extra elites, and this obviates the necessity for any Backup Mags.

Sentient Meat Hook: Since this pulls enemies towards the one the proc occurred to, that is actually good together with your ult to suck extra enemies in, or simply to deal bonus hits to them.

Alien Head: Presumably an alternative choice to Backup Mags that may take among the burden off of the remainder of your staff, particularly if there’s a number of characters dividing these up (if there’s, say, simply an Artificer, or you have already got Brainstalks, depart this for them). Largely, this allows you to ult extra usually, which is extraordinarily helpful.

Common Precedence Rares

Ceremonial Dagger: You kill a whole lot of issues, so these are good, however everybody advantages simply as a lot from them. Notably, don’t trouble stacking them should you discover them at a bazaar as a result of they now not shoot extra daggers per stack.

Happiest Masks: It’s okay, I suppose. A sweetener, like most of this tier.

H3AD-5T v2: Keep in mind in RoR1 when you can stack Headstompers to extremely goofy outcomes? It’s rather a lot tougher now. Except you or somebody in your staff is constructing a particularly gimmicky construct, these will in all probability go to whoever runs into them first, or possibly the Huntress, Mercenary or Artificer, who will recognize the improved airtime. In addition they take away fall injury fully, which is nice.

57 Leaf Clover: Certain, why not.

Soulbound Catalyst: Goes nice should you’re doing an equipment-oriented construct. In any other case, you don’t significantly want this.

Dio’s Greatest Buddy: Truthfully, you’ll in all probability need to give this to somebody squishier, however you’ll be able to nonetheless use this if no person else grabs it first.

Hardlight Afterburner: This relies on your playstyle rather a lot. I don’t use the shockwave rather a lot, so I don’t take into account the HLAB that large a deal on REX, however you may abuse the hell out of it, and thus need this for 3 prices on a four-second cooldown every.

Wake of Vultures: Though it’s not bugged anymore prefer it was when it first got here out (thus making it not a legal responsibility), I nonetheless should combat the temptation to name this the “Wank of Vultures” always, as a result of it’s frankly not that helpful. Good sweetener, I suppose.

Low Precedence Rares

Unstable Tesla Coil: As somebody who prefers to get in shut with most characters, I like the UTC on all people often, however REX doesn’t need to get shut. So, let somebody who will get in nearer have this.

Frost Relic: Even with the buffs extending its vary, the Frost Relic is just not a sensible choice for you. This wants to return to being an unusual so you’ll be able to moderately stack them and do some foolish issues with it.

Objects: Lunar

Gear is within the Gear part.

Get If You Need Or It Helps Your Construct

Formed Glass: Excessive threat however excessive reward. This technically makes your abilities cheaper by decreasing your well being pool, due to this fact decreasing how a lot they’ll take, however you’ve much less HP total for different occasions, and REX aren’t that tanky out of fight. It does add extra therapeutic to your M1 and extra injury to your M2, although, so should you really feel like taking the danger, do it.

Corpsebloom: Saved therapeutic permits you to tank some large hits, in a method, with good timing. However furthermore, any elevated therapeutic impact is sweet, so that is mainly Rejuvenation Rack however simpler to seize, but it surely’s not essentially the best factor ever, for the reason that draw back can actually shorten runs in a while.

Gesture of the Drowned: REX are simply pretty much as good at utilizing gear as anybody else. In case you have attacking gear and loads of gas cells, it is a worthwhile buy.

Don’t Choose Up

Brittle Crown: I keep away from this merchandise anyway, however THIS IS A RUN-KILLER. Self-damage triggers gold loss.

Transcendence: Regardless of what I’d heard, this doesn’t make your M2 or ult unusable, however you pay out of your defend, and it doesn’t seem to be the fee goes down any. It additionally makes all of your therapeutic you’ve been stacking and that you’ve naturally fully nugatory. This isn’t fairly the run-killer that the Brittle Crown is, but it surely’s not a good suggestion to take it.

Objects: Gear

So, there’s not likely a whole lot of variance by way of how good or unhealthy gear is for characters, however I’ll observe that the Primordial Dice is extra-good for REX to arrange ults, and that I like having the Gnarled Woodsprite for early phases for the bonus regeneration. Relating to the Lunar Gear, Hellfire Tincture is just not advisable due to its small AoE round your physique, and Spinel Tonic is, as with anybody else, most advisable should you can stick with it perpetually so that you by no means really feel the tonic illness impact (good selection should you’ve stacked Gasoline Cells and GoD, in any other case cross on it). In any other case, use the identical judgment on these that you simply do with different characters. Which is to say, don’t trouble.


Hopefully, this could offer you a fairly good thought on find out how to play REX and allow you to strategize a bit of upfront of selecting them. REX aren’t essentially the most versatile character within the sport, however they’re one of the helpful with the suitable construct. Poking round another guides, I’ve seen a stunning quantity of variance in construct — like, greater than I’d even guessed once I first took REX for a take a look at drive. So, by all means, mess around with REX and see what works for you, as a result of it should in all probability be completely different from what works for me.

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