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Chests and Issues

The ever-present chest. Simple to determine, fairly straightforward to grasp too. All regular chests value cash to open, and can spawn an merchandise as soon as opened. The price of every chest scales as issue will increase, however they solely change value when you progress to the following stage. The amount of cash that enemies drop additionally scales with issue, so it turns into a sport of how a lot time you need to spend killing enemies with a purpose to get on the goodies in a chest. For the needs of this information, Widespread gadgets are the white gadgets, Unusual gadgets are inexperienced, Legendary gadgets are pink, Boss gadgets are yellow, Use or Tools gadgets are orange, and Lunar gadgets are blue. Chests are available a couple of variations:

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A tiny capsule that has no value, and isn’t actually thought of a ‘regular’ chest. When opened, it supplies a small amount of money and expertise, which makes them appropriate for scraping collectively some cash for an precise chest. Curiously, these chests should not locked down by the teleporter when activated, to allow them to be accessed by anybody no matter if the teleporter is charging or not.

Run of the mill, frequent chest. Its base value initially of the sport is $25. When opened, it’s going to spawn an merchandise of at the very least frequent (white) rarity. It’s attainable for unusual and legendary (inexperienced and pink, respectively) gadgets to spawn from these chests, although it’s a uncommon incidence.

Tools Chest
A deceptively small however orange chest that prices the identical quantity as a standard chest. This chest all the time spawns an tools merchandise when opened, so it is probably not in your curiosity to open them if you have already got an tools merchandise you want.

Massive Chest
A heftier wanting chest, as unusual because the gadgets it spawns (which is to say, it often spawns unusual gadgets). Base value is roughly twice the price of a small chest (so $50 at first of the sport). When opened, it’s going to spawn an merchandise of at the very least unusual (inexperienced) rarity, although sometimes it’s going to spawn a legendary merchandise.

Legendary chest
Massive, hefty, orange, costly. This describes a lot of issues and likewise the legendary chest. I’ve solely ever seen them spawn within the Abyssal Plains, the fourth stage. They’re sometimes many occasions dearer (often a couple of thousand {dollars} the primary run) than regular chests, however they are going to all the time drop a legendary merchandise. It could be helpful to stay round killing enemies to unlock these, however in the identical stroke that might ramp issue up additional than is snug. Resolve if it’s a great trade-off.

Not technically a chest however features form of like one. The multi-shop has three home windows on it, every containing a unique merchandise (or a query mark, which can generate a random merchandise). The rarity of every merchandise within the multi-shop is all the time the identical, although I’ve solely ever seen frequent and unusual merchandise multi-shops. Subsequently, the price of every merchandise is similar, and this offers you some management over which merchandise you need to select of the store.

As soon as you choose an merchandise from the multi-shop, all shutters shut. You solely get one merchandise out of the three, so select rigorously. In Threat of Rain 1, the random merchandise alternative typically generated an merchandise of upper rarity, nonetheless this doesn’t appear to be the case within the sequel. The price of an merchandise within the multi-shop is similar as the price of the respective chest; I.E, a standard chest prices $25, so a standard merchandise within the multi-shop prices $25 as nicely.

Lunar Pod
I suppose it’s kinda a chest, in probably the most obscure definition attainable (that being “it’s a container that hols issues and has a lock on it”). The lunar pod all the time prices one Lunar Coin to open (that are randomly dropped from enemies, and carry over between video games). When opened, it all the time spawns a Lunar merchandise. Lunar gadgets often have a very cool upside and a very unhealthy draw back, so they don’t seem to be robotically picked up when moved over like different gadgets.

The merchandise you get from the pod is random, so it may very well be a use Lunar merchandise, or it may very well be a standard merchandise. It’s, nonetheless, cheaper to get a random merchandise then it’s to attend or name for a portal and buy one for 2 lunar cash from the bazaar, so assume earlier than you blow your cash.

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