Risk of Rain 2: Controls (General & Skills)

The traditional multiplayer roguelike, Danger of Rain, returns with an additional dimension and tougher motion. No run will ever be the identical with randomized levels, enemies, bosses, and gadgets. Play solo, or staff up with as much as 4 pals to struggle your approach by means of hordes of monsters, unlock new loot, and discover a method to escape the planet.

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With every run, you’ll be taught the patterns of your foes, and even the longest odds could be overcome with sufficient ability. A singular scaling system means each you and your foes limitlessly improve in energy over the course of a recreation–what as soon as was a bossfight will in time develop into a typical enemy.

Danger of Rain 2 Controls

Normal Controls

  • WASD – Your trusty ol’ motion keys.
  • E – Work together with stuff.
  • Q – Activate equipment-type gadgets you will have picked up.
  • Ctrl – Toogle Dash: Press as soon as to begin working.
  • TAB – Maintain to see the way you’re doing. It’s also possible to level at gadgets to double-check what they do.
  • M3 – Ping: Discovered the teleporter? Need to focus down an enemy? Purpose at issues of curiosity and press this button to let your staff know!


Each character has all types of various talents and methods to assault, so that you’ll need to learn up on what they do beforehand. Most of them can even have brief cooldowns, so don’t simply spam them.

  • M1 – The “shoot gun” button. Has no cooldown, but in addition tends to be the weakest.
  • M2 – A barely stronger assault.
  • Shift – Usually a splash of some kind. Helpful for evasive maneuvers or simply velocity up exploration.
  • R – Usually your strongest capability. In fact, the cooldown additionally tends to be the longest.

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