Risk of Rain 2: Solo Monsoon Tier List

The basic multiplayer roguelike, Danger of Rain, returns with an additional dimension and more difficult motion. No run will ever be the identical with randomized levels, enemies, bosses, and objects. Play solo, or group up with as much as 4 buddies to combat your means via hordes of monsters, unlock new loot, and discover a solution to escape the planet.

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With every run, you’ll be taught the patterns of your foes, and even the longest odds might be overcome with sufficient ability. A novel scaling system means each you and your foes limitlessly improve in energy over the course of a recreation–what as soon as was a bossfight will in time change into a typical enemy.

Solo Monsoon Tier Checklist

Let me give a fast rationalization what i’m basing this on.

  • That is for solo monsoon solely (I imagine all characters are viable in 2+ gamers).
  • I’ll check with a “clear” which implies beating all 4 levels then again to floor ground.

Ok so I’ve cleared the sport on solo monsoon a minimum of 2 instances with every of the characters that is the tier record i’ve provide you with. That is my opinion (my favourite character is artificer).

S Tier- MUL-T

Okay, This character is insane I’ve virtually 0 issues clearing ever whatever the objects that i get. He’s by far the strongest character within the recreation for his capability to MELT bosses. On high of that he can carry 1 additional utility which is actually actually good. Chain gun for bosses/greater enemies rebar launcher for smaller enemies.

A Tier- Commando

He has a variety of in-built survive and harm in all probability probably the most rounded character within the recreation with the second/third finest sprint. not a lot to be stated hes simply strong.

A Tier- Huntress

Once more a variety of in-built survive she has just a little little bit of a more durable time clearing the early flooring however if you spec her correctly she will be able to virtually dump as a lot harm as MUL-T. That being stated if she is spec’d poorly she might be one of many worst characters. She has one of the best/second finest sprint within the recreation. The underrated a part of this character is that the lock on permits you to focus in your characters place as a substitute of the fight.

B Tier- Mercenary

He has a variety of mobility nevertheless he lacks the harm and vary of the opposite characters he additionally has to place himself in a variety of hazard in any respect factors within the recreation to be an efficient character. His upsides are that he has a variety of invincibility frames (This implies he can’t be hit) and that he can weave out and in of fight. I believe in multiplayer he has a variety of potential however he doesn’t deliver sufficient to solo’s to be ranked greater.

C Tier- Engineer

This character struggles with how briskly paced this recreation is. He doesn’t have a splash and depends on his AI turrets to deal a majority of the harm. Solely his towers can actually cope with ranged models resembling wisps successfully. His energy lies in his protect and that he can use objects that different survivors battle with such because the “fungy therapeutic” that you must stand nonetheless for. In multiplayer he has his functions however they’re few and much between.

D Tier- Artificer

This character is by far the worst performing in solo’s. He brings a ton of burst harm however no constant harm. He doesn’t have a splash identical to engineer however artificer needs to be cell to outlive as a result of in contrast to engineer artificer doesn’t have a protect. By himself artificer can’t do a lot with out good merchandise roles. I virtually want this was a multiplayer tier record proper now as a result of artificer might be A Tier in multiplayer, he will get the help he must perform. He brings good space of impact and cc simply no survive sadly making him proper now the worst character in solo monsoon for getting an efficient clear.

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