Risk of Rain 2: Thunderstorm (Overhaul Mod)

Thunderstorm Overhaul Mod is an entire re-balance of the sport, with overhauled courses with new class mechanics, overhauled enemies, gadgets, spawning, and development. It’s like taking part in an entire new, more durable recreation.

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Present Model: 2
Launched 4/9/2019

Thunderstorm utterly overhauls the sport in an try to do just a few issues:

  • Change the gameplay loop to reward pushing ahead as quick as attainable as an alternative of ending a stage solely when you’ve completed opening chests
  • Take away sure mixtures that may trivialize the sport, particularly infinite proc chains
  • Make certain all characters’ ability scale and are helpful in lengthy runs not directly
  • Make the early recreation quicker paced
  • Enhance the stability of characters, gadgets, and monsters
  • Finally make the sport more durable

To perform this, each character, virtually each merchandise, some monsters, results, mechanics, spawning, and development have been altered or added to. It’s like a contemporary expertise.

Word: In the event you set up this mod you will be unable to make use of matchmaking or do prismatic trials. You’ll be able to nonetheless play with different individuals in multiplayer should you invite them however they need to even have the mod or issues is not going to work correctly.

Edit: I’m conscious of the multiplayer bugs, for now that is only a single participant expertise until any shoppers solely play Mercenary or Mul-T. Enjoying some other character as a consumer ends in some abilities not working.

As for the preliminary problem, a brand new model will probably be uploaded quickly.

Obtain & Set up

You can download v2 here

To put in: merely copy the “Danger of Rain 2_Data” folder to SteamsteamappscommonRisk Of Rain 2

To uninstall: go to your steam library and proper click on on Danger Of Rain 2, go to properties -> native information, and hit Confirm Integrity Of Sport Information. Steam will delete the mod information and re-download the unique recreation information.

Full Changelog

v2 Modifications:

Decreased monster spawns a bit, refined the spawns to be much less spammy
Elevated the variety of merchandise outlets by 20%
Gold acquire normalized for much less enemies, it’s very barely greater now

Gamers have 50% elevated base hp and 25% elevated base injury to make the preliminary enemy waves a lot simpler, and the primary degree up much less of an influence bounce

Elevated enemy scaling to compensate for the participant’s elevated intial energy
Elevated gold acquire in later phases to make sure you’re opening extra chests/outlets per minute than earlier phases

Mounted shrine of ache giving an excessive amount of gold (it scales with hp)
Mounted Fight shrines not spawning sufficient enemies. They spawn loads now.
Mounted teleporter “Horde Of Many” bosses being insanely overtuned on the preliminary teleporter
Mounted a problem inflicting velocity bonus gadgets to stack incorrectly, giving an excessive amount of velocity

These adjustments ought to produce a a lot smoother problem curve to maintain up with relatively than a cliff face.

Stat definitions

— Proc Coefficient
– A stat on all injury, figuring out each the prospect of a proc to happen and typically the ability of the proc. It’s often 100% on all assaults and varies on procs.

— Harm Falloff
– The calculation for the way injury is misplaced the farther from the epicenter of an explosion the goal it. There’s three sorts: None, Linear, and Sweetspot.
– None means no injury loss.
– Linear means on the fringe of the explosion targets take solely 25% of the injury, and it scales linearly (1% injury to 1% distance between the epicenter and the goal out of to whole radius).
– Sweetspot means out to 75% of the radius there may be virtually no injury loss, after that the injury rapidly drops off right down to 25%.

— New Stat: Ability Harm
– Will increase all non merchandise and non proc injury, solely will increase the injury your abilities do instantly.
– Procs that deal injury based mostly on the unique injury of the proccing impact (Ukelele, Behemoth) nonetheless do the identical % of harm.

Common Modifications

— Development Modifications
– Going to the following stage not jumps the issue ahead
– Every stage has elevated merchandise and interactible spawns during the last
– Enemies begin to scale a bit quicker and exponentially acquire stats per degree
– Teleporters spawn ~60% extra enemies when used

The sport loop now rewards pushing ahead to the following stage as quick as attainable, solely staying till you’ll be able to tackle the teleporter, as an alternative of hanging again to get each chest earlier than persevering with.

–Ignite Debuff
– Length elevated to 6s, injury diminished to twenty%, however it can’t kill you, solely scale back your life to 1.

— Bleed debuff (brought on by imps)
– Length elevated to 15s, injury diminished to five%. It could actually kill you.

To alter injury debuffs to a much less deadly impact that stops you from gaining out of fight bonuses and therapeutic as an alternative of killing you 2 seconds after you’ve been hit with nothing you are able to do about it.

— “Out of Hazard” examine is now 5.5 seconds with out being hit as an alternative of seven. This is applicable to cautious slug and protect regen from any supply.

— Added therapeutic orb drops
– All monsters have an opportunity to drop a therapeutic orb that heals you based mostly in your degree. As you degree up the prospect for a therapeutic orb drops considerably. That is to make the early recreation just a little bit extra forgiving should you don’t get any therapeutic gadgets however are doing nicely in any other case.

— Elevated the efficient vary of bullets
– This impacts each character ability with a hitscan part. You’ll be able to shoot additional with out shedding as a lot injury now.
– The efficient vary of bullets additionally impacts the proc coefficient in addition to the injury now.

— Well being Refactoring
– All characters have twice as a lot life, and all sources of flat life are twice as excessive. That is supposed to maneuver survivability away from lifestealing or regenerating to full well being in below half a second and solely dying to 1 photographs, and transferring it in direction of higher well being administration. All enemies have 66% extra injury. This was finished since 1 is minimal heal and I can’t make leeching seeds and many others worse than that.


— Probability shrines
– Not have a most use rely. How a lot are you keen to pay for an opportunity at one other merchandise?
– Much less frequent

— Merchandise Retailers
– There are way more merchandise outlets to extend participant alternative

— 3D Printers
– 3D Printers are extra frequent in later areas


— Spawning
– Monsters spawn far more typically, and in bigger numbers. The quantity of exp and gold they offer has been diminished to maintain development solely barely quicker than vanilla.

— Most monster rely is now 70, from 40

— Elevated movespeed of monsters by 10% + 2.5% per degree

— Chilly debuff from Ice Elites now slows by 60% for as much as 3 seconds as an alternative of 80% for as much as 1.5s.

— Explosion from Ice Elites
– Harm elevated by 75%
– Falloff mannequin modified to linear (This implies should you’re removed from the middle you are taking far much less injury than you probably did earlier than.)
– Radius elevated by 50%
– Explosion delay elevated to 2.5s
– There’s a brief dissapearance simply earlier than the explosion now
Made the realm denial of this just a little harder to work round

— Elites have barely extra hp and are much less frequent than earlier than

— Beetles
– +50% movespeed
– +30% extra hp.
– Their assault animation is way quicker, that means they want much less time to succeed in you earlier than hitting you. Their assault velocity can be quicker, however their injury is decrease.

— Wisps
– Not have drive on their weapon, that means they not push you should you’re airborne
– Harm diminished by 33%

— Beetle Queen is disabled from spawning, attributable to a bug with killing her that I can’t repair.

Objects & Gear

— When choosing up gadgets they present their full description and results

Due to the elevated variety of enemies, on kill gadgets have all been diminished in injury
their base radius’ have been elevated however their leveling radius’ have been decreased to make them really feel extra impactful with only one, however much less map-cleary with 15.

— Willow-the-wisp
– radius modified to 18 + 2 per merchandise
– Harm diminished to 150% + 100% per merchandise
– Falloff modified to Sweetspot
– Proc Coefficient remains to be 1.0

— Gasoline
– injury diminished to 50% + 5% per merchandise
– radius modified to fifteen + 2 per merchandise
– length elevated to 4s + 1s per merchandise
Features injury per second and length per degree, making this a strong stacking AoE merchandise.

— Ceremonial Dagger
– Harm diminished 150%->120%

— Bandolier
– Drop probability halved
– Drop probability has diminishing returns. Not my change, simply one thing value noting in regards to the merchandise.

— Happiest Masks
– Spawn Probability diminished 10%->7%

— Rusted Key
– Strongboxes usually tend to spawn greater rarity gadgets, and legendaries are much more frequent when stacking rusted keys

— Private Defend
– Now offers 36 + 4*degree most shields

— Harvesting Scythe
– Decreased heal to three + 2 per merchandise.

— Titanic Knurl
– Bonus hp 40->10% bonus
– Bonus regen from flat 1.5 -> 75% bonus

— Purple Whip
– Now referred to as Enchanted Whip
– Now offers bonuses to your Particular skill. Test the character notes in recreation or within the changelog to see what the bonus is.
– Not impacts motion velocity

— Ukelele
– Can not proc different results, leading to chain reactions that obliterate the map.
– Proc probability has been elevated to 33%
– Harm is now 100% of the unique injury.
– Bounce vary has been elevated to 25 + 3 per stack
– Can not crit which was leading to doubled injury if chained off of a crit.

— Tri Tip Dagger
– Length elevated to 4s + 1s per stack
– Complete injury elevated to 100% + 30% per stack
– Probability modified to 10% + 5% per stack
//It now offers greater injury over an extended length, positioning it as the very best single-target proc injury for bosses, elites, and different excessive well being targets.

— Medkit
– No Longer heals after being hit
– Will increase base well being by 20
– Will increase whole well being by 3%
– Will increase base well being regen by 1 + .15 per character degree

— Infusion
– Will increase well being by 2 to a most of 200 per stack

— Stickybomb
– Probability elevated to six% + 3% per stack
– Harm diminished to 150% + 100% per stack

— Sensible Behemoth
– Can not crit, which was leading to extra injury when each behemoth and the injury that procced it crit collectively
– Explosion is barely bigger to raised characterize it’s radius
– Harm and radius is multiplied by the proc coefficient of the injury that procced it

— Monster Tooth
– Not offers therapeutic orbs on kill
– Will increase Ability Harm by 10%

— Unstable Tesla Coil
– Now turns on and off, and fires sporadically and unpredictably
– Total common uptime to downtime ratio is similar
– Total common hits/second is roughly 33% decrease than earlier than
– Harm diminished 200%->80%
– Proc probability diminished 30%->25%
– Harm, Proc probability, and common hits/second are elevated by 25% per stack
– variety of chains is not elevated by stacks
– Proc probability is 40% decrease on Engi Turrets

— Bustling Fungus
– Radius elevated to six + 2 per stack
– Therapeutic elevated to six% + 1.5% per stack
– The heal is now 25% as efficient when coming from engineer turrets
The concept right here is to make it extra engaging to courses aside from engineer that wish to act as a therapeutic publish in multiplayer or get some out of fight therapeutic in. That is extra supposed to be a crew assist merchandise greater than engineer’s core necessity.

— Chrysalis
– Bonus motion velocity from 20%->50%
– Upward velocity doubled
– Length elevated 15->20s

— The Crowdfunder
– Elevated injury to 150%
– Elevated Proc Coeff to 2

— Elite Orbs Gear
– Drop probability elevated from 0.025% -> 0.25%
These things have been insanely uncommon earlier than. They’re nevertheless fairly cool, and having them spawn extra typically provides some attention-grabbing selections.

Characters Half #1

— Base dash velocity elevated by 20% for all characters


As a jack-of-all-trades, he actually solely had one viable transfer later within the recreation (his M1), as a result of lack of precise scaling on his different talents. He now has a way more rounded skillset, with a changed section spherical, improved supressing hearth, and distinctive interactions with roll and his different talents.

— Base Motion velocity elevated by 10%

— Supressing hearth
– Now fires 20 photographs over 2.4S with a lot bigger unfold,
– Scales the variety of photographs with assault velocity
– Offers 65% injury per shot
– CD 10 -> 14s
– It now pierces all enemies
– Enchanted Whip Bonus: Will increase whole variety of photographs by 20%

— Section Spherical modified to Charged Spherical
– Fires an explosive shot that offers 100% injury to the enemy hit, then explodes dealing a further 300% injury to the goal and close by enemies
– The explosion has no proc probability, however the bullet itself has 500%.
– 5.5s Cooldown
– 9m explosion radius
– Explosion injury falloff is SweetSpot

— Tactical Dive
– Elevated cooldown 4s->6s
– Now has two max fees
– Now grants a buff for 2s that improves the following ability used:

Double faucet – first shot offers 4x injury with a 200% Proc Coefficient, the second shot offers 2x injury with a 400% bonus Proc Coefficient. Each photographs are fired with excellent accuracy. If both shot kills an enemy your cooldowns are diminished by 4s.
Charged Shot – offers 50% extra injury, 40% extra explosion radius, and has double the proc probability
Roll – offers a 2s cloak
Suppressing Hearth – fires 50% extra photographs over it’s length


As a excessive mobility, squishy, excessive injury character, she simply felt squishy. Being pretty quicker than different characters and the rise within the aiming angle permits her to extra efficiently dash and hearth whereas circling targets. Her Arrow rain had a really lengthy cooldown for such an underwhelming ability that didn’t even scale, as nicely. The glaive is now extra satisfying to make use of and works as a extremely efficient clearing instrument whereas on the transfer. Enjoying round her arrow rain and choosing when to make use of it’s nonetheless important to her success. Her primary assault felt woefully dangerous contemplating the fundamental assaults of all the opposite characters. She now actually excels at ducking out and in of her killzone arrange by her arrow rain and maneuvering targets into the following one.

— Base Motion velocity elevated by 22%

— Aiming angle and distance elevated by 45%
— Aiming concentrating on has been considerably improved, it must be a lot simpler to select a goal out of a crowd

— In search of Arrow
– Harm elevated 150%->200%
– Base Assault velocity diminished by 10%

— Laser Glaive
– Glaive injury elevated by 40%
– Glaive bounce vary elevated by 45%
– Cooldown elevated to 7.5s
– Glaive max bounces + 4, whole of 10
– Glaive injury bonus per bounce is now 0%
– Glaive projectile velocity elevated by 50%

— Blink
– Now cloaks for the length, eradicating aggro and permitting you to dodge cost up projectiles (however not titan boss lasers)

— Arrow Rain
– Cooldown modified to 19s
– Length elevated to 8s
– Harm diminished to 50% per hit
– Hits 3 occasions per second
– Hits per second scales with assault velocity
– Radius elevated by 50%
– Proc Coefficient is now 0.5, was 0
– Enchanted Whip Bonus: Provides a further cost


— Base Motion velocity elevated by 10%

— Proximity Mines
– Elevated Mine injury 200 -> 400%
– Elevated injury radius from 6 to 16 (Not set off radius)
– Decreased explosion set off delay by 50% (permits extra enemies to enter it’s giant radius)
– Elevated arming delay by 600%
– Decreased Max Fees 10->3
– Decreased Cooldown 10s -> 5s
– Most mines elevated 10 -> 30
Mines felt extra like a “throw 10 of those instantly on a boss” relatively than one thing you set as much as shield your self with. So the burst injury is decrease now, and requires extra setup time to get the utmost impact. With decrease fees, spare magazines aren’t nugatory both.

— Gauss Turrets
– Elevated most turret rely to three, however fees are nonetheless 2
– Decreased cooldown to 17s
– Proc coefficient diminished to 75%.
– Harm diminished to 80%
– Proc injury diminished to 50%.
– Well being from gadgets elevated by 50%
– Well being Per degree elevated by 100%
– Base regen elevated by 150%
– Some aura gadgets like tesla coil and bustling fungus have diminished results, examine the gadgets changelog for particulars.
– Enchanted Whip Bonus: 7.5% elevated injury, 7.5% elevated assault velocity, 7.5% elevated well being.

Reinforces Engi’s nature of fortifying a single location over time, in addition to letting him place a stray turret whereas roaming with out being punished so closely by an extended cooldown. Energy redistributed away from proc stacking so arduous in direction of up entrance injury.
The well being bonuses ought to assist the turrets to not simply be one shot by all the things previous a sure level within the recreation, however not be invulnerable.


Artificer stands above all different courses in her skill to ship giant quantities of burst injury to giant teams of enemies. Her lack of mobility and well being is made up for in her uncooked injury output, and in a pinch throwing up two ice partitions can sluggish the tide of enemies.

— Base Motion velocity elevated by 10%

— Firebolt
– Cooldown is now scaled by half of your assault velocity stat.
– Alternate Mags now give a further cost
– Harm elevated 200% -> 225%
– Projectile Velocity elevated by 200%
– Explosion radius elevated by 400%
Regardless of her M1 being a cooldown/burst ability, it was extraordinarily underwhelming and unsatisfying to make use of. The projectile velocity and explosion radius make it way more dependable and provides her extra crowd clearing skill which she’s based mostly on.

— Cost Blast
– Base radius diminished by 20%
– Radius will increase over the charging length, as much as 150%
– Harm now falls off considerably the farther from the middle of the blast
– Has an improved SFX to raised present it’s explosion space

— Icewall
– Harm elevated 100% -> 200%
– Fees elevated to 2
– Cooldown diminished to 6s

— Flamethrower
– Elevated tick frequency by 30%
– Elevated whole injury by 10%
– Elevated cooldown by 20%
– Elevated base radius by 20%
– Radius and Vary enhance barely over the length
– Enchanted Whip Bonus: Will increase hit price and whole injury by 10%, will increase radius and vary by 10%.


I simply wished so as to add just a little extra nuance to a personality already filled with it, with the combo chain holding. His whirlwind additionally felt actually lackluster, particularly later within the recreation.

— Base Motion velocity elevated by 15%

— Primary Combo
– The primary two strikes are barely quicker whereas the final strike takes longer, leading to the identical length of assault
– You’ll be able to maintain onto your combo chain for as much as 5 seconds. For instance should you do the primary two assaults then cease, your subsequent assault inside 5s would be the third strike.
– Elevated the injury of the ultimate strike by 20%

— Sprint
– Elevated injury by 50%
It felt like a waste of time to make use of this in fight, so a buff goes a good distance, particularly within the early recreation when he depends on it to kill wisps successfully and there’s much more now.

— Whirlwind
– Harm elevated by 100%
– Proc Probability elevated by 100%
– Cooldown elevated to 6s
– Now holds two fees by default

— Eviscerate
– Enchanted Whip Bonus: Will increase whole hit price (multiplicative with assault velocity) by 7.5%, and length by .1s.

Characters Half #2 and Drones


Mul-T is a strong shut vary brawler that excels at staying alive and dealing injury to a targeted goal, whereas having lots of utility and crowd management.

— Nailgun
– Improved accuracy by ~33%
– Elevated injury falloff
– Proc Coefficient now scales with injury falloff
For an in depth vary weapon it positive had some bother hitting something at brief ranges. Improved the accuracy however made the falloff worse so it’s nonetheless inneffective at vary even with the variety of hits touchdown being greater.

— Railgun
– Now truly offers 600% injury
– elevated hitbox radius by 40%

— Concussion Grenade
– Preliminary space elevated by 75%
– Cooldown Elevated 6s->7s
– Enchanted Whip Bonus: Harm elevated by 20%, intial blast proc probability elevated by 15%.
This turns into a strong crowd management ability with it’s large AoE, and provides some ability with the second bomblets solely hitting enemies within the heart of the blast for that second stun.

— Loader Mode
– Cooldown decreased 8s->7s
– Enemies pushed out of the way in which now take injury based mostly on his motion velocity, which is a giant buff
– Enchanted Whip Bonus: Complete velocity (and due to this fact injury) elevated by 10%.
Together with his vary pushed down a bit from the nailgun adjustments, this turns into an vital ability for getting him into vary.


All drones velocity elevated by 100%
All drone well being elevated by 50%
All drones well being regen elevated by 150%

— Therapeutic Drone
– Heal tick price elevated by 200%
– Heal whole quantity elevated by 50%
– Heal length elevated by 50%

— Missile Drone
– Innaccuracy elevated considerably,
– injury elevated by 100%

— Gun Drone
– Fires 100% quicker, does 30% much less injury, fires in longer bursts and may be very correct

The concept was to distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of the 2 assault drones, the gun drone being higher at killing smaller enemies, the missile drone with a a lot greater injury output however problem hitting small targets
Drones nonetheless rapidly fall off, however are nice for helping your character within the early phases

— Gunner Turret
– Well being elevated by 200%
– Life Regen elevated by 600%
– Hearth price elevated by 100%
These have been so pitiful to activate, they died virtually instantly and did little if nothing in any respect. Now these may give you some a lot wanted assist in a selected location.

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