Satisfactory Beginner Tips and Tricks

The next is an inventory of basic suggestions that may assist each the newbie and veteran of their manufacturing facility improvement.

Notice: I could increase this sooner or later. The aim is to offer basic suggestions and methods with out moving into walk-through territory.

Newbie Suggestions and Methods

  1. Take your time. Don’t rush progress. Find out how the totally different manufacturing processes work. Late sport manufacturing will be fairly advanced.
  2. Construct up! Take benefit you could construct vertically.
  3. From sea stage, you may construct appx 800m up earlier than hitting the dying ceiling. You can even construct appx 200m down into the void.
  4. The void is the widespread title for the countless pit you see on the perimeters of the map, and some areas within the center.
  5. Your bottlenecks within the sport are belts and pipes.
  6. Belts are rated by objects moved per minute, the tiers are 60 / 120 / 270 / 480 / 780 objects per minute.
  7. Pipes have a most movement fee of 300m3 a minute. There aren’t any larger tiers right now.
  8. Pipes are effected by gravity. A machine reminiscent of a water extractor has a 10m headlift.
  9. Headlift is how a lot a machine can push liquids vertically.
  10. Pumps can be utilized to assist with headlift. A single pump can add 20m headlift.
  11. Pumps additionally act as one-way valves.
  12. When you route your pipes downhill, you will get round headlift altogether as much as the place the pipe begins to go downhill.
  13. The best strategy to assemble chains of machines is by use of the manifold system.
  14. A manifold is a set of machines in a single, straight line. With the usage of splitters, mergers, or pipe junctions, merely take one belt or pipe and department it off in sequence. The one draw back is that it could take some time for the system to change into 100% environment friendly. It is because every machine within the line must fill its inside storage. This technique can also be generally generally known as overflow. This permits simple growth.
  15. Overflow splitter mode, present in sensible and programmable splitters can be utilized to siphon off extra sources to a different manufacturing chain, or an AWESOME Sink.
  16. You can even stability your factories utilizing a extra conventional balancer, the one draw back is that you must determine the stability ratio and it could use extra room. Its additionally exhausting to increase.
  17. Exploration is kind of essential. It would be best to discover crash websites and energy slugs.
  18. Crash websites provide you with a tough drive. In your M.A.M, you may analysis that onerous drive an uncover an alternate recipe. You get 3 random decisions per exhausting drove and chances are you’ll choose one without delay. There are at present extra exhausting drives on the map than alternate recipes.
  19. Energy slugs will be processed into energy shards, which let you overclock your buildings.
  20. Don’t be afraid to dismantle and take a look at once more!
  21. How do i get out of being caught in between 2 issues? It depends upon what your caught on. Machine you constructed? Dismantle it. A tree or foliage? chainsaw. If all else fails, press C to crouch, ought to dislodge you.

Coal Energy: Burn Charges and What You Can Burn

To grasp coal energy, we first should break down the numbers.

Coal Generator Fundamentals

Bodily connections


  • 15 coal a minute
  • 45m3 water a minute
  • produces 75 MW of energy at 100%

Coal isn’t the one merchandise you cab burn in a coal generator. In whole there are three sources that can be utilized in a coal generator:

  • Coal
  • Compacted Coal
  • Petroleum Coke

These sources have totally different burn instances, how a lot is consumed per minute.

Useful resource Burn Fee
Coal 15
Compacted Coal 7.14
Petroleum Coke 25


Coal is well discovered by way of useful resource nodes on the map. Relying on the node high quality and miner tier, you’ll get totally different charges per minute.

Compacted Coal

Compacted coal is a alternate recipe you may unlock randomly by researching exhausting drives on the M.A.M.

The recipe takes per minute:

  • 25 sulfur IN
  • 25 coal IN
  • 25 compacted coal OUT

Petroleum Coke

Petroleum Coke is a byproduct from oil processing. You get it from changing your heavy oil residue into petroleum coke in a refinery.

The recipe for petroleum coke is:

  • 40m3 heavy oil residue IN
  • 120 petroleum coke OUT

Coal Plant Water Setups

Water might be essentially the most difficult a part of coal energy, right here I’ll present you some examples of the right way to setup your water.

The Fundamentals

That is all based mostly off 100% clock pace.

  • 45m3 per minute water is required for every coal generator
  • every water extractor will pump 120m3 water
  • every pipe can have a movement fee of 300m3 fluid most

Completely different Water Setups

One Water Extractor

This setup will produce 120m3 water at 100% clock pace, and may assist 2.66 coal mills by itself. For simplicity sake, this might be lowered to 2 coal mills.

Three Water Extractors

This setup has all 3 water extractors under-clocked to 75% every. This may produce a complete of 270m3 water a minute, sufficient for six coal mills.

Three Water Extractors to eight Coal Mills

This methodology is essentially the most environment friendly, however essentially the most difficult. With 3 water extractors at 100%, you’ll make 360m3 water a minute. However, a pipe can solely transfer 300m3 fluid per minute max, how does this work? As proven under, the third water extractor is added late into the pipe, thus offering its 120m3 water after earlier coal mills have consumed some, thus balancing out the system.

Coal Energy Tables

Gasoline Consumption Charts

Mk1 Belt, 60 a minute

Gasoline Supply Coal Gens Supported Complete Energy Capability Complete Water Required Complete Water Pipes Required
Coal 4 300 MW 180m3 1
Compacted Coal 8.4 630 MW 378m3 2
Petroleum Coke 2.4 180 MW 108m3 1

Mk2 Belt, 120 a minute

Gasoline Supply Coal Gens Supported Complete Energy Capability Complete Water Required Complete Water Pipes Required
Coal 8 600 MW 360m3 2
Compacted Coal 16.8 1260 MW 756m3 3
Petroleum Coke 4.8 360 MW 216m3 1

Mk3 Belt, 270 a minute

Gasoline Supply Coal Gens Supported Complete Energy Capability Complete Water Required Complete Water Pipes Required
Coal 18 1350 MW 810m3 3
Compacted Coal 37.81 2835.75 MW 1702m3 6
Petroleum Coke 10.8 810 MW 486m3 2

Mk4 Belt, 480 a minute

Gasoline Supply Coal Gens Supported Complete Energy Capability Complete Water Required Complete Water Pipes Required
Coal 32 2400 MW 1440m3 5
Compacted Coal 67.22 5041.5 MW 3025m3 11
Petroleum Coke 19.2 1440 MW 864m3 3

Mk5 Belt, 780 a minute

Gasoline Supply Coal Gens Supported Complete Energy Capability Complete Water Required Complete Water Pipes Required
Coal 52 3900 MW 2340m3 8
Compacted Coal 109.24 8193 MW 4915.8m3 17
Petroleum Coke 31.2 2340 MW 1404m3 5

Energy Manufacturing Disclaimer

Automated energy don’t at all times produce 100% of their energy.


You might have 8 coal mills, which is able to at most produce 600MW energy.
Your base is just consuming 300MW energy to function

On this situation, your energy mills is not going to have to function at 100% effectivity, in order that they throttle themselves down robotically.

Why is that this related?

When you over construct your energy plant, and devour sufficient energy to hit your capability restrict, your energy will over time fail as a result of lack of sources. For this, it’s best to at all times construct energy vegetation based mostly off 100% useful resource requirement, even when you’ll not use all that energy for a very long time.

Extra of this type of factor:

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