SCP: Secret Laboratory – The Section of LCZ

Deep inside the SCP Basis throughout a containment breach, most of the anomalies have bypassed safety and escaped from their chambers – with out peaceable intentions. Turn into web site personnel, a re-containment agent, or an anomalous entity and battle to take management of or escape the ability!

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The Part of LCZ

A small abstract of the totally different rooms of LCZ. The brand new replace introduced us numbers on the partitions of rooms. So let’s dive down and see what they establish as.


It means Armory. For those who see it, it’s the door to the armory.

EX-A and EX-B
Resulting in Checkpoint A and Checkpoint B.

The door resulting in the hallway containing the door to 012
(the room with the cardboard and the steps).

It’s the door to SCP-914.

The hallway with the bogs.

AL01, AL00, and AL02

The corresponding airlocks.


SCP-372’s Chamber.


PT is clearly brief for Peanut. That is the door to 173’s staircase.

I forgot what it was after PC, however that is the room with the computer systems.


Class D Cells.

HS, HC, IX, IT, VT and so forth

These are simply hallways. Nothing a lot. They’ve numbers on them to assist navigate.

Right here’s what I do know to this point on these..

HS: Hallway Straight
HC: Hallway Nook
IX: Intersection (The hallway with 4 doorways on both sides)
IT: Intersection (3-Means)
VT: Air flow (Hallway with the large vent)

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