Sea of Thieves Advanced Techniques (Digging, Swimming, Emote)

Guarantee you recognize the methods Digging a lot sooner with the shovel and Shifting a misplaced sooner by water (sword lunge thrust), and Get a free emote that hides you from enemies.

Sea of Thieves Superior Methods

Swimming sooner whereas carrying an object

To begin with, go to the Accessibility Choices menu and activate the choice “Scale back maintain to work together”. This can make it so that you solely must press F as soon as and wait a bit, as a substitute of maintain holding F, to seize objects.

To go sooner whereas carrying an object in water, press X to launch the thing and rapidly press Shift (to run) after which F (to seize). If accomplished appropriately, it will make your character swim a bit sooner ahead and seize the thing once more proper after. Repeat the operation a number of instances and you’ll get to your vacation spot sooner than common!

180° flip with the anchor

For those who flip the wheel all the way in which to the suitable or left and launch the anchor, the ship will rapidly flip nearly 180 levels. It’s normally the quickest approach to completely change course should you’re crusing quick, even contemplating you must elevate the anchor afterwards.

Not slowing down when charging the sword lunge

When holding the left mouse button to cost the lunge, you develop into slower for round 1 second. Nevertheless, should you maintain parry (proper mouse button) earlier than charging the lunge, you don’t transfer slower! Get used to at all times parrying first earlier than charging the lunge, and this at all times helps with the sword lunge thrust approach.


It’s a particular approach that lets you alternate between jumps and dodges, making you tougher to hit with pictures, or serving to disorient your opponent in a duel.
To begin, do a dodge by holding parrying then leaping (proper mouse + house bar), and as quickly as you land, do a standard leap. As quickly as you land from the leap, do a dodge once more, and so forth. The sequence is: dodge, leap, dodge, leap, dodge, leap, and so forth. You may freely change the path of every dodge or leap, so long as the subsequent motion you do once you land is completely different than the earlier motion. It will probably take some time to get the muscle reminiscence for this method.

Video tutorial (credit to Youtuber “The Pirate Council”)

Invading enemies with out utilizing the ladder

Utilizing the ladder to board different ships is noisy and apparent, and you’ll nearly at all times be killed as quickly as you rise up, if the opposite crew is paying consideration. Few individuals know that if the enemy ship is parked away from an island and the waves are good, it’s also possible to climb by their harpoons or their rowboat! Watch the video. You too can board them by climbing by yourself mast and utilizing the sword lunge thrust approach to throw your self onto the opposite ship, or shoot your self from the cannon.

Take a look at the ship’s map extra rapidly

Se você estiver pilotando o timão em um galeão e precisar checar rapidamente se está indo no rumo certo, não é preciso descer até onde o mapa está. O galeão possui uma grelha que permite ver o mapa a partir do convés inferior. O processo é ainda melhor em uma corveta/chalupa: basta ir para trás do timão para ver o mapa por cima sem uma grade atrapalhando.

For those who’re manning the wheel in a galleon and have to rapidly examine should you’re heading the suitable manner, you don’t have to go down the place the map is. The galleon has a grill which lets you see the map by the highest deck. That is even higher in a sloop: you solely have to stroll backwards from the wheel, flip round and you may see the map from above with out a grill in the way in which.

Refill your ammo at Outposts with out an ammo field

For those who’re combating an enemy crew in an Outpost, as a substitute of going again to your ship to refill ammo, you’ll be able to refill your ammo by going to the weapon pores and skin store, which has an Armory on the skin, and alter the pores and skin of your weapon. This can utterly refill it with ammo.

Cancel the missed sword lunge stun

For those who’re combating in a ship’s prime deck and also you miss your sword lunge and also you’re fortunate sufficient to complete your lunge inside vary of a cannon or harpoon gun, rapidly seize and launch it. This can bypass the stun you’d usually take for having missed your lunge!
Because of Youtuber hitbotc for this and the earlier tip, and extra which I’ve not included.

Acessing the Fort of the Damned extra simply

The Fort of the Damned is likely one of the most profitable actions within the sport, nevertheless it requires a preparation course of earlier than it may be undertaken. It is going to be crucial to gather flames of 6 completely different colours from the lifeless man’s ferry by dying in 6 alternative ways. I cannot clarify in nice element the right way to do it, as a result of there are many tutorials on the web.

What I’ll do is share some tricks to make two of the toughest lamp colours simpler to get:

  1. Pink flame: NORMALLY: Dying from PvP fight. EASIER WAY: Somebody out of your crew lights a gunpowder keg and leaves it beside you. Once you die from it, it’s like dying due to one other participant!
  2. White flame: NORMALLY: dying by taking a lightning strike to the face. Watch out to not die from the hearth after taking the lightning bolt; on this case the flame you get will likely be pink. EASIER WAY: maintain your sword outfitted, as a result of it tremendously will increase the possibility of a lightning strike hitting you (I imagine the builders’ thought was to make it act like a lightning rod).

Apart from the 6 flame colours, and different elements crucial for the FotD is the Ritual Cranium, which may be obtained within the following methods:

  1. Shopping for from Duke (within the Tavern) a Voyage to dig the cranium up (solely as soon as a month)
  2. Generally as rewards from treasure maps left by Skeleton Captains, who randomly come out of the bottom on islands
  3. Generally as loot from a Skeleton Ship
  4. Inside a locked Ashen chest.

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