Shops and Facilities Pricing Guide

This information exhibits you ways to make more cash with outlets.

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Set all of the extras in your foods and drinks outlets to “Rather a lot”. This attracts visitors like props do for rides.

I don’t add a worth to ATMs since you need as many individuals to make use of the atms as attainable so they’ll spend more cash in your park. Visitor will solely purchase items and use ATMs if they’re joyful.

To maintain your store keepers joyful improve their pay by $15 as quickly as you place the store.
Improve shopkeepers pay by $10 every time you prepare them. Dont over prepare your shopkeepers or they’ll get bored and stop.

Location of retailers issues so if you’re having an issue getting folks to purchase, attempt shifting the store to a extra populated space.

Missy Items doesn’t are inclined to do properly anyplace however appears to do barely higher when subsequent to a Avenue Fox Espresso.

Grouping up various kinds of outlets may help all of them to do higher (ie Chief Beef, Gulpee Soda, Restroom, and a present store).

Retailers and Amenities Pricing Desk


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