Spelunky 2 Items Guide: Unique, Shops, Crates Items

Spelunky 2 Gadgets Information

This information consists of:

  • Distinctive objects and objects not normally out there for buy at outlets:
  • Obtainable in outlets and from crates
  • Gadgets carried on again and offered in outlets
  • Carriable Gadgets out there at outlets: You may solely decide up one by one.

Obtainable in outlets and from crates:

  • Rope Pile: Accommodates 3 ropes.
  • Bomb Bag: Bag containing 3 Bombs
  • Bomb Field: Inexperienced field containing a dozen bombs.
  • Paste: Makes bombs follow surfaces and enemies.
  • Spectacles: Allows imaginative and prescient of gems and objects within the floor.
  • Climbing Gloves: Seize onto partitions on factors with no ledge. Holding the joystick in the direction of the wall grabs, and returning it to middle lets go.
  • Pitcher’s Mitt: Throw objects in an extended, linear path, fairly than the default arc.
  • Spring Footwear: Leap twice as excessive.
  • Spike Footwear: Means that you can traverse thorns with out harm, ice with out slippage, and provides harm to leaping on an enemy’s head.
  • Compass: An arrow seems on display, pointing to the extent’s exit(s).
  • Parachute: When falling far sufficient to trigger harm, the parachute ejects robotically, permitting gradual fall. The parachute is single-use.
  • Skeleton Key: Unlocks locked doorways that usually require a carried steel key. Doesn’t work on the chest containing the Eye of Udjat.

Gadgets carried on again and offered in outlets:

  • Cape: Yellow cape that permits gradual fall by urgent and holding the leap button in mid-air. One can gradual fall to keep away from fall harm, in addition to fall onto spikes with out taking harm.

The 4 following wearable “pack”-type objects, explode when coming in touch with flame and gunfire, afflicting you with a ton of injury. Use at your personal threat.

  • Jetpack: Permits a specific amount of flight by urgent and holding the leap button in midair. Burns out after a sure period of time within the air with out touchdown.
  • Telepack: Permits one to press leap once more midair for a teleport in any path, however beware, utilized in accurately, teleportation will make you collide with blocks and kill you immediately. The telepack differs from the teleporter in that it’s worn on the again as a substitute of carried.
  • Hoverpack: Permits one to press the leap button midair to levitate for a vast period of time. Might be activated time and again within the air to descend slowly or reposition, however doesn’t permit you to get increased within the air and not using a leap off the bottom.
  • Powerpack: Purple accent worn on the again, permitting greater bombs and a fiery whip. The powerpack interacts in several methods with completely different weapons, because the shotgun appears to have decreased recoil when sporting. The journal states that the powerpack “imbues its wearer with improved weapon dealing with skills”.

Carriable Gadgets out there at outlets

You may solely decide up one by one.

  • Webgun: Shoots webs, trapping enemies, some projectiles, and your self.
  • Shotgun: Highly effective 12-gauge shotgun each utilized by and offered by shopkeepers. The shotgun has a substantial quantity of recoil. Notice that the recoil will throw you off ladders, ropes, and vines if they don’t seem to be up towards a wall. Urgent the assault and leap buttons concurrently whereas on the bottom performs a shotgun leap. A shotgun leap makes use of the shotguns recoil to launch you some additional top into the air. Use this to simulate having spring boots.
  • Freeze Ray: Gun that freezes an enemy, permitting them to be dispatched with ease. The freeze ray has a substantial quantity of recoil.
  • Crossbow: Fires an arrow in a straight line that it’s essential to retrieve earlier than utilizing once more.
  • Digital camera: Can harm or stun sure enemies with its flash. Its flash may also illuminate darkish ranges and tunnels.
  • Teleporter: Carried teleportation machine that means that you can teleport in any path with the assault button. Be cautious when utilizing, as teleporting into an already occupied block can telefrag one thing, and within the case of the bottom or partitions, that one thing might be your self.
  • Mattock: Mining decide permitting you to chop via blocks for a specific amount of hits. Urgent assault and leap concurrently will swing the mattock as you leap, enabling you to dig a block or two up a wall.
  • Boomerang: A ranged weapon that comes again to you when thrown.
  • Machete: It’s a blade that may minimize via burnable blocks within the jungle, in addition to spider-webs. It’s additionally extra a extra highly effective weapon than your whip.
  • Steel Protect: Protect that blocks and displays in entrance of you, but additionally pushes every little thing you stroll over. In the event you push one thing right into a wall, it’s destroyed. Nice for enemies, not so nice for different issues.

Distinctive Gadgets

Distinctive objects and objects not normally out there for buy at outlets:

  • Alien Compass: Used to find the Mothership in 5-1. Obtained by rescuing Van Horseling in Volcana (world 2b), going to Vlad’s Citadel and letting Horseling kill him, then discovering Van Horseling but once more in 4b-1.
  • Udjat Eye: Eye that allows you to see objects and gems within the floor similar to spectacles, but additionally reveals secret areas in world 2. The Eye of Udjat is obtained on 1-2 or 1-3 by bringing the important thing to a 7×4 block constructing with a chest at high. Mix the important thing and chest to recieve the Eye. Take the attention to Volcana to make use of the drill and get to Vlad’s Citadel or to Jungle to disclose the Black Market.
  • Kapala: Sacrifice 2 nonetheless residing pets, or a mix of different our bodies and surprised enemies on the altar to recieve the Kapala. The Kapala collects blood droplets from enemies alongside the remainder of your journey, providing you with additional hearts.
  • Hedjet: A pharoah’s crown offered within the Black Market in world 2a for $40,000. The Hedjet, together with the Scepter held by Anubis, positive factors entry to the Misplaced Metropolis of Gold in 4b-2.
  • Crown: Obtained on the high of Vlad’s Citadel in world 2b. Means that you can get hold of Excalibur in 4a-2 and attain Abzu (secret 4a-4)
  • from 4a-3.
  • Eggplant Crown: Obtained in Eggplant Land from eggplant Yama.
  • The True Crown: Blow up a Kali altar then get cursed by the NPC who seems on the following one. Meet Beg a second time and he will provide you with the True Crown, a jester-hat that randomly teleports you each 22 seconds, but additionally provides 22 bombs to your stock upon every teleport.
  • Ankh: Revives you as soon as. Obtained in 3-1 (see above Olmec’s Lair clarification).
  • Pill of Future: Obtained from secret 4a-4 or secret 4b-4. Reveals which ushabti summons the qilin (6-2/6-3)
  • Royal Jelly: Restores 6 HP. Obtained from Kali Altar sacrifices (3 alive pets or extra) or a Queen Bee.
  • Vlad’s Cape: Permits double leap and slow-fall. Wearable on again. Obtained from defeating Vlad in Vlad’s Citadel (world 2b).
  • Clone Gun: Carried merchandise. Has three rounds that duplicates one merchandise every. (Works on mounts and pets as nicely). Obtained from profitable completion of the Star Problem in world 4a.
  • Excalibur: Very sturdy melee weapon obtained on 4a-2 by a wearer of the Crown. A spelunker with the Ankh and excalibur can open the best way to Abzu on degree 4a-3.
  • Damaged Sword: Clone Excalibur with the clone gun.
  • Plasma Cannon: Within the Mothership (5-1), or extraordinarily not often elsewhere. The Plasma Cannon is an alien weapon (carried) that shoots explosive projectiles. The Plasma Cannon has a considerable amount of recoil.
  • Scepter: Carried weapon obtained in 4b-1 from Anubis. Might be mixed with the Hedjet (from the Black Market) to open the best way to the Misplaced Metropolis of Gold in 4b-2.
  • Hou Yi’s Bow: Capabilities like a crossbow, utilized in mixture with the Arrow of Mild to get to remaining secret space of recreation. Obtained within the Moon Problem in world 2a/b.
  • Arrow of Mild: Mixed with Hou Yi’s Bow, the Arrow of Mild is used to get to the ultimate secret space of the sport, the Cosmic Ocean. Obtained in 7-1’s Solar Problem.
  • Wood Protect: Carried by some Tiki Males, this carried protect displays projectiles however doesn’t crush something up towards the wall.
  • Idol: (I mistakenly name this relic on this information, so if I don’t change that, sorry.) Retrieved from trapped places and turned in to the exit for a hefty sum of money.
  • The Tusk Idol: Obtainable in Madame Tusk’s Cube Recreation in 4-1/2/3, underneath sure circumstances(?)
  • Curse Pot: Most ranges have one among these jumbo clay pots with a spooky ghostie on the entrance. Breaking it provides you a diamond however summons the ghost to chase you for the rest of the extent.
  • Ushabti: Statuettes in 6-2 room. Use Pill of Future to find out the proper ushabti to summon the qilin on 6-3.
  • Eggplant: Place a gift (offered by outlets) on the altar to recieve a carriable eggplant. Dropping from any distance or taking any harm destroys the eggplant.
  • Cooked Turkey: Set a turkey on hearth, or simply blow it up, to recieve this merchandise price 1 HP.
  • Elixir: Obtained from 4b Star Problem. Presumably cures curses and poisons, however I’ve but to check this.
  • 4 Leaf Clover: Merchandise dropped by leprechauns or in secret areas and problem room that extends the time earlier than the ghost comes by 2 minutes. Additionally creates rainbows that reveal the placement of hidden pots of gold.

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