Spelunky 2 World 3: Olmec’s Lair Guide

World 3: Olmec’s Lair

World 3 is a world with just one stage that resembles the ultimate (non-secret) chamber of the earlier Spelunky. The battle is much like Spelunky HD’s Olmec battle as effectively, as you have got the gargantuan statue pound via the ground and break via the underside. On the prime there may be treasure, crates and and many others., reachable when you’ve got the jetpack or blow it up with sticky bombs. On the fitting, there’s a ladder you may climb and can discover an alcove with the no matter sisters you saved from the Jungle. If you’re getting the Ankh, it can save you a mount by dropping it right here, as that is the one spot assured security.

To go the straightforward route, have Olmec stomp via to the extent below the one you enter on. On the fitting, behind a movable block is the exit to the Tide Swimming pools, however go rapidly, as Olmec begins to throw bomb after bomb across the map. Down one other stage is the doorway to the Temple of Anubis, and below that’s the lava with the doorway to the Ankh room.

Olmec’s Mechanics and the Ankh Chamber

The primary section of the Olmec battle (going down on the highest stage) is a well-known one. You get near Olmec and he makes an attempt to stomp you. Additional away and he rapidly strikes towards you. Alternate between two stomp areas subsequent to one another to have Olmec lower via. When stomps to the extent below you, you may leap onto him to keep away from injury. When you select to remain, Olmec begins section 2, through which he reveals he’s an alien mech and hovers, throwing bombs each instructions. When you keep on prime, he can’t hit you with bombs, however will bomb the ground. When you let him bomb out the ground lengthy sufficient, he creates a gap.

The best way to drop him is to hit two domes on his underside, every with three HP. If he falls onto the subsequent stage and lives, section 3 of the battle begins. Just like the primary, Olmec stomps you however then opens again up, this time releasing two alien UFOs. The UFOs shoot beams below them and when killed, fall to the bottom wildly and explode. Proceed to blast via the blocks with Olmec’s stomp, UFOs, and your individual bombs till a gap to the underside is revealed. The underside is a pit of lava, and dropping Olmec in is the one solution to defeat him.

As soon as he’s within the lava, you may leap on him and enter considered one of many tunnels proper above the lava. These tunnels result in the Ankh chamber. You possibly can acquire gold as you scale your approach again to the highest, the middle of which has the valuable Ankh, able to be collected. The highest proper is a tunnel again to the boss layer of the extent. You’ll find yourself the place the rescued sisters are/could be, and might select your exit. Bear in mind that every one the blocks will nonetheless be cleared, so in the event you don’t have an merchandise just like the cape, jetpack, hoverpack, parachute, or a turkey, you may have bother exiting the lair.

Right here’s a brief video exhibiting tips on how to get the Ankh:

The Waddler

Inserting two bombs below the ladder in the fitting of the room the place you enter (on the highest stage) will reveal a tunnel to an NPC referred to as the Waddler. He’ll supposedly deliver gadgets you drop there deeper into the cave. An important use of the Waddler is holding Hou Yi’s bow till world 7, as you may solely deliver one carried merchandise to the subsequent stage.

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