Spinnortality – Research and Marketing Guide

Gene Splicing

Gene Splicing analysis is the technique of immortality for you and your board of administrators. Nevertheless, solely these avenues of analysis to switch organs, clone you, predict your dying and switch your mind into your birthclone are worthwhile ventures…supplied you’ve got the political means to vary apt legal guidelines in most international locations.

The Frankenstein avenues of analysis in Gene Splicing offers rise to mutants in society, whom it’s possible you’ll rent thereafter to give you the results you want if you want. These mutants are way more adept than people…however extra pricey to rent.


Take your time – Comfort
New approach to be – Novelty
Freed from the grind – Freedom
High quality sleep – High quality
Sleep is peace – Spirituality

Designer Organs

Prerequisite: Genestims

Nothing however the very best – High quality
The physique you need – Freedom
Physique armour – Safety
Get in contact along with your physique – Spirituality
Really be your self – Individualism


Prerequisite: Designer Organs

Sleep sounder – Safety
Dwell longer, higher – High quality
Extra you – Individualism
Most yield – Materials Wealth
All of your eggs – Custom

Loss of life Predictions

Prerequisite: Birthclone

Plan for the long run – Safety
Higher budgets – Materials Wealth
Dwell life to the complete – Freedom
Don’t worry it – Spirituality

Pr. Frankenstein

Prerequisite: Genestims

Frankenstein 2

Prerequisite: Pr Frankenstein

Frankenstein 3

Prerequisite: Frankenstein 2

Mind Switch

Prerequisite: Loss of life Predictions and Frankenstein 3

Put money into your self – Materials Wealth

The fountain of youth – Spirituality
By no means change – Custom

Synthetic Intelligence

This avenue of analysis is unprofitable however does allow you to achieve AI employees who’re more proficient at pioneering avenues of analysis…if considerably restricted on the subject of creativity to facilitate spin and advertising and marketing to allow you to revenue from such endevors.

AI v 1.0

AI v 2.0

Prerequisite: AI v 1.0

AI v 3.0

Prerequisite: AI v 2.0

AI v 4.0

Prerequisite: AI v 3.0

AI v 5.0

Prerequisite: AI v 4.0

Enterprise Efficency

Enterprise Monitoring

Efficency! – Materials Wealth
A brand new enterprise period – Novelty
Be a part of one thing – Collectivisim
Peace of thoughts – Safety
Time to shine – Individualism

Process Efficency

Prerequisite: Enterprise Monitoring

Squeeze a little bit extra – High quality
Modernise: Systematise! – Novelty
A contented machine – Collectivism
Cash, cash, cash! – Materials Wealth
Fast as a flash – Comfort

AI Marketing consultant

Stipulations: AI v 1.0 (Synthetic Intelligence) and Process Efficency

Depend on no-one – Individualism
Reasonably priced consultants – Materials Wealth
Belief no one – Safety
We’ll maintain it – Comfort
No person’s good – High quality

Auto-Corps (additionally known as Self-Regulating Corps)

Prerequisite: AI Marketing consultant

Extra time for you – Comfort
The good choice – High quality
Extra cash, much less problem – Materials Wealth
Work to reside, don’t reside to work – Freedom
What are your rivals upgrading – Novelty

Human-Free Enterprise

Prerequisite: Auto-Corps

Info coming quickly…

Worker Nanny

Stipulations: Enterprise Monitoring and Public Consumer Knowledge (Social: On-line)

High quality outcomes – High quality
Taking care of household – Collectivism
Let it stream – Spirituality
What are they as much as? – Safety
Privateness and income? They don’t combine – Publicity


Prerequisite: Worker Nanny

Caring for you staff – Collectivism
Push them to their restrict – High quality
Rediscover your physique – Spirituality
Complete survellience, whole management – Publicity
At a look – Conveniance


Prerequisite: Spyometrics

Info coming quickly…

Hormone Cloud

Prerequisite: Spycams

Info coming quickly…

Careers & Creativity

This avenue of analysis requires that you simply analysis Public Consumer Knowledge by way of the Social: On-line avenue of analysis earlier than you may completely make investments.

Profession Recommendation
Prerequisite: Public Consumer information (Social: On-line)

Discover your area of interest – Individualism
Everybody of their place – Custom
Get networking – Publicity
High quality work – High quality
Stream – Spirituality
Hand over fist – Materials Wealth

CV Author

Prerequsite: Profession Recommendation

Your profession, your guidelines – Freedom
In your individual time – Comfort
Spend cash to earn cash – Materials Wealth
Searching for no 1 – Individualism
Broadcasting on all channels – Publicity


Prerequisite: CV Author

Info coming quickly…

Inventive Store

Prerequisite: Lifescribe

Info coming quickly…

Auto Reply

Preqequisite: Profession Recommendation

Job search made simple – Comfort
Get forward of the pack – Individualism
A great match – Collectivism
Do the world proud – Multiculturism

Interview Robots

Prerequisite: Auto Reply

Info coming quickly…

Auto Profession

Prerequisite: Interview Robots

Info coming quickly

Social: On-line

Social Media

Keep updated – Novelty
By no means been simpler – Comfort
By no means alone – Collectivism
Publish, submit, submit! – Publicity
One world – Multiculturism

Public Consumer Knowledge

Prerequisite: Social Media

For disgrace – Custom
Complete friendship – Publicity
A greater class of advert – High quality
In all our glory – Multiculturism
Keep secure – Safety

Present Suggester

Prerequisite: Public Consumer Knowledge

Happiness, codified – Collectivism
A world of treasures – High quality
Items: timeless – Custom
Develop by giving – Spirituality
The simple method out – Comfort


Prerequisite: Present Suggester

Purchase with no clicks – Comfort
Consider the financial savings – Materials Wealth
An artwork not a chore – High quality
By no means store on-line once more – Custom
How we store now – Novelty

Posting Ideas

Prerequisite: Social Media

Put your self on the market – Publicity
Preserve a little bit again – Privateness
It’s your proper – Freedom
Soul Freer – Spirituality
Only one click on – Comfort
Echo chamber – Xenophobia


Prerequisite: Posting Ideas

Free time works for you – Comfort
By no means naked once more – Privateness
Free ultimately – Freedom
Again to fundamentals – Custom
Discuss, don’t hear – Xenophobia

Social Perception

Stipulations: Autoposter and Social Optomiser (Social: Offline)

Social Perception is a non-profit Social: On-line/Social: Offline Analysis required for latter analysis…

Profile Chatbot

Prerequisite: Social Perception

Info coming quickly

Sentient Profile

Prerequisite: Profile Chatbot

Info coming quickly.

Social: Offline


Discover your tribe – Collectivism
Buffer zone – Safety
No dearer meets – Materials Wealth
No extra unlikeables – Xenophobia
Soul to soul – Spirituality

Social Optomiser

Prerequisite: Metafriendship

The brand new wave of friendship – Novelty
Flip again the clock – Custom
Good friend issue – Collectivism
Preserve them at a distance – Privateness
Your life, optomised – Comfort

Social Perception

Stipulations: Autoposter (Social: On-line) and Social Optomiser

Social Perception is a non-profit Social: On-line/Social: Offline Analysis required for latter analysis…

Smalltalk Chip

Prerequisite: Social Perception

Info coming quickly…


Prerequisite: Smalltalk Chip

Info coming quickly

House Programme

The House Programme is on the market for analysis upon acceptance of a proposal and at the price of 5 class connections, $50m, and political and media dominance of a desired nation to ascertain your house programme.

It’s advisable to have an excessive amount of capitol whenever you start to take a position…and to analysis all avenues of the House Programme (minus Hormone Cloud) if you want in your launches to go easily. Click on on the moon whenever you’re lastly prepared.

When you attain the moon you may start a challenge on the close to and much facet of the moon, however might require further moon launches to offer the sources to each start and improve you enterprise. One such far facet enterprise on the moon can actually be a boon to troublesome analysis…

House Analysis

Stipulations: Settle for supply, 5 class connections and $50m

Fungal Scrubbers

Prerequisite: House Analysis

Lung Tank

Stipulations: Designer Organs (Gene Splicing), Fungal Scrubbers and O2 Nanobots

Natural Fits

Stipulations: Lung Tank and Spacesuit Tech

Moon Mutants

Stipulations: Frankenstein 2 (Gene Splicing) and Natural Fits

O2 Nanobots

Prerequisite: House Analysis

Spacesuit Tech

Prerequisite: House Analysis

Shuttle +

Prerequisite: House Analysis

Guided Shuttle

Stipulations: AI v 3.0 (Synthetic Intelligence) and Shuttle +

Warmth Shields

Prerequisite: House Analysis

AI Therapist

Stipulations: AI v 2.0 (Synthetic Intelligence) and House Analysis

Calm Hormones

Stipulations: Hormone Cloud (Enterprise Efficency) and House Analysis

Rocket Checks

Prerequisite: House Analysis

Obtain Orbit

Prerequisite: Rocket Checks

Lunar Flyby

Prerequisite: Obtain Orbit

Moon Touchdown

Prerequisite: Lunar Flyby

Satellite tv for pc

Prerequisite: Obtain Orbit

House Station

Prerequisite: Satellite tv for pc

House Freighter

Prerequisite: House Station

House Fountain

Prerequisite: Satellite tv for pc

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