Star Control: Origins – Detailed Beginners Guide

1) Whereas touring in Hyperspace, you possibly can see undiscovered House Stations solely in your Minimap, however not within the International Map. They are going to turn out to be seen within the International Map after you dock and activate them the primary time. Similar rule applies for photo voltaic system journey.

2) Minimap zoom is determined by how good your put in Sensors are. higher Sensors will imply the minimap being extra “zoomed out”, permitting a better view of travelling Ships and undiscovered Stations.

3) You may solely see different Ships’ icons within the Minimap, however not within the International one.

4) Utilizing the Autopilot operate to succeed in one other Photo voltaic System will mean you can go by planets, stars and in addition different photo voltaic programs ultimately on the best way. It’s means faster than manually avoiding all these items. Hostile or hailing ships will nonetheless block your path even with Autopilot.

5) You’ll not devour gas should you stand nonetheless whereas in Hyperspace.

6) Gas consumption in Hyperspace is calculated per-meter traveled. This implies having a quicker Hyperspace System won’t devour roughly, however will merely devour gas quicker as the gap can be lined in a shorter time.

7) Each time you go to an undiscovered House Station, a brand new half will unlock within the Station Store to be bought. Such elements can even turn out to be obtainable to buy in all different area stations and most merchants.

8) Some merchants will supply distinctive objects bought solely by them. Even when found, such objects won’t be obtainable elsewhere, however solely from that particular dealer.

9) Going inside stars whereas navigating a photo voltaic system won’t injury you: you’ll bounce off or scan the star if on handbook drive, or go by if on Autopilot.

10) When you run out of gas whereas in area, a pleasant spaceship can be referred to as and ultimately rescue you, however this may take a while, and whereas this occurs some much less pleasant ships could come to you.

11) The injury inflicted on a Lander when failing to land within the “protected space” whereas trying a planetary descent, is proportional to the gap you landed from the protected zone. A touchdown fairly close to it should knock out some crew members, whereas a touchdown very far will destroy the lander usually.

12) You may mark vital locations in your International Map utilizing markers of assorted colours, and even rename them, by clicking the “crosshair” icon when choosing a photo voltaic system. They are going to be collected in a useful checklist on the precise facet of the Map. This operate is extraordinarily worthwhile in marking planets with uncommon sources to get in a while, merchants, and different issues. Frequent use is recommended.

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