Surviving Mars: Guide to Comfort

There will probably be challenges to beat. Execute your technique and enhance your colony’s probabilities of survival whereas unlocking the mysteries of this alien world. Are you prepared? Mars is ready for you.


Excessive and Low Stats

  • A stat is excessive whether it is 70 or greater
  • A stat is low whether it is 29 or decrease

These are recreation constants and are used to find out what coloration a stat shows as and whether or not bonuses or penalties are utilized. For instance Whiner trait causes sanity penalties at low consolation, meaning consolation lower than 30.

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Breakthroughs, Occasions and Traits
For essentially the most half I’m not going to be mentioning the results from Breakthroughs and Occasions, for they’re many and sometimes aren’t encountered in any given recreation. Additionally I gained’t point out all colonist traits, however I attempt to point out the extra necessary for gameplay ones.


Consolation Bonuses
A colonist can achieve consolation from the next sources:

  • Visiting a service constructing no matter purpose (each day curiosity, each day meal, medical care, and so on), consolation is simply awarded if the colonist’s consolation is lower than the Service Consolation ranking of the constructing. The bonus is generally +10 however will be greater if the constructing has a excessive Service Consolation relative to the colonist’s consolation.
  • Resting at residence. Sometimes that is +4 to +6 relying on service consolation and is simply utilized if the residence service consolation is greater than the colonist’s consolation.
  • Traits like Vegan, Celebration Animal can award consolation boosts, these bonuses don’t have any sort of service consolation situation.

Consolation Penalties
A colonist can lose consolation for the next causes:

  • -10 for failing to satisfy a each day curiosity. This penalty is just not utilized if the colonist sought out a service for a purpose aside from the each day curiosity, for instance if a colonist needs medical care however no infirmary is on the market, they don’t undergo a consolation penalty.
  • -20 for homelessness.
  • -3 for consuming an unprepared meal.
  • Some traits apply consolation penalties, like Loner applies -4 consolation each sol if the colonist is in a dome with over 30 colonists.

No consolation penalties
There are some issues which don’t apply consolation penalties regardless that you would possibly count on them to:

  • No meals. Regardless that a colonist will get a -3 penalty for consuming an unprepared meal, there isn’t a consolation penalty for no meal being obtainable in any respect.
  • Lacking life assist: as with meals, there isn’t a consolation penalty for energy, water or oxygen being lacking.
  • Very poor service. A colonist can by no means get a consolation penalty for a low Service Consolation, even when a colonist has 100 consolation and sleeps in an Condo with a Service Consolation of 30, they don’t undergo a consolation penalty for the poor service. They only get no bonus.

The consequences of excessive and low consolation:

  • Excessive consolation awards a +5 morale bonus which can be a +5 work efficiency bonus.
  • Low consolation afflicts a -10 morale bonus which can be a -10 work efficiency bonus.

Colonists by no means intentionally search out to boost their consolation, even being in low consolation doesn’t encourage them. They solely elevate consolation by randomly looking for an curiosity or as a facet impact of looking for meals or medical care.

When an Earthborn colonist reaches 0 consolation they turn into Earthsick which renders them unable to work and they’re going to board the following rocket that lands close by. In the event that they attain excessive consolation (70+) the Earthsick standing is eliminated. Martianborns don’t appear to undergo any particular ailing impact from being on 0 consolation past the -10 morale penalty.

Consolation in practise

Many gamers mistakenly consider the best way to handle consolation is to test what companies colonists are complaining about within the dome consolation overview and supply them. Don’t do that. Colonists don’t know what is nice for them, they complain about issues that aren’t necessary like Playing and fail to complain about issues which are necessary like high quality meals. It’s nearly real looking.

A very powerful service is Meals
Meals service is supplied by Diners and Grocers. It is vitally helpful to supply this service for 2 causes: Firstly, it avoids the -3 consolation penalty for consuming an unprepared meal. Secondly and maybe extra importantly, everybody has to eat, so everybody visits a Grocer or Diner as soon as per sol, this go to will award them (a minimum of) 10 consolation if their consolation is low. Generally you need to construct a Grocer and Diner per 50 colonists.

Because the common Grocer has a service consolation of fifty, and Diner 60, so long as colonists can eat a each day meal their consolation will hover round 50 to 60, even when they persistently fail to satisfy their each day curiosity and get a -10 consolation penalty, they’ll get the +10 consolation again from consuming a meal. Because the low consolation threshold is 30 offering meals nearly totally prevents low consolation.

This colonist is fairly irritated on the lack of luxurious and procuring, however the meals certain are good!

Sadly the dome overview doesn’t inform you if colonists are consuming unprepared meals, it’s worthwhile to personally examine the consolation of particular person colonists (you need to use the colony overview to search out colonists with low consolation).

Given the selection between Diners and Grocers it’s often greatest to supply each, so colonists can fulfill Buying, Eating and Social. Buying and Social are each very fashionable and are economically supplied by Grocers and Diners.

It’s acceptable to solely use Grocers, the one actual benefit of that is forcing colonists with Social curiosity to attend Open Air Gyms whereas pleasing customers (Eating is rare curiosity). You should use Heavy Workload to spice up the service consolation to about 60 which is nice for breeding.

Diners are usually superior as meals suppliers as they supply 2 further capability and 10 greater service consolation. If all you care about is sustaining common consolation you possibly can run Diners at 1 employee per shift getting 2 further capability over a Grocer and about the identical Service Consolation. Alternatively you possibly can run full shifts plus Heavy Workload, this boosts the Service Consolation to about 70 which may simply put colonists into Excessive Consolation, for that tasty +5 efficiency enhance plus elevated breeding potential.

The opposite most necessary service is Relaxation
Relaxation is supplied by a house and like Meals each colonist needs it each sol. The principle factor is to keep away from the -20 Consolation Penalty for homelessness, that consolation penalty is so massive that just a few issues like The Hanging Gardens can present sufficient consolation to maintain homeless colonists out of low consolation.

The each day consolation enhance can be helpful together with the each day meal. Say a colonist is a Gamer and a Loner (like completely no person I do know) residing in a nicely populated dome. In a day they will lose 10 consolation for failing to recreation, and 4 consolation for overcrowding. However they achieve 10 consolation from consuming a meal, and 6 consolation from resting, and thus stay at round 50 consolation.

For essentially the most half you don’t need to be apprehensive in regards to the Service Consolation of residences. It’s undesirable if they’re solely 30, as that makes it simpler for colonists to get into low consolation, however 40 is ok (i.e. Condo with Vista). And it’s good if you will get them as much as 60-70 to assist get colonists into excessive consolation. Between 40 and 60 is all a lot the identical.

It’s helpful to supply low-cost companies
Low-cost companies are these with a low value to assemble and low or no ongoing value. It’s value noting that low-cost companies have low service comforts, and as such they hardly ever ever award a consolation bonus until your colonists have very poor consolation (which is likely to be the case if a Colonist has a number of comfort-harming traits).

For essentially the most half the rationale you present these companies is to keep away from the -10 consolation penalty for the service being lacking. Because you aren’t utilizing them for the consolation bonus, it’s simply superb to place them in a passage related dome, the passage penalty issues not within the slightest when there isn’t a bonus anyway.

Decorations: Low-cost to construct, free to keep up however take up a variety of house. Present the very fashionable Leisure curiosity which is in any other case exhausting to supply early within the recreation, together with the much less well-liked Train and Enjoying. It’s not a foul concept to fill any unused slices with decorations, you possibly can all the time take away them later once you want the house. Additionally placing them in a passage-connected dome will be a good suggestion.

Open Air Fitness center: A mixture Consolation and Well being constructing, it gives the favored Social curiosity, although in practise Socialites will choose Diners and in order for you them to train you need to flip off Diners! It additionally after all gives the not very fashionable Train curiosity. The Open Air Fitness center takes up a variety of house nevertheless it’s free to keep up. Greatest put in a passage-connected dome.

Playground: A mixture consolation, sanity and character-building service, the Playground is simply utilized by youngsters, nevertheless it’s superb for them, with an enormous service consolation of 80 and principally maxing out their consolation and sanity. It’s extremely advisable to supply sufficient Playgrounds in your youngsters as all the things it gives is extremely helpful, together with awarding random helpful traits like Horny and Celebration Animal, and practically totally eliminating undesirable traits like Fool. Placing playgrounds in a passage related dome is ok.

It’s principally pointless to supply costly companies
Costly companies are these that are costly to construct, preserve and make use of the workforce for. Usually in addition they have low capability per tile and per employee.

Beforehand I famous that you may get excessive consolation just by working Diners with Heavy Workload, Diners have glorious capability per tile and enchantment to everybody, whereas solely consuming meals. This being the case, and as a result of considerably marginal advantages of excessive consolation, it’s not likely worthwhile investing in costly companies until you very particularly wish to improve breeding fee even past that of the ~70 consolation supplied by Diners and low-cost companies.

If you happen to do need excessive consolation it’s most effectively supplied by The Hanging Gardens spire, or in Area Race the Church-specific Temple spire or China-specific Tai-Chi Backyard. Medical buildings with Rejuvenation Remedy are additionally extraordinarily efficient at boosting consolation via the roof and like meals companies everybody wants medical care, particularly in the event you’re a ruthless slave-driver.


Present a Diner, Grocer and Infirmary per 50 inhabitants. This retains individuals in center to excessive consolation, retains them wholesome and is reasonable.

Use Heavy Workload and Nightshift liberally to extend constructing efficiency and productiveness however bear in mind it’s worthwhile to hold a detailed eye on medical capability if you’re stacking these abusive work practises, and switch these practises off throughout Mud Storms and Chilly Waves.

When life assist is lacking, colonists undergo sanity harm instantly however gained’t undergo it once more till the following sol, alternatively well being harm requires round 24 hours of uninterrupted absence of life assist. Use this information for evil.

Open Air Gyms can stave off dying by hunger indefinitely for colonists who like Train and Social and never a lot else. This isn’t usually helpful however is hilarious.

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