Swords & Souls Neverseen Achievement Guide

Swords & Souls: Neverseen is a singular RPG the place leveling up takes talent! Create, practice and improve your character as you please, uncover The Neverseen and its eccentric locals, and battle throughout the lands to foil an evil witch’s plans!

Swords & Souls Neverseen Achievements

The way to get hold of each achievement in a recreation that makes you grind for every little thing.

Swords & Souls Neverseen Achievement Information

True Soul Grasp

Wood Disciple
Get three Combo medals of rank Wooden

Bronze Disciple
Get three Combo medals of rank Bronze

Silver Disciple
Get three Combo medals of rank Silver

Golden Disciple
Get three Combo medals of rank Gold

Platinum Disciple
Get three Combo medals of rank Platinum

Soul Grasp Disciple
Get three Combo medals of rank Soul Grasp

True Soul Grasp
Get all Soul Grasp medals in all coaching areas

With the intention to obtain these, you will need to get a complete of three Combo medals. You possibly can solely obtain one per coaching space, which implies you’ll have to get Combo medals in three totally different areas of coaching. Proven under is a screenshot of the place yow will discover this medal.

Take note, the medal icons offered on the cardboard match the identical icons you will note if you end up within the coaching mini-game. That means, you will see that the Combo medal on the left facet of the display, the Mission medal on the backside left, and the Star Combo medal on the precise facet whereas coaching.

Juggler Grasp

Juggler Apprentice
Juggle with the identical coin 10 occasions

Juggler Challenger
Juggle with the identical coin 20 occasions

Juggler Grasp
Juggle with the identical coin 30 occasions

That is greatest achieved on a model new save.

The extra you practice your archery, the harder the mini-game will turn into. This consists of spinning targets and shifting obstacles. When you find yourself simply beginning out, the one factor that pops-up are stationary targets which is why that is greatest achieved on a brand new save.

While you try this achievement, just remember to don’t again out of the archery coaching mini-game. Doing so will end in all that have being added to your medals and card itself. Upgrading the cardboard will create a harder expertise for you.

Common suggestions are comparatively easy. Try this when you don’t have any combo as the next combo will make the targets come out sooner. Moreover, make sure you slowly hit the coin. Taking pictures it quick will end in it coming down from off-screen sooner than you may anticipate.

Soul Coronary heart

Variety Coronary heart
Turn into associates with a mercenary

Massive Coronary heart
Turn into associates with two mercenaries

Soul Coronary heart
Turn into associates with all mercenaries

Going to the tavern, you’ll be capable to rent three totally different mercenaries to battle with you for 2 missions. After this, they are going to relaxation for every week. Nevertheless, we are able to transfer the times ahead by both finishing one other mission or coaching for a sure time period.

All it’s important to do is preserve including them to your roster at any time when they pop up. You must at all times have the cash for them as long as you’re not flippantly spending on the market. Preserve combating and they need to increase their fame over time.


These are all self-explanatory. As long as you clear all the map, you’ll get each achievement listed right here. There can be a piece devoted to the toughest boss within the recreation on Chapter 6 alongside the right means of reaching a victory towards them with newbie armor and weaponry

Mole in One
Defeat the Mama Mole

Dragon Justice
Defeat the Legendary Hunters

Filthy Thief
Defeat chapter 1 boss

Demon Befriender
Defeat chapter 2 boss

Orc Killer
Defeat chapter 3 boss

Ship Sinker
Defeat chapter 4 boss

Spell Breaker
Defeat chapter 5 boss

Dangerous Pal
Defeat chapter 6 boss


There are six whole fishing spots within the recreation indicated by the small fish-like signal on the world map. Go to those areas (ideally with the final fishing rod) and get all of the fish. You’ll wish to 100% every space by getting the corresponding fish for the Museum Completion achievement.

Fishing Beginner
Catch 3 several types of fish

Fishing Fanatic
Catch 8 several types of fish

Fishing Fanatic
Catch 11 several types of fish

For this achievement, you merely must click on quick sufficient to get good. You don’t want to truly catch the fish. Toss your rod in and preserve making an attempt till you get it. It will possibly really feel tough however you’ll get the timing down quickly sufficient.

Fisherman’s Horizon
Get 3 good in a row whereas fishing

Oof Ring

You must get this ring early on from a chest or the market. I don’t keep in mind the place I acquired it however all it’s important to do is equip the ring and die in fight. It’ll prevent from demise one time and the achievement will pop. Easy!

Set off the Oof ring as soon as


There are eleven pets in whole. Nevertheless, there are variations that have to be tamed.

  • Moskito
  • Mostingo
  • Mole
  • Darkish Mole
  • Woulfy
  • Snoofy
  • Zuby
  • Wild Mushy
  • Krab
  • Stumpy
  • Turgon

In case you are lacking them, you may view them within the third cave current within the Museum. It is going to present all the enemies that you simply’ve killed, together with the animals which can be at the moment capable of be tamed. Nonetheless having bother? I’ve created a world map the place yow will discover all of them on the backside of this part.

Tamer Newbie
Tame 3 pets

Tamer Passionate
Tame 8 pets

Beast Lover
Tame all pets

Hi-Res image of map

The notes are current on the map and the traces will correspond with the areas on the map the place yow will discover the beasts. You’ll need to get to chapter six to realize all of the pets however many are given to you fairly early on.

With the intention to truly tame these pets, you will need to buy the flute from the market. It’s very low cost and, once more, given to you nearly instantly after beginning the sport. Buy it and also you’ll must play these notes 4 occasions with the corresponding beast to tame them.

Okay, Let’s Play!

Okay, let’s play!
Beat the ultimate boss utilizing solely newbie armor and weapons

Listed here are my stats immediately earlier than beating the boss.

Quick Model

  • Maximize coaching in Soulcery, Ranged, and Protection.
  • Make the most of Soulcery rings, elevated well being for pet, and inc. likelihood for mega.
  • Plug factors into Soulcery expertise in addition to dodge, well being, and protect.
  • Degree up Turgon as he has the very best base well being and energy.
  • All the time carry a companion with you.

Lengthy Model

Why Soulcery?

The rationale we select Soulcery is as a result of it has the very best harm without having gear. It additionally buffs the harm we get from Soulcery expertise like Fireball and Lightning, which have already got built-in harm buffs. To not point out their tremendous and mega counterparts.

What About Rings?

You possibly can mix-and-match which rings you actually like however I beat Primordial with these rings:

  • Soulcery
  • Tamer Badge
  • Captain Ring
  • Grasp Ring
  • Stone of Resilience

We use Soulcery for the apparent harm improve with our skills. Tamer for additional survivability on our Turgon, permitting him to tank for much longer. Captain and Stone for the elevated likelihood of mega variations for skills. Lastly, Grasp to spice up our major harm supply.

What’s the Ability Set-Up?

You possibly can tinker with what precisely you’d like however I’d extremely suggest having each Altruism and Defend within the Protection tree. This enables each your heal and protect to have an opportunity to translate to your allies, which helps with sustaining the struggle.

Defend is critical as we’d like some type of harm mitigation. Within the second section of struggle, you’ll discover that considered one of her skills can one-shot you in the event you aren’t cautious. Shielding us helps monumentally with this section of the boss.

Take Omnisoul on the backside and max it out. That is our major harm supply and the explanation we’re capable of win this struggle. Use it at any time when you’ll be able to as you may have an opportunity to chop the battle in half in the event you get a mega variation of it.

Seize Cruel within the Agility tree and max it. This provides us an enormous multiplier to our Tremendous Vital Hits, which can lead to an additional couple million harm and might prevent the battle in the event you get fortunate sufficient.

I maxed out nearly every little thing within the Protection and Ranged tree. The additional poison and hearth harm from the arrows can provide you good chunks of harm and the Protection simply permits you to make the most of extra blocking, which helps since we’ve newbie armor.

Something Else?

Buy all potions from the market and use the Biboo’s Brew (Yellow Potion) to provide a rise to your harm instantly earlier than the struggle. It will make sure that your opening set of skills offers a very good bit of harm earlier than Primordial can get skills off.

No Longer Forgotten

No Longer Forgotten
Discover all misplaced kids

Guide here.

Infinite Mode

Isn’t a lot to report right here. When you beat the ultimate boss in Chapter Six, you’ll be given a ship that may will let you entry Infinite Mode. Beat the levels under and also you’ll get the achievements. If you happen to’re caught on a stage, return and practice then return.

Seashell Beginner
Full countless stage 20

Seashell Fanatic
Full countless stage 40

Seashell Passionate
Full countless stage 60

Seashell Hunter
Full countless stage 80

Seashell Fanatic
Full countless stage 100

Seashell Addict
Full countless stage 120

Carved Historical past

Carved Historical past
Full the museum to 100%

  • All Books – Bought at Market
  • All Armor, Weapons, and Bows
  • All Enemy Sorts together with Last Boss
  • All Fish – Test the Assortment to see what number of fish you’ll want.
  • All Trophies – This consists of soul grasp in each class.

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