Team Fortress 2 PC Keyboard Controls

9 distinct courses present a broad vary of tactical skills and personalities. Consistently up to date with new sport modes, maps, gear and, most significantly, hats!

Crew Fortress 2 (TF 2) Controls

The controls listed under are the default controls that could be modified by the person.


Motion controls in Crew Fortress 2.

Motion Key/Button Command
Transfer ahead W +ahead
Transfer again S +again
Transfer left ( Strafe ) A +moveleft
Transfer proper (Strafe) D +moveright
Strafe Alt +strafe
Leap House +bounce
Duck Ctrl +duck
Swim up +moveup
Swim down / +movedown
Search for Web page Up +lookup
Look down Web page Down +lookdown
Middle view Finish centerview


Fight controls in Crew Fortress 2.

Motion Key/Button Command
Major assault MOUSE1 +assault
Secondary Assault MOUSE2 +attack2
Reload weapon R +reload
Particular Assault MOUSE3 +attack3
Earlier weapon MWHEELUP invprev
Subsequent weapon MWHEELDOWN invnext
Final weapon used Q lastinv
Weapon class 1 1 slot1
Weapon class 2 2 slot2
Weapon class 3 3 slot3
Weapon class 4 4 slot4
Weapon class 5 5 slot5
Weapon class 6 6 slot6
Weapon class 7 7 slot7
Weapon class 8 8 slot8
Weapon class 9 9 slot9
Weapon class 10 slot10


Gameplay controls in Crew Fortress 2.

Motion Key/Button Command
Change   class , changeclass
Change   workforce . changeteam
Open Character loadout M open_charinfo_direct
Open   Backpack N open_charinfo_backpack
Drop merchandise L dropitem
Taunts G +taunt
Use merchandise in Motion slot H +use_action_slot_item
Present map info I showmapinfo
Examine goal or weapon F +examine


Communication controls in Crew Fortress 2.

Motion Key/Button Command
Use   voice communication V +voicerecord
Chat message Y say
Crew message U say_team
Celebration message P say_party
Voice menu 1 Z voice_menu_1
Voice menu 2 X voice_menu_2
Voice menu 3 C voice_menu_3
Name for a   Medic E voicemenu 0 0

Class-specific expertise

Particular expertise controls in Crew Fortress 2.

Motion Key/Button Command
SCOUT: Launch the   baseball   or the   decoration MOUSE2 +attack2
SOLDIER: Hearth the charged shot of the   Cow Mangler 5000 MOUSE2 +attack2
PYRO: Makes use of   Airblast MOUSE2 +attack2
DEMOMAN: Detonate   stickybombs MOUSE2 +attack2
HEAVY: Spin   Minigun   barrel MOUSE2 +attack2
ENGINEER: Carry/Rotate buildings MOUSE2 +attack2
MEDIC: Deploy   ÜberCharge MOUSE2 +attack2
SNIPER: Zoom   Sniper Rifle MOUSE2 +attack2
SPY: Cloak/Uncloak MOUSE2 +attack2
SPY: Final   disguise B lastdisguise
SPY: Toggle disguise workforce disguiseteam

Word: On a right-handed mouse, MOUSE1 is the left mouse button and MOUSE2 is the appropriate mouse button.

Word: The default key for MOUSE2 on a Mac with a one-button mouse is Tab ⇆.


Motion Key/Button Command
Spray emblem T impulse 201
Show multiplayer scores Tab ⇆ +showscores
N/A F1 +showroundinfo
Open the Contracts Drawer F2 show_quest_log
Settle for redirect to a different server F3 askconnect_accept
Prepared-up in Mann vs. Machine F4 player_ready_toggle
Take screenshot F5 screenshot
Save a   replay   of your present or final life F6 save_replay
Open an abuse report F7 abuse_report_queue
Stop sport F10 give up immediate
Toggle replay suggestions F12 replay_togglereplaytips
Toggle Developer console ` toggleconsole
View/Settle for the topmost alert J cl_trigger_first_notification

Word: The default key for “Show multiplayer scores” on a Mac with a one-button mouse is ].

Word: The controls used to play Crew Fortress 2 are a mix of keyboard keys, the mouse and mouse buttons. all keys might be re-assigned utilizing the Controls tab discovered within the Choices tab on the primary menu of the sport. From there you’ll be able to change the important thing bindings.

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