Temple of Anubis Guide (Enemies, Traps)

World 4b: Temple of Anubis

The alternate world 4, just like Spelunky HD’s last world, is arguably harder than world 5 and 6, because the enemies seem clumped, shoot fast-moving projectiles. The traps are fairly brutal as nicely.

4b-1: Anubis

Sleeping once you arrive, Anubis awakens if you end up near shoot devastating rings your course. Should you take him down, he drops the Scepter. If mixed with the Hedjet (Black Market), the Scepter will permit entry into the Misplaced Metropolis of Gold on 4b-2.

Secret 4b-3: Misplaced Metropolis of Gold

Discover golden door in 4-2 and use Anubis’s Scepter from 4b-1 with Hedjet to enter. There’s certainly plenty of gold on this secret space, however the largest attraction is the altar on which one with the Ankh can sacrifice themself, gaining entry to Duat.

Secret 4b-4: Duat

Accessible via golden door in Misplaced Metropolis of Gold when you sacrificed your self on the altar. Defeat Osiris and acquire the Pill of Future.

Right here’s Duat beginning on the Metropolis of Gold:

The Star Problem:

Someplace in 4a and 4b the mysterious Tun seems for one more problem, this time costing $25,000. This time your purpose is to gentle all of the torches within the room in a short while, a troublesome job when you lack the jetpack. Efficiently finishing this problem within the Temple of Anubis awards you an elixir that cures poison and curses. Apart from dying and reviving with the ankh, that is the one means I do know of to remedy a curse.

Return of Horseling:

Should you launched Van Horseling in Volcana, he’ll seem in via a small door in Temple of Anubis (4b-1). He’ll reward you with an Alien Compass offered you discover him.


  • Crocman: Erratically transferring and teleporting crocodiles that’ll take a chunk out of you.
  • Cobra: A reddish snake that strikes equally to the basic inexperienced snake, however spits poison in entrance of it.
  • Mummy: A hulking monstrosity that shoots fast-moving locusts in entrance of it.
  • Sorceress: Head-ache inducing girls who float and ship projectiles at you. If the projectiles don’t strike you, they flip into enemies like bees and bats.
  • Cat Mummy: When these quick-moving felines hit you, you’ll be cursed to having 1 HP.
  • Necromancer: Retains summoning crimson skeletons till killed. On loss of life, he drops a Ruby.
  • Anubis: Distinctive enemy on 4b-1 who drops the scepter required to get into The Misplaced Metropolis of Gold. Be careful for the purple rings his scepter emits.


  • Crush Entice: A crush entice is a 1×1 stone that slams into the closest wall once you cross by, whether or not up, down, left or proper. Transfer shortly once you get in entrance of considered one of them or it’ll splatter you up in opposition to a wall.
  • Large Crush Entice: Similar because the crush entice, however bigger.

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