Terraria New Luck Stat Explained & How it works (Journey’s End 1.4)

Confused or Outraged concerning the new Luck stat? I believe I can clarify it, however solely because of the wiki. I’ll adivce you on learn how to keep away from this and simply play the sport as regular.

I’ve no option to test if any of that is right intimately.

Terraria New Luck Stat Defined

Luck is a brand new hidded stat that have an effect on drop charges and spawns. Sadly the one option to maintain observe of it’s the Wizard.

This truth blew up arduous. Individuals are not completely satisfied, after which somebody requested the Devs about it who gave a foul/humorous reply which was clearly unfold in every single place and simply made every little thing worse.

So I’m right here to attempt to clear some issues up about Luck.

However general, attempt to see this as a option to acquire the system somewhat than a penalty. We all know the info, we will use it to our benefit now.

Observe: Thus far I’ve no option to affirm this or something like that since it’s a hidden stat and subsequently arduous to maintain observe on. That is all primarily based on the wiki.

Note: 2020 02 50: From 1.4.3 onwards, thee Damaging side of Torch Luck was eliminated.

This makes the Luck system mainly pointless now sadly as the one option to lower your Luck now’s to Kill Ladybugs or NPCs.

The Fundamentals

Let’s begin in the best finish: Why must you care?
When an enemy is killed or an object is damaged and that entity has a loot desk, likelihood is calculated with a randomizer to see what you get.

Identical with enemy spawn, time passes, one thing is meant to spawn. The place and what’s decided by likelihood.

And this stuff, the prospect primarily based issues, is what Luck impacts. Not the prospect immediately. However by including an opportunity earlier than the precise “roll” to both double or halve that “roll”.

What does it have an effect on?
Most often, the participant performing the roll influences the luck.

  • All materials drop charges from enemies
  • All distinctive merchandise drop charges from bosses (with some exceptions).
  • Gamers with excessive luck have higher coin drop charges and likelihood of Coin Portals from Pots
  • Possibilities of enemies dropping Hearts and Mana Stars. And dropping greater than 1.
  • Possibilities of Meals dropping from enemies and timber.
  • Possibilities of gadgets showing within the Travelling Service provider and Skeleton Service provider stock. (Based mostly on the participant with highest luck.)
  • Possibilities of spawning particular enemies and critters.
  • Possibilities of a Hardmode Dungeon enemy spawning exterior their wall kind
  • Possibilities of the NPCs spawning underground (those it is advisable to discover).
  • Possibilities of Fairies spawning underground.
  • Harm calculations, constructive luck generates 2 random numbers and decide the very best. Damaging the alternative

What’s the Luck stat?

Luck is a hidden stat with a worth between -1 and 1. That is additionally translated to an opportunity for issues to be doubled or halved. Having a constructive rating of 1 means 100%, having a constructive rating of 0.2 = 20%, 0.6= 60% and so forth.

The way to enhance it:

  • Ladybug Luck -Touching Ladybug +0.2 (critters) impact lasts 12min
  • Backyard Gnomes +0.2 (assumed vary is inside 170 tiles)
  • Lantern Nights +0.3 (random “climate impact”)
  • Luck Potions, as much as +0.3 (defined later)
  • Having the best Torch close by, as much as +0.2 (extra on that late

The way to lower it:

  • Unhealthy Ladybug Luck – Killing Ladybugs -0.2 (critters) impact lasts 3min
  • Having the mistaken Torch close by, as much as -0.3 (extra on that later)

Halfshell Cat: Killing information additionally offers Ladybug Luck, killing different NPCs give Unhealthy Ladybug Luck.

How does it work?
To begin with, Luck is calculated from all of the sources:
Ladybugs + Torch Rating + Fortunate Potions + Lantern Night time + Backyard Gnome = Luck Stat

  • If the participant’s luck is larger than 0, then there’s a (100 * luck)% likelihood that the prospect is doubled.
  • If the participant’s luck is lower than 0, then there’s a (-100 * luck)% likelihood that the prospect is halved.
  • If the participant’s luck is 0, the prospect would be the base worth.

That means:
Earlier than any of the “rolls” for the prospect (within the beforehand talked about affected issues occur). You may have an opportunity to double or halve that likelihood.

A Hook has a 4% likelihood to drop from Skeletons.

In case your luck is above 0 it offers you that many p.c of the prospect being doubled.
So in case your present luck worth is 0.2 you get a 20% likelihood to double the 4% drop fee to eight%.
in 80% of the instances, the drop fee remains to be 4%.

In case your luck is under 0 it offers you that many p.c of the prospect being halved.
In the event you luck is -0.2 if offers you a 20% danger to halve the 4% likelihood to 2%.
In 80% of the instances, the drop fee remains to be 4%.

Torches impact on Luck


The Massive Torch Debate
The strangest factor to have an effect on Luck is the kind of torches positioned close to you (42 tiles) relying on the biome you’re in.

(it’s the identical vary as a Water Candle/Peace Candle. So a bit bigger than what you may see in your display screen).

Greater than one of many similar kind of Torch doesn’t have an effect on the rating.

Note: From 1.4.3 onwards, if the ensuing worth is detrimental it’s ignored. Subsequently, Unhealthy Torch Luck will solely cancel out Good Torch Luck however is not going to lower your whole luck.

This method provides a brand new layer of complexity
Torches give constructive and detrimental “scores” relying on the place you utilize them. These are two totally different values Optimistic Rating and Damaging Rating.

The whole scores in flip offers you + or – to your luck stat ultimately.

  • If P rating is the same as or larger than 1: +0.2 Luck
  • If P rating is between 0 and 1: +0.1 Luck
  • If N rating is between 0 and 1: -0.1 Luck
  • If N Rating is the same as or larger than 1 however lower than 2 :, -0.2 Luck
  • If N Rating is the same as or larger than 2: -0.3 Luck

Then the full of these two are added collectively.

Observe: From 1.4.3 onwards, if the ensuing worth is detrimental it’s ignored. Subsequently, Unhealthy Torch Luck will solely cancel out Good Torch Luck however is not going to lower your whole luck.

So should you use the best Torch 1+ P Rating, and a foul Torch 1+ N Rating your whole luck is 0.2 – 0.2 = +0 Luck.

In the event you solely use the best Torch 1+ P Rating, your whole luck is 0.2 +0 = +0.2 Luck.

The Torches and their Scores (immediately taken from the wiki)

Torch Sort Most well-liked Biome P Rating N Rating
Ice Snow, Underground Snow 1 1
Desert Desert, Underground Desert 1 1
Jungle Jungle, Underground Jungle 1 1
Corrupt Corruption Underground Corruption 1 1
Crimson Crimson, Underground Crimson 1 1
Hallow Hallow, Underground Hallow 1 1
Cursed Corruption Underground Corruption 1 0
Ilchor Crimson, Underground Crimson 1 0
Bone Wherever aside from Snow, Desert, Jungle, Corruption, Crimson and Hallow 0.5 0
Coral Ocean 1 0*
Torch Wherever aside from Snow, Desert, Corruption, Crimson and Hallow 0 0.5**
Others*** Wherever 0 0
  1. *Coral torches give 1 N Rating except positioned in water.
  2. **Torches Give 0.5 N Rating in Desert, Corruption, Crimson and Hallow. However 2 N Rating in Snow.
  3. ***All different torches give no constructive nor detrimental scores reminiscent of Ultrabright Torches and the gem torches.

“Protected” Torches

Most often, the torch factor is straight ahead. Use the torch from the identical biome for a constructive buff however nowhere else.

Ice Torch offers bonus in Snow Biome however penalty in every single place else. Craft Ice Torches by combining 3 Torches with any Ice Block. The supplies wanted for the biome torches are gained from that biome alone.

However right here comes a listing of all of the Torches that doesn’t have a Damaging Rating:

  • Purple Torch
  • Yellow Torch
  • Blue Torch
  • Inexperienced Torch
  • Crimson Torch
  • Orange Torch
  • White Torch
  • Pink Torch
  • Bone Torch
  • Demon Torch
  • Rainbow Torch
  • Ultrabright Torch
  • Cursed Torch
  • Ichor Torch

  • Gem torches are mady by combining any gem with 10 torches. Now you can additionally mix 1 gem with an acorn to make a Gem Tree that grows and drops gems.
  • Bone Torches are bought by the Skeleton Service provider
  • Demon Torches are discovered within the Underworld
  • Rainbow Torches are crafted with 10 torches and a Rainbow Brick (which drops from Rainbow Slimes in Hallow).
  • Ultrabright Torches are bought by the Travelling Service provider
  • Cursed Torch are constructed from 33 Torches and 1 Cursed Flame, dropping in underground Corruption in hardmode
  • Ichor Torchare constructed from 33 Torches and 1 Ichor, dropping in underground Crimson in hardmode

Potions, Gnomes and Ladybugs

Luck Potions

The Fortunate Buff offers + Luck relying on the time remaining. Subsequently the three totally different potions give the identical Fortunate Buff however have totally different durations.

  • Lesser Luck Potion lasts 3min.
  • Bottled water, Water Leaf, Ladybug, White Pearl.

  • Luck Potion lasts 5 min.
  • Bottled water, Water Leaf, Ladybug, Black Pearl.

  • Better Luck Potion lasts 10min.
  • Bottled water, Water Leaf, Ladybug, Pink Pearl.

They’re all crafted at a Desk with Bottles or Alchemy Stations.

  • Bottled Water: Craft with a Bottle whereas close to water.
  • Waterleaf: Present in Deserts
  • Ladybug: Critters spawning in Forest biome throughout Windy Day occasions.
  • White/Black/Pink Pearls:From Oysters, fishing reward from Oasis, Ocean/


The Luck bonus relies on the remaining minutes of the buff:

  • If minutes left is 5 or larger: +0.3 Luck.
  • If minutes left is 3 or larger: +0.2 Luck.
  • If minutes left is lower than 3: +0.1 Luck.

Backyard Gnomes

+0.2 Luck.

Backyard Gnome is a placeable furnishings. Nevertheless, to get one it is advisable to lure a Gnome enemy into daylight, true to the folklore.

Gnomes (the enemy) is a random spawn on the Floor (the place there may be background so under gorund), making them petrify counts as kills.


The Ladybug grants the participant “Ladybug Luck” or “Unhealthy Ladybug Luck”.

  • Touching one offers +0.2 Luck for 12 min.
  • Touching a Gold Ladybug offers +0.2 Luck for twenty-four min.
  • Killing one or utilizing as bait offers -0.2 Luck for 3min.

These states cancel one another out.

Ladybugs spawn throughout Windy Day climate within the Forest Biome. Improve spawn fee with Water Candles and Battle Potions.

You possibly can seize them and launch them, contact them after which seize them once more. Use the Zoologist Critter safety e-book to keep away from killing them.

Lantern Nights

+0.3 Luck.

  • A random climate impact that may happen when no different climate or occasions are happening.
  • It additionally happens after defeating a boss (have to test if that is 100%, any boss, any variety of instances).
  • No thought concerning the likelihood of it exhibiting up however straightforward to see because the background fills up with what resembles Chinese language Lanterns, or if you’ll – the lanterns from Tangled.

Different Luck affecting stuff:

Halfshell Cat: Killing information additionally offers Ladybug Luck, killing different NPCs give Unhealthy Ladybug Luck.

Understanding Your Luck

Not gonna paste all of it in. However speaking to the Wizard NPC (in hardmode) is at the moment the one identified option to know your luck.

Wizard Luck

Halfshell Cat’s Phrases of Knowledge

PSA: The way to keep away from luck mechanics for people who wish to.

Too many matters about luck so hopefully this may assist.

Luck offers a success to break and drop fee from inserting the mistaken torches.

Keep away from it utilizing:

  • Coloured torches constructed from gems.
  • Ultrabrights or bone torches bought by particular retailers.
  • Cursed/ ichor torches.
  • Different “particular” impartial torches like Rainbow torches.

If you’d like a bonus then you may place the proper torch within the right biome. That is useful if preventing a boss you have got hassle with.

Early on you wish to search for amethyst or topaz to make torches from. You possibly can even make them on the spot. After you have 100 gem torches you may safely ignore this mechanic for the remainder of the sport so long as you sometimes dig up gems.

I’d respect it if others helped unfold this data so that folks can simply have enjoyable taking part in till somebody fixes it. Even when the devs don’t we will doubtless anticipate mods to change it. Its not the tip of the world guys, its just a bit crafting.

Additionally kill the information, contact a ladybug, place a backyard gnome close by or ingesting a luck potion will all offset most torch luck penalties. So should you actually wish to use common torches then simply arrange the information to die every time he spawns and his luck increase will final for 12 min.

Extra Math

For instance, a Hook has a drop fee of 4% on killing an Skeleton however .

In the event you kill that enemy 1000 instances you’ll anticipate 40 Hooks to drop (Very simplified, that is what is known as a “statistical common”. It’s possible however unlikely that you find yourself with 10 or 200 as properly).

In case your luck is 0.7 after all of the buffs there’s a 70% that the 4% drop likelihood is doubled to eight% if you kill a Skeleton. This leads to a scenario the place our likelihood is generally elevated which supplies us a brand new Statistical Common

But it surely’s too late and my head hurts from writing the information. So I’ll add precise calculations later.

Concerning the harm

So everytime you deal harm the harm is ready to a worth of 0.85-1.15 of the ultimate quantity.

So reaching 15dmg in spite of everything buffs and calculations and such offers the true harm someplace between 12.75 and 17.25. This has all the time been the case.

200 harm might turn into something between 170 and 230

However with detrimental luck there’s a likelihood that the roll is made twice and the bottom one is chosen. With constructive luck there’s a likelihood that the roll is made twice however the highest is chosen.

Extra of this kind of factor:

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