Territory Idle: Pantheons and Religions

Accommodates knowledge on pantheons and religions, as a result of this knowledge just isn’t out there always, and you might wish to do planning throughout these occasions.


  • God of the Open Sky: 5000 FP, +1 wheat per employee, 5x hiring velocity for wheat fields.
  • Legends of the forest: 8000 FP, +1 wooden per employee, 5x hiring velocity for forest, forest doesn’t require wooden to construct.
  • Goddess of Nature: 10k FP, +3 wooden per employee for every temple, +3 religion per monk for every forest.
  • Cromlechis: 15k FP, +3 masons per ritual, quarry doesn’t require gold to construct.
  • Pantheon of fats chickens: 25k FP, double farm impact.
  • Handwashing: 99k FP, +30 seconds to ritual length, +1 to ritual automation.
  • Guru blessing: 600k FP, double college impact.
  • God of Conflict: 2M FP, double xp for heroes.
  • Sacred path: 5M FP, cathedral not wanted for relics, +5 religion/sec from monks, +25% to complete religion manufacturing, +1 to ritual automation.
  • Ancillary Justice: 1B FP, -50% to non secular servants perk price, +2 holiness per sec if servant is chosen.


I’ll fill within the spells as I’m going alongside.

Hen God:
+1 Holy/sec per wheat discipline
+2 Holy/sec per farm
x5 throughout wheat ritual

God of Stone:
+1 Holy/sec per quarry
+2 Holy/sec per temple
+3 Holy/sec per academy
x5 throughout stone ritual
-10 Holy/sec per farm
-10 Holy/sec per college
(Holy can’t drop under 0.)

Tremors of the Earth: (9999 holy, x? price multiplier) +99 stone per mason throughout stone ritual, +99 wheat per employee throughout wheat ritual, +99 wooden per logger throughout forest ritual.

Stone Pores and skin: (99999 holy, x? price multiplier) +99 armor to hero if hero begins battle throughout stone ritual.

Forgetful god: (1M holy, x? price multiplier) resets price of Tremors of the Earth, Stone Pores and skin, and rituals.

Goddess of Nature:
+1 Holy/sec per forest
+1 Holy/sec per temple
x5 throughout wooden ritual
-1000 Holy per monster demise

Forest magic: (1 holy, x10 price multiplier) +10 wooden per logger, +1 religion per monk.
Fairy Dance: (1 holy, x100 price multiplier) +1 ritual energy, +1 ritual automation.
New Life: (1 holy, x1000 price multiplier) Value of loggers is reset.

+1 Holy per monster demise
-10 Holy when therapeutic hero
(Holy can drop under 0.)

Blade: (25 holy, x10 price multiplier) +5 harm for hero.
Bloodrage: (100 holy, x100 price multiplier) +1 HP per kill.
Spirits of struggle: (1400 holy, x? price multiplier) hero will return from being wounded as soon as, with HP set to wreck.


1B religion: +3 to ritual automation.
5B religion: permit customizing the auto-hire ritual.

  • Hen god: 5B religion, +500 wheat at begin of recreation, +1 wheat from staff on wheat fields.
  • Goddess of Nature: 5B religion, +500 wooden at begin of recreation, +1 wooden from loggers.
  • God of Stone: 5B religion, +1 stone from masons, +300 religion when quarry is constructed, +600 religion when temple is constructed.
  • Oni: 10B religion, unlocks hero lessons.

Minor notes

Ritual automation helps you to mechanically recast rituals. A +1 to this stat helps you to solid 2 rituals in a row earlier than it’s good to click on something. The sport will proceed solid automated rituals whereas offline.

+1 ritual energy will increase the ability of regardless of the ritual does by one. (2 monks each 15 seconds as an alternative of 1, or a x6 multiplier to speeds as an alternative of x5.)

You possibly can mix rituals. (Say, hiring velocity + auto-hiring.) Value will increase linearly.

Religion per second just isn’t utilized in calculating abdication gold.

The enemies are in a selected order. Within the first 1000 areas, the order is crab, rat, spider, spider, rat, spider, in a loop. After space 1000, it’s bat, rat, wolf, spider, rat, wolf, crab, rat, crab, bat.

combo for a stage 4 hero is:
Hammer: +4 harm, +2 armor/sec
Protect: +10 armor, blocks 1 harm
Helm: +20 HP, +5 harm

At stage 5, swap to the helmet that provides +2 to wreck after every battle. At this level, you’ll be able to go to space 1000 with out therapeutic, so long as you begin on the proper time. (You actually don’t wish to battle a crab in your first couple of battles, as a result of it’s going to destroy your defend. After you have got some further harm, you’ll be able to take it out shortly sufficient to maintain going. Consult with the enemy order above.) To transcend space 1000, decide Oni as your faith, and ensure to get Bloodrage when you’re nonetheless within the space 100-200 vary. This may allow you to coast in your lots of of HP and harm till space 1200 or so.

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