The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep – Glossary and Weapons

The Bard’s Story IV: Barrows Deep – Glossary and Weapons



Every character you management is an adventurer.


Adventurers have 5 core stats: Energy, Structure, Armor, Intelligence, and Spell Factors.

Get together

This refers to all of the adventurers below your management collectively.

Get together Bar

This refers back to the Consumer Interface aspect on the backside of your display that has all of your adventurers on it.


Gadgets are discovered within the Stock. They’ll typically be outfitted, used, inspected, purchased, and offered.


Talents are actions you’ll be able to absorb fight. Melee assaults, magic spells, and even utilizing potions are all Talents. Key Capability varieties:

  • Arcane – This Capability’s harm is decided by Intelligence fairly than Energy.
  • Battle Prepared – This Capability begins off cooldown in fight.
  • Channel – The combatant will change into inactive for the variety of turns listed whereas making ready the Capability, rendering them incapable of performing. Will be ended prematurely by Psychological harm.
  • Drunk – When your Bard reaches this variety of Drunken stacks, they unlock their songs’ secondary results.
  • Stance – A channeled Capability that permits the combatant to maintain performing.

Talent Tree

Every adventurer has their very own Talent Tree based mostly on their archetype. The Talent Tree is populated with Abilities that may be purchased for one Talent Level every. Every time an adventurer ranges up, they earn one Talent Level.


Abilities are bought inside the Talent Tree to enhance your character. Abilities can grant stats, passives, crafting recipes, and Talents.


Passives are properties of an adventurer which are at all times in impact. Many passives have set off circumstances below which they’ll activate.

Standing Impact

Standing Results are bonuses or penalties which have a restricted period. For instance, being poisoned is a standing impact which solely lasts for a couple of turns.


Boons are particular passives which are granted by accurately fixing elven puzzle weapons. There are particular enhancements to the puzzle weapon that may grant your adventurer further Talents to assist in fight.

Luck Stone

Luck Stones are magical pillars the place it can save you your sport and restore your get together’s well being. They arrive in two varieties, Gold and Historic. Gold Luck Stones could be saved at as typically as you want. You’ll be able to select to bind an Historic Luck Stone to show it into an everyday golden Luck Stone, or devour it for bonus Expertise Factors. If you happen to devour it then it’s eliminated for the remainder of the sport.

Standing Stone

Standing Stones are huge stonehenge-like circles of historical carved rock. You’ll be able to activate them by singing the Wildland Whistle. After you have two or extra unlocked, you should utilize the Wildland Whistle to open up the quick journey menu and warp between them. We name this the Excessive Highway.

Standing Stone of Gratitude

Standing Stones of Gratitude are historical monuments to nice heroes of Skara Brae. Work together with them to achieve bonus expertise.

Service provider

Retailers are characters who you should buy and promote gadgets with. Overview Board The Overview Board is situated on the underside flooring of the Adventurer’s Guild. Every time you may have spent 8 Talent Factors in a talent tier, you could return to the Overview Board to unlock your subsequent tier.


Commonplace Weapons

Important Hand weapons are available in a two classes: One-Handed and Two-Handed. Two-Handed weapons will take each the Important Hand and Off-Hand weapon slots.

Off-Hand gadgets/weapons are often management or assist gadgets which can be utilized spherical out or complement sure adventurers’ Talents. Something from Shields to Devices can go right here. Relying on how you may have constructed your get together, sure lessons will let you maintain some weapons in your off-hand as properly.

Elven Puzzle Weapons

The elves’ fascination with nature, craft, and enchantment finds its final expression of their puzzle weapons. Initially designed in order that nobody however the proprietor might unlock their full powers, these distinctive weapons include three elements: The Pommel (Seed), The Grip (Roots), and The Hilt or Collar (Leaves)

Every a part of the weapon have to be solved in sequence, starting with the Pommel, and unlocks a boon upon completion in addition to permitting you to advance to the subsequent part. Boons are everlasting upgrades to the weapon. Every unlocked boon is stronger than the final, giving the weapon wild new properties.

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