The Bard’s Tale IV: Barrows Deep

This recreation kinda drops you within the deep finish so right here’s a listing of not-immediately-obvious ideas which will assist folks out, culled from studying numerous boards and so forth.

Ideas and Methods

  • When given the selection of which get together member to ship off solo in the beginning, you most likely wish to ship the Inexperienced Girl, as you get one other mage character nearly instantly afterwards. In the event you ship Dalgliesh or Wringneck you might wish to change them with a merc.
  • Plot out your ability decisions prematurely, it’ll make the sport much more manageable. The little arcing bands on the [K] display screen inform you what number of factors it is advisable spend to unlock the following tier [arcing chain], which you do by going to the Evaluation Board after spending that many factors.
  • The sport assumes you’re going to do an immense quantity of backtracking. In the event you can’t get someplace after digging round a bit, you most likely don’t have the instruments to unlock it but — transfer on to one thing else for a bit and you might discover what you want.
  • The armor and defend abilities make a giant distinction; you need at the least one frontliner with sturdy defenses, and at the least one get together member who can strip armor (easiest method is by way of the two-hander tree)
  • Weapons and weapon abilities are considerably counter intuitive. You do not want to have that type of weapon outfitted to make use of a given lively weapon ability, however equipping a weapon could assist use that ability — for instance, you need to use the “unfastened arrow” ability with no bow outfitted, however equipping a brief bow will allow you to use “unfastened arrow” extra usually. Be sure you’re utilizing the fitting weapon for the ability — equipping a Lengthy Bow helps Rain of Arrows, not Unfastened Arrow!
  • Weapon ability passives do, nevertheless, impact weapon varieties — in the event you take sword passives they solely work in the event you use a sword, and so forth.
  • Due to this fact, In the event you assault with weapon abilities you most likely wish to use bought weapons (bows, longswords, maces, and so forth.) for the ability bonuses they provide. If you don’t assault with weapon abilities or in the event you plan on utilizing artifact weapons (spectre snare, and so forth.) you might be higher off not taking weapon abilities and utilizing elven weapons as stat sticks.
  • For mage spells, Fan of Flames, Magican’s Mark, and Arcane Barrage are all you really want (particularly if coupled with Falkentyne’s Fury).
  • Max degree is someplace between degree 24 and degree 28 or so relying on how a lot aspect content material you do.
  • Emphasize power over most different stats for injury characters. Because of the alternative system it’s okay to have specialist characters who do a lot of the injury and others who reserve / help them.
  • The companions who be part of you late recreation (Fiona the Harper, Bryan of Dorn, Lioslath) are both going to duplicate the abilities of get together members you have already got OR have a bunch of random crap you don’t need.
  • Due to the best way the “cleric” class tree provides on to an current class, and since you should “finalize” all ability factors of a brand new mercenary rent earlier than they be part of your get together, you might wish to “park” an unused companion or mercenary for a couple of ranges, recruited however inactive, earlier than you make them a cleric, to allow them to then instantly fill out the tree. A fighter class cleric may have highly effective heals as a result of excessive Power, however might want to increase Max Spell Factors with gadgets and can possible by no means be capable of forged the 6-pt capstone Resurrect energy from the tree; conversely, a caster or bard cleric can attain the 6-sp price of Resurrect extra simply, however could have weaker therapeutic as a result of decrease Power.
  • As a result of pure Fighters don’t actually have a great way to get spell factors, the Veteran capstone isn’t that nice for non-clerics. In case you have a fighter-cleric, It could assist to have a bard with the pipes line within the get together to spice up mana era.
  • The “Providing” shrines are to be used with the “code wheel.” You will discover a web based code wheel right here: Be aware that the shrines could ask for gadgets you’ll be able to’t get til later within the recreation.

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